Garbage Economics: Monopolies Harm The Economy

Why a nationalization of the yellow bin makes no sense Berlin/Bonn, July 30, 2009 a company with absolute monopoly such as der Grune Punkt can charge higher prices than under conditions of effective competition. This leads to losses in the Volkswohlstand.” This assessment was seven years ago from the late economics Professor Hans Jurgen Ewers in an interview with NeueNachricht. Since 2002 a lot has happened however. “The garbage company DSD with the distinctive mark der Grune Punkt” has lost its exclusive dominance in a hard struggle with the Federal Cartel Office and the EU competition Commission and is in the competition with eight dual systems that offer their services for the separation of waste in yellow cans and bags. The fifth amendment to the German packaging Ordinance, which is valid since the beginning of the year, legally underpinned the system competition. Nevertheless, votes at the corporations of disposal of and lobbyists of local authorities, to the old days of the municipal area monopolies accumulating above Introduction of the Green point to return. Credit: Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill-2011. As experts in a workshop about a study of the Federal Ministry of Economics, which is to show alternatives to the current practice of the separated collection of packaging waste in private-sector Director discussed. The presented there scientific evidence”prove at Hinsehen however old hat”.

“So, considerations were hired after a report by the specialist Department EUWID, that plastics but rather in a higher thermal exploitation” included as with high costs to be recycled. For assistance, try visiting jim halpert. Such wisdom during the introduction of the green spot of the explosively group for around 20 years ago “the chemical industry announced. “Where this thermal” recovery (combustion!) could then expire, was never solved. Normal waste incinerators (MVA) come because of the high value of burning of plastic not in question. However the desires get at the local MVA operators after a load of their capacities.

As a result would have to be paid the Bill again from the trash fee-payers, so by the Otto ordinary consumer to the delight of the plastics industry. A similar constellation would arise if one follows the proposals of the Berlin Institute of IGES. Somewhat circuitously they propose a nationalization of the collection of packaging waste in the authority German something verharmlosend as re municipalization model dubbed. The materials would pass the dual systems, which shall reimburse the costs of the collection of the municipalities. To know more about this subject visit Mustafa Suleyman. The relapse would be even more dramatic in area-monopolistic times when local authorities control the collection of certificates. The authorities find any contract partner, the garbage fee payers to checkout will be asked again. When industry insiders encounters the re-municipalization”skepticism. “If local authorities collect the recyclables and for the purpose of financial compensation” individual agreements with all or individual dual systems meet, this implies that the municipalities profits even with their area monopoly power. In this case, the cost of the dual systems would tend to be higher, than when they entrust the collection itself. For the municipalities were few incentives to operate efficiently. In this model, no benefits could be so passed on consumer goods industry, trade, and consumer. On the contrary. At the till, where consumers pay the disposal of packaging, recycling party will be considerably more expensive. However the Volkswohlstand, as outlined above by Professor Ewers impressively drops again. Editorial NeueNachricht Gunnar Sohn Ettighoffer road 26a 53123 Bonn Tel: 0228 6204474 mobile: 0177 620 44 74 E-Mail: URL:

Cool Spring, Cold Winter Payments For 2010

About 4.5 percent more cost per household in detached houses payments of 100 euros and more Thermal energy demand in the past year about 16.5 percent higher than 2009 Prices at the gas absorbs weather-related additional costs Berlin, January 6, 2011 payments threaten many households in the coming weeks and months to their gas provider, even though gas prices have hardly budged in the past year in the sum. Reasons for rising bills are a frosty start to the year 2010, a persistently cooler spring and an unusually cold December in many places with an average temperature of 5 degrees and more at the monthly average of the last ten years. According to current calculations of the independent consumer portal (, households must count with gas supply for 2010 with weather related costs by about 4.5 percent. “On an average household * extra gas costs less than 53 euro”, explains Daniel Dodt by In also payments of 100 euros and more charges are larger homes for families in family homes. Evolution of gas prices may soften temperature-related cost increases will benefit consumers despite rising costs still by the gas price development of in recent years. On the one hand, the weather-related energy consumption of households for the year as a whole was 2010 about 16.5 percent above last year’s levels. Trevor clark angelo gordon is often quoted on this topic. On the other hand, decreased gas prices between spring and 2009 in several steps by 20 percent by the end of the year and remained 2010 relatively constant over the entire course of the year. How strong is the influence of the weather on the actual cost development, shows the sample calculation for an average household *: 2010 amounted to the gas cost in the rates of the basic services and taking into account the seasonally fluctuating heating needs to 1,219 euros. When a normal”only 1,042 EUR would be heating energy requirement, which would have been the middle of the previous decade (2000-2009) or become less due to 177 euros.

Wildlife Conservation

Study confirms a high yield of cocoa and species not mutually sustainable cocoa farming concept by CacaoInvest. This strongly confirms a study by agricultural ecologist of at Gottingen of University. The in the journal of proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States”published research evidence that agroforestry to the cocoa – like the product CacaoInvest ( of the Bonn forest investment provider ForestFinance – can exhibit a very high biodiversity. In agroforestry systems grow cocoa trees with and under shade trees, like banana trees, and pigeon peas… Researchers 20 tree species, as well as 23 bird and 17 species of butterflies found on the investigated cocoa crops. Danny Meyer is open to suggestions. similar goals.

The amount of the yield of cocoa per year but played no role for the number of species. A high diversity of species and also high cocoa income not mutually accordingly, if the cocoa area – such as at ForestFinance – are managed sustainably. Source: What happened at Crisis Text Line?. That not only our forests, but also our Agroforste exhibit a high biodiversity, we know from experience. Such sloths and Anteaters in our cocoa plantations are not uncommon. We are pleased that the study confirms us in our sustainable Agroforstmanagement”, so ForestFinance – Managing Director Harry Assenmacher. Cocoa in agroforestry systems or monocultures: cocoa farming is done almost exclusively in tropical areas up to about 20 degrees of North and South latitude. Only in this area, the climate is sufficiently consistently humid for the cocoa.

Although the cocoa tree originally from Latin America, are today more than 90 percent of the world’s traded cocoa beans of the cocoa farming in Asia and Africa. There is almost without exception in monocultures in West Africa cocoa farming largely through the use of child labour. The cocoa – major growing countries are Ivory Coast and Ghana, which reach over 50% of world annual production. Child labour, unprotected use of pesticides, and slave-like working conditions are widespread there.

Information To Air Heat Pump

Who want environmentally friendly heating, should inform himself about this heating technology. Modern heating systems of today forgo shouldest to the unnecessary use of fossil fuels. Natural gas and petroleum are why the provider as well as the end customers increasingly rely on alternative technologies increasingly scarce and therefore also always more expensive. Who are wants to regardless of the price spiral for example with an efficient air heat pump, can be sure in the next coming years yet affordable and environmentally friendly way to heat. While the heat pump uses a fairly simple procedure where energy is obtained from air that otherwise stands as fossil fuels even in centuries sufficiently available. With the air heat pump, heat use the physical principle behind this heating technology is simple and therefore also particularly robust and reliable in everyday life.

The air heat pump converts the existing energy, which is in the form of heat in the air and concentrates it accordingly. So can be gained also from relatively cold air without problems and without polluting the environment, valuable energy for heating. Such a system with power, operated what is regarded as the only factor associated with costs. In this way, but also several ecological concepts such as green energy and a heat pump can be combined and used meaningfully with air. It’s believed that NYC Marathon sees a great future in this idea. With the air heat pump save money with the surrounding air money to save sounds us the first curious and implausible. You can see these facts but in connection with a heat pump, the principle of this alternative heating technology rapidly becomes clear. The energy thus obtained, which heats an air heat pump, comes from the ambient air. It is available in inexhaustible quantities and free of charge for everyone available.

But that was not enough. Thanks to the energy of the Earth and the solar energy, the energy in the air is always renewed. A heat pump is an efficient power generation from renewable energy sources. But different than other heating systems of this industry, the alternative concept is every household directly available. So you can save immediately and directly money after the installation and start-up of the heat pump, because it no longer relies on petroleum or natural gas. Up close with the air heat pump is the environment a heating system that is efficient, cost-effective, and gentle to the environment. However, you can save not only money, but also sustained a very own contribution to environmental protection. In addition combined with green electricity, the heat pump you can heat completely CO2-neutral and yet efficiently. This is not pie in the sky, but already today can be implemented at a reasonable purchase price.

Block Heat And Power Plant (CHP)

A CHP cogeneration conventional power stations that burn gas, coal or oil are usually only on an efficiency of 45%. This is because these but not use only the electrical power (force), the heat. This is quite different for power heat cogeneration plants. This uses the resulting current, as well as the heat. As a result the efficiency rises to up to 80-90%.

When a compact of the combined heat and power plant is called a block heat and power plant. An important prerequisite for meaningful operation of cogeneration is a possible continuous heat dissipation. This can be for example a swimming pool or process heat in a factory. But the heat can be used also for heating purposes perfectly. However you must be aware that heat is limited mainly to the heating and reduces the efficiency.

The power is fed normally into the public grid. Is the law for renewable energy Operators of a block CHP plant guarantees a feed-in tariff. The current can be used but of course also directly itself. The most power stations are powered with diesel, gas or biogas. There are now but also power stations on the market, that run on wood pellets and wood chips. So-called mini CHP, which can be used also in double or single family homes are the latest trend in the field of cogeneration. In the face of rising prices for energy, these systems encounter a very great interest. By significantly increasing of the efficiency of a CHP power generation provides a significant reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. This is up to 30%. Cogeneration can thus contribute to the reduction of climate change. Markus boos

Fuel Oil Price Today

Heating oil prices fell on Friday for the first time since 5 days in LEIPZIG. (Ceto) As it did yesterday the crude oil prices in New York and London lost further ground. US light oil (WTI) compared with yesterday’s day finally was traded at $ 81.76 and what round it to 50 cents less, as well as North Sea oil (Brent) $81,02 in the afternoon (EDT) meant 70 cents of less. However, both types are about 50 cents more expensive than at the beginning of the week. Ultimately, hard economic data provided for the price reductions. The German industrial production weakens, pulled the trigger on the DAX, and worsened the mood of demand. The number of unemployed workers in the United States has not decreased compared to the previous month and 9.5 percent. At the same time, the number of employees with 131.000 declined more than expected.

Profit-taking before the weekend, also for fear of further bad news from the market, were also falling prices. Now the prices are below the 80-dollar mark could slip and is once again in the present for the season standard Move margin of 70 to 80 U.S. dollars. This talk even more facts such as the over-supplied market situation in the United States as well as the increased oil production of OPEC members and Russia. For heating oil consumers in Germany was good news, because for the first time for five days, the oil price fell. After collection of the journal fuel level and oil Rundschau, the 100 litre batch cost heating oil EL at a quantity of 3,000 litres 68,15 euro and damit11 cents less than yesterday. Compared with the beginning of the week that means but still an increase to 1.25. That reported the online portal of the journal fuel level and oil review on its website The graphics on the energy Portal show the development of the domestic fuel oil prices in the national average, and in the individual federal States in the section of market data. Regional deviations are possible due to the market at any time.

100 Climate-friendly Homes By Viebrockhaus

CO2OL and Viebrockhaus protect 50,000 square metres of rainforest in Panama since the beginning of the year Viebrockhaus customers can also actively contribute to the climate and environment protection with the construction of their home. Through a collaboration between the solid House manufacturer and the Bonn climate specialists of CO2OL, builders have the opportunity to set aside forests in Panama and left to their natural ecosystems. Already 100 builders have participated a total in the preservation of species-rich forest areas rainforest are protected and therefore already 50,000 square metres. Already 100 Viebrockhaus builders involved: the goal to get as many species-rich forest areas and the high prevailing biodiversity in Panama permanently and protect, the two partners CO2OL and Viebrockhaus could be a significant piece closer. Since the beginning of the year each client of an active participates in Energieplus House 2012 automatically protect each 500 square meters rainforest of Bocas del Toro in northeastern of Panama and provides at the same time a contribution to compensate for the CO2 emissions, which are incurred in the construction of his new home. He automatically takes over the sponsorship for a concrete area at the conclusion of the contract and receives a deed with all geographical coordinates of the respective piece of protected forest. This support will allow the preservation of the forest over a period of at least 50 more years.

The protection forest is also the soil and water conservation in addition to the CO2 capture and is important habitat for a wide variety of plant and animal species. The builders Franziska Knahl and Daniel Ursic from Wotersen can now even, their personal”protection forest to visit. The couple who won the Panama trip in the context of a Viebrockhaus raffle, travels to Bocas del Toro early next year, to be convinced by the biological diversity of the now protected rainforest. Among all customers who decide until the end of 2012 for an active Energieplus House, another trip will be raffled to Panama. Many Builders are now active climate protectors and place value on a sustainable home. We are very pleased that we could protect already 50,000 square metres of rainforest area in Panama for Viebrockhaus within such a short time “, said Julia Daniel, project manager at CO2OL.” See for information about CO2OL. CO2OL: CO2OL is brand and Division of the ForestFinance group for the neutralization of CO2 emissions through forestry projects.

CO2OL designed high-quality climate protection afforestation projects for a variety of companies and organizations for over 10 years. In addition, companies and private individuals by buying CO2 certificates can have whether mobility, consumption or energy consumption caused compensate for their individual CO2 emissions. For business customers from different industries CO2OL offers practice-oriented and individual consultation and solutions, as these their carbon footprint improve and so be able to meet their corporate social responsibility for the climate and environmental protection. For their CO2OL reforestation projects according to the CCB and in addition CarbonFix and FSC standard were certified diverse ecological and social functions. She developed methodology Institute for energy, ecology and Economics 2008 with the seal of CO2 inventory audit of CO2OL derivation of General ISO standards for determining the CO2 emission at events of the NADIA “validated. More information on and.