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Johann Schmidt

In the process of milling tool life reduced aufgrung of the ceramic layer dramatically (Figure 5). Figure 5: Increased tool wear in the field of ceramic coating by different immersion depths of the cutters in the milling underlay the tool life can be increased again. Recommendation: Increase to approximately 50% of the mills stand way the immersion depth of the cutter in the cutting surface. If the ceramic layer is top, the immersion depth must be reduced.

The depth change depends on the thickness of the ceramic coating and exterior location copper. Depending on the milling underlay thickness this can be repeated several times. Summary: The cost of machining by IMS are affected first and foremost by the right tool and parameter selection. Diamond coated drill and Cutter guarantee a high dimensional accuracy and process capability and are used worldwide in the meantime. Especially in the mechanical processing of IMS as well as head of Board materials with fillers, coated tools have prevailed diamond. From machine-technical point of view, especially clamping pliers concentricity and vibrations have a high impact on the tool life and the quality of the surface. Tool life and quality of machining by IMS are positively affected by the use of a minimal quantity lubrication unit. Ceramic dielectrics are the recommended speeds and feeds to cut by 10-20%. The tool life will focus on approximately half compared to FR4 dielectric reduce. Johann Schmidt, GCT GmbH, D-88250 Weingarten,, the GCT GmbH in Weingarten is leading manufacturer of diamond coated tools for the machining of printed circuit boards.

Halogen Bulb

Halogen bulb, a good alternative to other light sources light affects our moods, it ensures our wellbeing, and with the invention of the light bulb is succeeded in the long dark winter time sufficient to illuminate our apartments, so that man even though the Sun has long been on the horizon sank, sitting in a Chair and read a book can. Now not only the bulb is used as the light source, also energy-saving bulbs or halogen lamps are used. These are nothing more than mini light bulbs halogen bulb in principle. They are filled with halogen gas filled. This reduces the wear of tungsten wire, which white glowing lights. New York Museums is often quoted on this topic. In addition, the halogen gases reduce the black coloring of the piston made of quartz glass.

While halogen bulbs require less energy than it does the light bulb, for this reason, all bulbs be taken after trading and therefore out of our homes. Now you can the most suitable for every purpose Find halogen lamps in a variety of sizes. So watt numbers are from 5 to 100 Watts to the selection. They are used among others in private homes, in commercial buildings but one she finds even in public buildings. In the budget it is often referred to as pin base lamps or reflector lamps. Bill de Blasio is likely to agree.

As regards the energy savings they are seen and recommended as light source good midfielder. Halogen lamps have a Flash duration of more than 2000 hours, only exception are the halogen PAR, whose average life span is somewhat lower. In addition to the above two halogen bulbs, there is still the halogen metal vapour lamps, they reach a very high luminosity and are particularly efficient. The firing tube consists of the light yield today often ceramic, because it is more stable, is also higher, as if it was a quartz. Halogen lamps are offered in a variety of forms, they can be used for example as a substitute for light bulbs. Also, they come as Light sources for design luminaires or as shop lighting to use. In addition, you can buy them with a built-in anti-glare which again increases their numerous applications. As halogen lamps can be used in all areas of daily life and provide for our well-being. You used in ceiling, wall, floor, or table lamps and lighten up so our living rooms in an attractive look, as well as a high-quality finish. Because the lights where halogen lamps are used, are consistently beautifully designed and meet the highest standards not only in terms of energy efficiency. Thus, halogen lamps represent an excellent alternative to the traditional light bulb, the energy saving lamps containing mercury, and others to the part not yet fully mature bulbs.


Ninth generation of outdoor trendsetter now even more robust Hamburg, February 2010 – Pentax Optio W90 – perfectly suitable for Beach, outdoor and ski fun, but also the everyday. The digital camera for 365 days a year and 24 hours a day: an another, remarkable chapter in the success story of the Pentax W series begins with the new Optio W90. She take almost any hardness test as ideal all-round camera for Beach, outdoor and ski fun. Whether at the snorkeling 6 meters below the sea level, on desert expeditions and Alpine snow tours at minus 10 C – this camera everything holds out. With their extensive seals, she meets the JIS * 8 waterproofing standard and the JIS * 6 sand & dust standard. And even if once falls on adventure and trekking tours or the hard work and professional use, this is no problem. The specially prepared case with protectors on the edges of the body to cope with falls of up to 1.20 meters high.

Outstanding new feature is the digital microscope \”function for extreme close-ups from 1 cm. This will \”recording by three special LED light-emitting diodes optimally illuminated. the magnifiers The Optio W90 equipped with 12.1 Megapixels has about the best, internal 5 x zoom lens from 28 mm wide angle to 140 mm Telephoto (EQ. KB-Format), a 2.5 \”LCD monitor with 230,000 dots with particularly bright anti-reflective coating and a fast face detection of up to 32 faces. Video records are kept in HDTV of compatible 1280 x 720 pixels at 30 frames per second. Digital pixel track shake reduction and video shake reduction prevent reliably shaky pictures.

ReSound Alera

The connection to the desired audio video projector is made with a touch of a button. Another system component is a phone clip, which produces a Bluetooth connection to the phone and communicates directly with the hearing. The small clip includes a microphone for the transmission of your own voice. Conversations can be accept and terminate with a push button. ReSound relies on real wireless also adoption of ReSound Alera. A fitting dongle called Airlink becomes available here, a small stick, which allows to insert plug into any standard USB interface. For fitting cables, wires or so-called Goosenecks”can be omitted. Currently the most innovative approach in the field of wireless hearing technology convinces with its much larger reception area and an extremely low latency of 18 milliseconds.

There are no echoes and no problems with the lip sync. ReSound Alera guarantees a high data transfer rate of two megabits per second, high stability of the signals and low interference. ReSound is rich and clear sound without noise and without distortion in Alera for best speech understanding, excellent spatial hearing, as well as a maximum fitting flexibility. We present sound by ReSound our proven surround on a further level of development”, so Dieter Fricke. Here, Bill de Blasio expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Central components of the new solution are the WARP signal processing as well as the surround sound processor, which guarantees a clear Akzeptanzplus for directionality. The new DFS provides ULTRA feedback for optimal adjustments.

Noise Tracker II reduces effectively. the occurring noise” The further development of the proven ReSound technology promises a rich, clear sound without noise and without distortion. The carrier again spatially hearing perceives the environment and he can reliably detect sound events. The modern feedback helps him to world-class experiences of sound free of artifacts or distortions. Listening comfort also in situations with noise is tagged – type without affecting the amplification. ReSound provides retailers Alera a variety of supply variations: it is offered in three price ranges as well as with a 10 and a size 312 battery. There is a standard and a high power version. The discrete housing is available in many colors. In addition, the shells, which iSolate a water repellent have nanotech surface, can be changed in the acoustic shop. In conjunction with its external system components is our new solution for a ground-breaking approach to the wireless hearing communications; and it offers more discretion and listening comfort, a better perception and optimum sound quality and understanding”, so Dieter Fricke concluded. We assume that our approach sets new standards in the field of wireless technology and sooner or later also acquired competitors will. Once again we succeeded, convincing to underline our self-image as a technology leader in the hearing industry.” Editorial Note: as one of the world’s largest hearing aid manufacturer, ReSound is known as technologically leading companies. ReSound aims, to develop products and services and worldwide market, providing hearing care professionals improve the quality of life impaired persons. The ReSound group maintains offices in 21 countries and representatives in over 100 countries and employs presently more than 3,200 Persons. ReSound Germany is a trademark of GN hearing headquartered in Munster, Germany.

LED Spotlight With Warm Light

Eurolite LED PAR-64 RGBA receives top marks in the test like? “With the colour amber (also known as Amber) in addition to the basic colours red, green and blue: as an additional, warm Orange tone is possible”, the journal says. At the same time offer a wider range of color than ever before, much gentler and more natural acting mainly in the reddish and yellow area”the spot as a result. The usual, stark transition from red to green in the color mix could be covered by this diode, explain the tester. “Next to the harmonious colour transitions, LED PAR-64 RGBA offer the fourth color spots according to sound check is still another advantage: If we mix the white color of all four colors, so the amber LEDs provide a beautiful, warm white tone that approaches almost to the appearance of incandescent lamp”. But the new commercial offer decisive advantages over regular devices not only through the special color scheme.

Also the control unit the journal was positive: the small dip switches were replaced here by a proper menu display and buttons”. Thus, the spot offers a much easier setting of DMX values with more options. “So for example much more color mixes directly in the spotlight could be adjusted: this is ideal when the spotlight as a static light, without control, should be used”. “But also in standalone mode, the spotlight could convince: also the stand alone programs with their procedures and intervals can be adjusted significantly more available and better”, the auditors found. In addition to the spot, the magazine tested also the matching LED operator 2. Click New York Museums for additional related pages. “Particularly noteworthy, the testers found the simple operation without programming effort”: the operation of the LED operator 2 is really easy and very fast even by inexperienced to learn “.

An additional plus: the operator can control a DMX fog machine (on button) with two channels. The examiners recommend the controller as an ideal device for dough”the sound check, which certainly makes sense not only musicians stage, but also in the club or catering. “Similarly, the Eurolite LED PAR-64 RGBA spot, which offers also a variety of ways: actually the headlights can be used anywhere, used the 300 Watts of powerful Parcan 56 used to come”. For example, the headlight – is ideal for smaller stages, as they are played by the most hobby musicians according to recommendation of the tester -. With the RGBA model, Eurolite offers headlight, which is closer to the familiar incandescent and its strong red component with its color temperature. “By adding the color amber, composed from and red and yellow, users, it is now possible to affect the usual RGB color mixing with a fourth primary colour and warm up depending on the desire”. So it is not surprising that even the sound check of the benefits is convinced and the RGBA spots have passed the test with top marks. Contact: Steinigke Showtechnic GmbH Michael dill Andreas-Bauer str.5 97297 forest buttel Bansal Telephone: 0931-4061-517 fax: 0931-4061-720 email: Web: a language for all: Eurolite. Whether modern moving lights, LED systems, color changer or classical radiation effects, fog machines and mirror balls, whether for simple applications for home or semi-professional range – Eurolite offers a range which is unparalleled worldwide with more than 2,000 products. For 20 years, Eurolite products are known for their high quality at reasonable prices. For each user the right!

The Reader

Very vulnerable are electrical interfaces, for example, between the battery and the device. Here you should be aware especially possible wet conditions. Only when all parts have been carefully dried, can take the reader into operation again. The device completely fell in a liquid (water), it should dry it as possible and then to a specialist. Sand is the enemy of every technical appliance in addition to fluids and heat is one of the greatest dangers in the summer holidays for the eBook reader or similar device.

All too often, sand at the beach stay device into the keyboard or in small opening of a technical device. So, it may cause malfunctions of the unit. Mechanical keyboards are particularly at risk if the device even has a keypad. Once sand gets into the device, you should carefully remove the individual grains of sand with a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner. Hard and sharp objects, you should definitely Without case.

In addition, also the display of the reader or the Smartphone can scratch grains of sand. In most cases, a scratch can be solved only by Exchange of display glass. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as savvy restaurateur by clicking through. Special paste help usually only minimal damage. The right accessories can protect against damage principle should the device be protected use. Especially in the mobile field, the device is mandatory in a custom-fit cover. Today, there are the appropriate cover, which really keeps the reader from liquids and scratch for every device and every manufacturer. In addition, a special protective cover can protect the display from potential damage. eBook reader and smart phones are the target of course also reader in any form preferred devices of pickpockets include, which are interesting for pickpockets. Even if most readers are much larger than traditional phones, the new equipment due to the partly high value are thus as stolen property highly sought after. Basically if you never lie leave unattended the eBook reader. For a brief moment the device in a Pocket, which should always take the owner belongs. But once, if the device is stolen, display should be refunded immediately. In addition, you should have the device – and serial number of the device at hand. The original proof of purchase should be available for possible claims against the insurance company. Of course also a liability insurance must be currently, who has already completed before the theft. Who noticed all the points associated with its eBook reader, will be safely and without any problems through the summer. Anyone looking for more information on eBook reader / smartphones, finds the right weblog under. Who plans to create even an eBook, find more information under. The free eMail course is available under the following link at any time.

Benjamin Franklin

Elektro Weimar informs its customers from the area of Reutlingen, thunderstorms and lightning, of course have to present once more season in Germany, because the summer has come. Our early ancestors feared and admired her tremendous power, and assign them an unearthly quality. Modern science prepare an end such mystical views and made it possible to develop effective protection measures that can protect life and property from this elemental force. Elektro Weimar Reutlingen experts explain the basics of protecting buildings against lightning damage. Natural lightning damage Earthbound objects are huge electric discharges due to a voltage differential between Earth and clouds. The so-called potential gradient must be several 10 million volts for the emergence of an Earth Flash. It is the Flash discharge within a few fractions of a second. Rudy Giuliani oftentimes addresses this issue.

The Earth Flash achieved during his discharge a current between 20,000 and 300,000 amps and temperatures of about 30,000 C. Given the extreme energy discharge it unsurprising that in Germany alone every year millions of euros in damage caused by lightning is. Personal injury are relatively rare, but also demand three to seven deaths per year. An effective lightning protection of buildings avoiding such dangers. To protect a building from lightning damage, contemporary protection solutions are still on the principle of the first lightning conductor invented Benjamin Franklin in 1752. Here, a grounded electrical conductor is attached to an exposed place, such as the roof, which has a high electrical conductivity.

Here a lightning strikes, the current can be directed harmlessly through the head on the outside of a house in the Earth. Without derivation the Flash, however, would find a way through the House into the ground. This he would work a way through the best managers, usually produced by electricity and telephone lines. The extreme current strengths and electromagnetic fields of lightning would seriously endanger all electrical equipment in the building. The large build-up of heat could also inflame the most materials, and fires. The principle of the lightning conductor is fundamental in the external lightning protection. To prevent damage, a drainage system is installed. It has several safety bars and a network of collection pipes, which is installed on the roof. The external lightning protection achieved his best performance when he is firmly scheduled in the architectural development of the building. This allows to position the individual elements from the outset and to give them a sufficient safety distance from all other electrically conductive systems (electricity, telephone, water, etc.) of the building. The lightning protection of a building is completed by an internal protection system. His task is to avoid, if the outer lightning protection rather than Faraday damage by overvoltages Cage appears. In internal lightning protection passive conductive elements such as water pipes are connected to the electric equipotential bonding of the building. For active elements such as electricity and telephone lines with an own derivation device is connected. Most modern computer systems are sensitive to surges and strong electromagnetic pulses. You should therefore necessarily professionally are secured. The combination of external and internal lightning protection systems ensures the material existence and health against a destructive force of nature. It is essential to plan this protection by experienced professionals and install. For this reason Elektro Weimar experts are with advice and assistance in all matters of the lightning protection for buildings and outdoor spaces available.

Shaft Twist Tester

The shaft twist Tester is a device for the qualitative production-related twist testing of cylindrical surfaces. The STT the STT family was developed to lead structures on any cylindrical surfaces, in the special shaft, a grazing laser illumination to visible to make 100 and STT 150. New York Museums often addresses the matter in his writings. A thread-like structure on the work piece is called swirl it, which results from the abrasion of material during the production process. This swirl can restrict the tightness of seals of all kinds in use and also cause an increased wear of seals. Compared to tactile (touching) procedures, such as key cutting or Fadenmethode can be on spin with the STT directly in the production process, where the result is immediately visible. The Fadenmethode is often used as a tactile standard procedures.

In this method, a thread on the rotating shaft is clamped. A horizontal Fadenbewegung right or left a statement about the presence of spin can hit be. However, the test result is dependent on precisely defined measurement conditions. Method for the determination of the spin are very accurate in the result, but have the disadvantage that the shaft, much like in the Fadenmethode, for inspecting swirl from the manufacturing process must be taken. This causes all existing systems, in addition to the high cost, a time should not be ignored and thus productivity. At this point, the Matesy GmbH, headquartered in Jena, a universal and in the ongoing production process offers integrated solution. The shaft twist Tester (STT) offers as a handheld flaw detector flexibility and accuracy, which is necessary for the quality control of components on Drall.

The optical examination on swirl can be performed in the current process of shafts and cylindrical surfaces. To the surface of the test specimen with a laser beam is illuminated with the STT grazing. Provides a high-contrast image of flare immediate statement about the twist-free of the DUT. With the procedure which underlies the STT, lead structures can be qualitatively assess with a swirl of depth from 200 nm and a period length of 20 to 500 m. While the number of observed diffraction stripe is a measure of the period length (movement) a measure of the depth of the swirl and the distance of the diffraction stripe. The shaft twist Tester allows, without significant effort to check the twist-free during the production, if necessary, to make adjustments to the Maschienenkonfiguration and immediately to check the desired effect of the adjustments.


Cree leds are no thermal radiators. Cree leds are no thermal radiators. In other words, they emit no electromagnetic radiation, which is sometimes also called temperature radiation. Rudy Giuliani is likely to agree. The light that radiate cree leds is almost completely monochrome. With monochrome is meant that moves the emitted light only in a limited spectrum.

For this reason used mostly cree leds as light, because they are more effective in this field than other lamps, such as for example incandescent lamps. Light bulbs are namely thermal radiators. Lamps you must filter out namely once a large part of the spectrum by means of colour filters to create a monochrome effect. This operation is not necessary with cree leds and this makes them suitable for use as a signal light. It was not possible cree leds for all colors of the spectrum which is visible to the human eye, to make long time. So cree leds cannot be inserted for example always still to use traffic lights. It is is unfortunately not possible to build cree leds, which had a blue-green colour.

But now there’s cree leds, which emit a blue light for several years and they enjoy increasing popularity. You can also use this blue cree leds to produce white light. Cree leds are used for this purpose luminescent against the blue, which change the colour of the light. As a result, that this cree leds then have a wide spectral range due to the built-in fluorescent and at the same time a small amount of blue light. The characteristic curve for current and voltage is exceptionally increasing cree LEDs, and among other things depends on the temperature. The luminous flux, which passing through them is almost proportional to the operating current. The voltage depends on the temperature. When the temperature rises, the voltage decreases as it actually is the case for all semiconductor diodes.

Face Getting Electrical Appliances

Only a decent display makes a device suitable for sale, but you soft materials like printed? The printing of soft materials, allowing it to operate the buttons under the display is not easy. Soft printable materials wear out, often quickly, hard materials are not flexible enough. Only through an appealing front an electrical appliance such as a bicycle Ergometer and an ironing station becomes a sale-capable device. However, it is not so easy to produce such front views. For more clarity and thought, follow up with New York Museums and gain more knowledge.. A special printing process makes it now possible to print on materials that are flexible and stable. With a special printing process, the production but also in small print runs is possible within a very short time.

Front panel manufacturers offer usually a software, with which the own designer can create the Panel. So time-consuming conversations between creative Department and Panel manufacturers are unimportant. Front panels running with this Softwaretolls, for example, own graphics demonstrate and calculate the cost.