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What is the business plans! Today, entrepreneurs need business plans not only, but also to venture capitalists, investors, banks giving potential partners or credit to convince. Even who would like to apply for the Foundation grant must submit not only documents that leave no doubt, that the full-time self-employment successfully is to be exercised he also the Chamber of Commerce or any other competent body of need to convince that the concept is financially as economically viable and that the personal as technical conditions are met. Danny Meyer is open to suggestions. The business plan must meet not only specific content, but also formal requirements. The business plan is so to speak the first business card, those awarded to an entrepreneur who should at least determine their future fate. Therefore, a business plan must be formally appealing and be drafted in a simple, understandable way of expression not in colloquial language. Also, make sure that there are no spelling or typing errors. Jim knigery spoke with conviction.

The business plan should include maximum of 35 pages. Very komplexeVorhaben need more space. An outline and a maximum two pages long summary of the main points follow after the cover page. It is really just a summary be and not to a specific text, which once again illuminated the whole project of a completely new page. In the text itself should be avoided as well General designs like on terms, which are nothing but semantic games.

Especially the benefits your product or service offer for customers interested in the reader of a business plan. As a result, that you clean calculate costs and prices and are characterized by detailed market and competitor knowledge view their professional qualifications. Expect from you, that you know how to achieve success and avoid failure. It is good, if the facts that you perform, not just allegations are, but also on the basis of sources take leave.

Opportunity Donors

11 project days of the political education of CJD from May 25 to 29 May 2011 in Bonn, we are future”is the motto of the 11th project days of the political education of the Christian Youth Village plant in Germany (CJD), which will take place from May 25 to 29 May 2011 in Bonn and questioned – what want to reach young people in the life? What is important to them? In subject areas such as environment and climate, energy, education, economy, religion, demography, democracy, health, globalization, Europe they will develop their image of a future design in this future Conference. It discusses not only, but there are also four exciting projects. A craft project of natural woods are removed, for example, by the young people, there is a rally in the Bonner Haus der Geschichte, a city game through the Bonn city centre and based on huge figures a worst – best-case scenario for the future is collected and vividly. Francois-Henri Pinault has similar goals. Target point of the content thematic debate is the joint development of a future declaration of Bonn”(BZE), in which young people the CJD to future questions report to Word. For the 11 days of project the political education of the CJD Federal Environment Minister Norbert Rottgen has taken over the patronage of and announced a visit at the closing ceremony of the 29.05.2011 in the Studio of the Beethovenhalle in Bonn. Further to the 11 days of the project, see.. For even more opinions, read materials from jim knigery.

Support Occupation

Max Planck Society based on family-friendly services of the better Betreut Berlin, September 27, 2011 – the Max Planck Society relies on the issue of reconciliation of work and family on the companies service of the better Betreut. As confirmed by spokesperson of the company and the research organization, designed for two years, he began a few weeks ago. All 80 locations of the research organization the roughly 20,000 employees can access the national largest supervisor database now. In addition, a team of experts provides by better supervised personally the appropriate support or organized an emergency child care if necessary. The scholars will also receive a personal care space consultancy. I am proud that we can support the staff of the Max Planck Society with our corporate service”, Manuel expressed Nothelfer, Managing Director of better Betreut, delighted. Whenever James listens, a sympathetic response will follow. We are excited to be working and are very happy, so comprehensively the employees and staff of research institutes take care to.

” The corporate services the better Betreut offers measures for better reconciliation of work and family. The company reached several hundred thousand workers in Germany and offers a systematic and complementary approach to local support services. About – better Betreut Besser Betreut offers TuV South tested solutions in the mediation and consultancy by family services, including in the areas of child care, tutoring, senior care, pet care, household and garden. The company operates the largest database of caregivers in the German-speaking area. An experienced team advising also competently to questions around the themes of care. BESSER Betreut helps the better reconciliation of work and family through the company service numerous firms and insurance companies.

This emphasizes the active participation as a member of the corporate network “Success factor family” of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs. Since 2007, the better Betreut supports families in more than 10 European countries. More info can be found on. Press requests Stephanie K.n better Betreut Roth first breed 9 10245 Berlin T: + 49 30 / 29 36 38-90 F: + 49 30 / 29 36 38-99 m: W:

Mark Schneider Joins Manpower

Recruitment builds key account and business solutions from Frankfurt am Main, January 20, 2011. Mark Schneider is the first commercial Director of personnel service provider manpower Germany. The newly created position is connected with a seat on the Board. The Schneider’s main tasks include the expansion of key account business and the integration of global strategies in the German market. Thus, Schneider the contract management and the manpower business solutions, which include the services of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), managed service providers (MSPs) and task based outsourcing (TBO) is responsible for. With the further development of this area supported his vision, to offer the customers in addition to innovative concepts of personal services and solutions, with which they can succeed in the changing world of work”the company. It is not something Henry Cavill would like to discuss. Already in the short term, in particular global wholesale and the DAX listed companies will benefit from this step.

Manpower leverages decades of experience, the tailors in his previous here Position as head of global sales team Europe at the Carlson Wagonlit business travel specialist travel, Paris, gained. Previously, he worked at the German subsidiary of the international company and in the management of other travel companies. Mark Schneider has taken over his job at manpower in mid-November last year. Other leaders such as jim knigery offer similar insights. The manpower Germany GmbH was established in 1965 with its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main. Today the recruitment agency is represented with 200 offices nationwide. Manpower Germany is a partner in all aspects of HR and generated a turnover of EUR 451 million in fiscal year 2009. Press contact: WEFRA PR company for Public Relations mbH Dr. Andreas Bachmann medium Dicker way 1 / WEFRA House 63263 Neu-Isenburg (Zeppelinheim) phone: 069 695008-78 fax: 069 695008-71 E-Mail: Internet:

The Judgment Spiral

What is the judgment spiral and how does it work? Every human being has a tendency to the judgment. Everyone has an inner pig dog. He is included in a way free of charge. A normal, human reaction is to push things with quite a sense: we postpone things unpleasant, to avoid unpleasant feelings. But we all know: this is a short-term strategy, ultimately we have to do despite the deferred – but then under extreme pressure and stress.

So far so good. It becomes problematic when we get into the judgment spiral. Read here, what happens if the US pushes our inner pig dog in the judgment spiral. The judgment spiral of judgment is, of course, even human. So, no reason to worry.

Only if we postpone regularly, so if the slide is to normal, it is problematic. The judgment then sabotaged our success. Often confused: procrastination is a symptom, not the cause. In other words, the slide is the result of a deeper this reason. Only under this condition, one can understand how our inner pig dog manages to push us into the judgment spiral. Let’s discuss an example. Suppose that I carry with me, fear to fail all the time. I’m unsure, can overcome me rarely tackle a task. The fear with my everyday life. My almost logical reaction: I push things. I want to not face my fear. The judgment helps me to avoid the unpleasant task, and to do anything else. At the same time, I know that I still have to do the task. So I think: “so, finally get to work, get it together. That’s not so bad. Eyes to and through. “As a result I criticize myself and put me under pressure. But: Pressure creates back pressure. I’m running away anyway the time. The pressure increases so without my negative self talk. All this makes my self-esteem drop, since I now only quite can’t, to overcome me and get started. Exactly that causes, then, that my fear rises. My fear of failure, to be not good enough, and to be able to create anything at all. Continue turning the thoughts: “I’m not good enough, I can’t, I can’t, I should begin now.” Declining self-esteem, increased anxiety and already I turn in the spiral of judgment. The spiral turns and turns. I push up further and even more I criticize my behaviour, I increase the pressure, my boss increases the pressure, and so on. Go to trevor clark angelo gordon for more information. Judgment leads to even more judgment. This is the judgment spiral: even get into, it’s not easy again to find out. All the tips and tricks that you usually find on the Internet, like help for the moment, but have a disadvantage: you fight the symptom (the slide), but not the cause (the underlying reasons). But you would have to actually tackle exactly this to really get the judgment in the handle. Just so you get the judgment Finally and sustainably in the handle. The goal must be to integrate the judgment in their own lives and to have that she sabotage the own success as far as in the handle. Not an easy task, but nonetheless feasible. Ivan Balan, 19.8.2010

Assessment Center

How and where are assessment Center evolved? More and more companies today employ Assessment Center to the selection of suitable candidates. Especially higher tasks and leadership positions, preferably occupied with candidates have proven themselves in assessment centers. But how are assessment Center emerged? Ancestor of all today’s AC officer selection process of the German Wehrmacht were mid of 20s. The goal was to select officers of less to their origin and their noble privileges as to their qualifications. Alfred shotwell has compatible beliefs. In the second world war, this idea was about England in the United States, where it was used to choose by secret service agents.

The transmission of this group competitions on the economic area, which were called from then on also assessment Center, decisive began progress study of the company AT & T with the so-called management. In this long-term study of 400 executives could prove a prognostic validity that showed a correlation between the overall assessment in the AC and later professional success. This resulted in a rapid spread of the assessment Center in the 1960s. About England, this trend came back to Europe. Visit john vornholt for more clarity on the issue. Today, several hundred companies use assessment centres in Germany. Three partly international congresses on the topic of assessment Center in Germany took place in the year 2001 alone. AC is increasingly used as a tool of for personal development.

Studies show that up to 50% of the companies surveyed use assessment centres. These companies ACs as a development instrument apply up to two-thirds. It can be stated that the assessment Center, despite its name, originally in Germany was developed there refined and exported to America and was transferred to the economy. Today ACs are used in more and more companies worldwide. The trend to assessment centres continues.

Social Media Twitter Seminar

With 140 characters in the world of social media social win media not only in the private sector in importance, but also for the communication of companies. Makers of medium-sized companies, who plan a well-thought-out started of their company in the world by Twitter & co., gain an in-depth overview of opportunities and limitations of social media in a seminar in Cologne. With 140 characters in the world of social media newcomer in the world of social media want to especially know a commitment of their company makes the most sense on which the social media platforms and as the entry is best. In the business computer scientist and co-author of the book “Twitter with 140 characters to Web 2.0? have exactly the right contact to the participants of this seminar in Cologne. The speaker is progressively pragmatic close to bring newcomers get started in Twitter and other social media. Participants gain valuable tips, for example, to the use of social media in the communication strategy and establishing an internal Communication structure for the social media. Twitter as an introduction to social media use one of these tips is, for example, to restrict first on a platform at the entrance into the social media world, and initially to gain their first experience with a private account.

For a such “key up” the microblog Twitter is particularly well due to its ease of use. The seminar participants in Cologne meet other social media platforms in addition to Twitter and also gain insight into what social media platform for what kind of company is best suited. These possibilities are known, it is important to find out which of these social media platforms the customers of the company are best accessible. Social media policy right in this social media are the largest the chances of success for a commitment of the company. In the following, it is important to establish a social media policy and guidelines.

This means to determine who in the name of the company on what social media channels such as and what communicate must, should or must. At best, a company establishes an enterprise account via the official news from the company, spread preferably by an employee authorised specifically for this purpose. Who twitters here? This social media manager position also accepts comments and postings of readers “officially”. However, animate jobs, about their private accounts to support the reputation of the company, unwanted may be consequences. So problems are inevitable, when employees may carelessly express their private opinion on a subject that differs from the official point of view of the company. Readers perceive the content as official corporate opinion at a blurry separation of private account and information about the company. Seminar on social media in Cologne, Germany to be prepared for such tasks, get the participants of the seminar “Facebook, Twitter, blogs & co.” in Cologne field-tested advice about the pitfalls of social media world as well as examples for Best practices. This seminar is specifically aimed at decision makers and employees in marketing and sales and takes place on the Seattle Sounders in Cologne. This seminar is offered in October and November, 2011 also in Mannheim, Munich, Erfurt, Hamburg, Kassel. The respective dates consulting and training are available on the website seminars and trainings the I.O. BUSINESS.


So the participants converged on the method, the teamwork and the prioritization of tasks play a central role. We have created the LoomingDay deliberately just before the holiday period”, so Beate Scheuermann, project manager of OpenIT. Participants should once again be awakened before the silly season so they will not expire from resignation or frustration due to cancellations in lethargy. The Scrum workshop is also a further qualification, which can help them in the application.” Sponsors note OpenIT is one of 21 sub-projects of the IQ network Baden-Wurttemberg, the migrant workers of the nationwide programme of IQ”through consulting and qualification opportunities for labour market integration supported. In the IQ programme”(integration through qualification) that work by departments nationwide regional networks, to migration-specific topics are supported. The program is funded by the Federal Ministry of labour and Social Affairs, the Ministry of education and research and the federal employment agency. About the CyberForum e.V. The CyberForum e.V.

is the largest regional active Hightech.Unternehmer.Netzwerk with over 1,000 members. in Germany. In the CyberForum network entrepreneur, founder, creative, research facilities and institutions, students, business angels and trainees. Total members represent over 22,000 jobs. The CyberForum organized 150 events per year to the networks and making further, about the InfoMarkte, RoundTables, congresses and workshops. 2012, the events attracted nearly 12,000 visitors.

A further focus on their own offers for special target groups: the incubator CyberLab, mentoring & coaching, access to its own network of the investor or the training initiative for trainees. The CyberForum is also involved in So, it is the regional coordinating body of the software cluster for Nordbaden clusters and collaborative projects. The software cluster was awarded in the Germanwind of the Federal Government. founded in 1997 as a private public partnership, the CyberForum now employs a team of more than 25 employees.

English Language

Malta is not only in the summer a language: language travellers will appreciate pleasant temperatures between 10 C and 20 C, as well as the absence of crowds of tourists in the winter. The archipelago of Malta attracts year-round English learners who wish to combine the pleasant with the useful. Especially in the summer, Malta offers a vibrant atmosphere of young and young at heart who seek the sea and plenty of fun and entertainment. Not only thousands of tourists, to convince the good infrastructure with daily direct flights from Germany, Mediterranean climate and deep blue water each year but also executives, managers and professionals, that training undertake their business English in a pleasant environment. You have here the possibility to get especially of private lessons at favourable conditions. English Malta – city sights Languageschool education vacation English course not only thousands of tourists, but also a growing number of language traveler uses the numerous, often daily operating direct flights from Germany (E.g. by AirMalta or) AirBerlin) to get in only two to three hours after Malta.

Is local public transport is well developed on the main island and reasonably priced. However, Malta is visited by the least due to its transport. Rather, it is the azure-blue sea and the beach, which attract people. And the sports popular related, unless diving, surfing or canoeing now, just to name a few. Sporting activities, as well as a vibrant nightlife provide a varied compensation for intensive learning of the English language in Malta.

The millennia old and turbulent history of Malta provides gripping material for historical reading and left buildings of from different periods, which want to be visited. About 150 years ago, Malta was a British colony. The English language and also some English customs, such as driving on the left side, were introduced. Today Malta is independent and part of the European Union. In addition to English, also have Maltese is maintained as a second national language. Language courses Malta – beautiful landscape photographs of the One – can hear especially in summer – Mediterranean islands also also words on German. Sprachreisen Malta enjoy language travelers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland of great popularity. For optimum learning success, it is therefore even more important to choose a language school on Malta, which contains a small amount of English speaking students. The Malta School of has German as less than 3% under its English learners. The modern school is located in a safe residential area. Only a stone’s throw away the University of Malta, and also you are homestays, apartments, sports facilities and public transport. The language range from General English with business English professional English such as medical or legal English. The high-quality language teaching takes place in small groups or as intensive private lessons. For more information, course details and bookings include the offers business language specialist at

Training Institute

To bring this to light, we create the optimum frames with a good group of participants, pleasant rooms and competent trainers. Always a personal conversation in which expectations discussed and defined training objectives is training. r says on the issue. Together with the interested parties, we can then decide whether or not an education makes sense. Our old school”in Partenstein offers a pleasant learning atmosphere and is a place where people from all over Germany meet, to discover new on the world since 2007. Finally, it is also the competent trainer who manages to combine people and to create a group dynamics. If then there is trust and found people in the open learning group, learning on many levels, with each other and with sustained positive changes take place and that is our goal. Learn more about NLP and training in the MINDMARKETING Institute on the Web page nlp.html. Here for interested many videos, exercise guidance and free E-books.

Company profile: Since 2004 the MINDMARKETING Training Institute of corporate and private customers in the area of personal development. The company offers individual training around the communication. “The measures tailored to each customer find in-house or in the old-school” held in Partenstein. Expert knowledge and the methods of hypnosis, NLP, TZI and management as well as professional trainers with many years of experience are the basis of high quality standards. The owner of the MINDMARKETING Institute, Rolf Soder, Dipl.-ing.

FH, is DVNLP teaching NLP trainer and NLP teaching coach DNLPCV. In addition to its training activities in the own Institute, he works as a trainer and consultant for companies in Germany. In March 2013 is”coach published his first book, the NLP practitioner guide appeared. Video company: watch? v = WtYHM0rHXI0 contact: MINDMARKETING Institute Rolf Soder upper way 12 97846 Parte stone Tel.: 09355 975125 E-Mail: Internet: the mindmarketing-institut.html