Distance Education Estimated Case

High-quality e-learning estimate case consists of theory and practice of the estimated cases. For this study, there are many synonyms. For example, the estimated distance learning business, learning the cause of the estimated Internet training by email. But the essence of teaching is the same – learning, self-study material which will receive an email, does the job of the teacher and sends the completed assignment to the test. The advantages of this method is undeniable. Trained fully manage their time, who decides when and where you study. This may be a house, internet cafe, on a visit.

Usually the cost of such training is much less on Compared to full-time education. Beginners are invited to be trained quantity surveyor to estimate the point. You will receive a basic knowledge of the estimated cases, learn to make estimates for the construction, repair, equipment installation, commissioning. Learn how to make calculations and the basic documents of VET. This knowledge will be enough to start working in any construction company. Also invited to the organization (legal person) who wish to improve the skills of their employees.

Provided students with the theory of the case and the estimated budget targets for case (estimate). For problem solving offers free program for compiling estimates. Consider the topic of distance learning budgeting: Theory of the estimated case Part 1. A short theoretical course of the estimated cases. Introduction to the Estimated pricing. Theme 1. Wages of workers. Theme 2. Operation of construction machines and mechanisms. Topic 3. Salary machine. Theme 4. Estimated cost of materials. Theme 5. Direct costs. Theme 6. Equipment. Theme 7. Overhead. Theme 8. Estimated profit. Results on topics 1 – 8. Topic 9. Coefficients to estimate the position. Topic 10. The coefficients for end quote. Topic 11. The coefficients in the preparation of estimates for repair and construction work. Topic 12. Charges to costs for the company, applying the simplified taxation system. Topic 13. Regulatory framework. Topic 14. Calculation methods. Topic 15. Resource method. Topic 16. Basically-index method. Topic 17. Features of a basically-index method. Topic 18. The rules for determining the scope of work. Topic 19. Temporary buildings and structures Theme 20. Winter appreciation Theme 21. Unforeseen work and expenses Theme 22. Compilation of estimates of the estimated business practice problem number 1. Basically-index method. Construction works. Objective number 2. Basically-index method. Plumbing work. Objective number 3. Basically-index method. Electrical work. Objective number 4. Basically-index method. Commissioning. Objective number 5. Basically-index method. Renovation of residential buildings. Objective number 6. Basically-index method. Repair of industrial building. Objective number 7. Basically-index method. Replacement of materials and materials 'on price'. Objective number 8. Basically-index method. Installation of equipment. Objective number 9. Basically-index method. Installation and fabrication of steel structures. Objective number 10. Transport calculation. Objective number 11. Calculating the cost of materials. Objective number 12. Resource calculation. Civil works task number 13. Resource calculation. Electrical work. Objective number 14. Resource calculation. Repair residential building. Objective number 15. Resource calculation. Repair of an industrial building. Objective number 16. Resource calculation. A comprehensive estimate. Objective number 17. Basically-index method. Objective number 18. Local, object estimate. Objective number 19. Combined estimated calculation. Objective number 20. The estimates for 'IMPLEMENTING' work.

Why People Can Talk, But An Animal No ?

Language – is what defines our species and is distinguished from all other creatures that inhabit the globe. Since our birth language surrounds us on all sides. He perceived a commonplace and familiar, we are so easy to possess these instrument that barely notice it phenomenal. But if you think about it, the very nature of language is amazing. We can go to someone whom we do not know, say a sequence of sounds and to convey the idea from his head to head another person. This ability does not have any other creature on Earth. How and why we started to talk about? As able to develop such a complex and complete system of signals? Was it something innate to us as a species, or we acquired it in the course of evolution? And why we, the people – the only kind that is inherent in the ability to speak? All these questions that scientists are still looking for answers.

For example, Dr. Deb Roy of Massuchusetskogo University trying to find the answer to the question of the origin and language acquisition, has equipped his house under the "language laboratory" to conduct surveillance on his own newborn son. Since the appearance of it to light and to the period when the boy is 3 years old, a lot of cameras in the house records every sound, and later – every word uttered child. At the moment, the result of the experiment is a set of audio files that scientists only to be explored. Another long-term experiment lasted for seven years, just as the subject was a chimpanzee. Scientists from the fields of psychology and linguistics for seven years trying to teach chimpanzees wiki language, but not have achieved any success. Why do animals – even the closest relatives of man – can not speak? For years the dominant theory in this regard states that the inability of animals to reproduce complex sound system due to underdeveloped larynx, which have a slightly different structure that allows us to produce sounds. However, recent studies scholars, including an ultrasound scan of animals in the process of "vocalization", showed that this theory is not true.

It was found that the larynx of animals in product sounds (bark, moo or meow) operates in exactly the same as in humans, and can not be a hindrance ability to speak. Thus the reason that animals can not speak, not connected with anatomy of the larynx. Scientists have come to the conclusion that the reason is obvious, lies in the brain in fundamental differences in the brain of our species and other species. However, there are other opinions on this matter. Perhaps the inability of animals to communicate through a system of complex audio signals as we do, because their thinking is quite different from ours. Word – a designation of the subject. The proposal – an expression of thought. The human mind is more thinking, using abstraction and generalization, rather than specifically refers to the subjects. Animals do not possess such thinking, so they simply do not need sound system for the transmission of complex information. Like it or not, and how our ancestors learned to speak, all that remains to be seen. And now – an interesting resource about mastering foreign languages: – Free lessons for the study of a large number of foreign languages. Exercises for memorizing words. Sincerely, S. Vasilenko e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) 'Universal Methods for Effective Mastering foreign languages! '- Master the language independently and effectively

Principle Responsibility

The socialism and the ecology partilham, therefore, of the qualitative, irreducible social values to the market. (p.72) This convergence alone is possible on condition that the marxists submit to a critical analysis its traditional conception of ' ' forces produtivas' ' – and of that the ecologists finish with the one illusion ' ' economy of mercado' ' impa. This double operation is the workmanship of a chain, the Ecossocialismo, that obtained to make the synthesis of the two processes. (p.72). On ethics ecossocialista, Lowy brings some hypotheses: Social ethics, based in the change of the economic structures and social commercial capitalists, in the establishment of a new paradigm of production and distribution a change that demands social actors and not only good will individuals. (p.73) Ethical igualitria The ecossocialista project aims at a planetary redistribution of the wealth, and a development in common of the resources, thanks to a new productive paradigm. It also implies in democratic ethics The democratization of the productive forces means that the great decisions on the production and the distribution are not taken by ' ' mercados' ' or for a Politburo, but for the proper society, one has after debated democratic and pluralista, where if different proposals and options oppose. (p.75) The Ecossocialismo is radical ethics It is necessary a radical change of paradigm, a new model of civilization, in summary, a revolutionary transformation she is necessary to question the proper structure of the production process. (p.76) How to imagine a solution true, that is, radical, for the problem of the ecological crisis, if to move, of the wine for the water, the current way of production and consumption, generator of clamorous inaqualities and catastrophic estragos? Contrarily what it seems to suggest Hans Jonas, it does not have contradiction between &#039 necessarily; ' Esperana&#039 principle; ' , as it formulates it to Bloch, and ' ' Responsabilidade&#039 principle; ' Without ' ' Principle Responsibility, the utopia alone can be destructive, and without ' ' Esperana&#039 principle; ' , the responsibility does not pass of a conformistical illusion.

United States

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