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French Perfume

The city is adjacent to the magnificent sandy beaches of cannes. But thanks to an altitude of 300-400 meters above the sea, there is no stifling summer heat. The climate here is fresh, and a sufficient number of sunny days and mild average temperature, create ideal conditions for growing flowers and rare imagination of 'beauty' – the production of spirits. In Grasse is the International Museum of Perfume. It describes the manufacture of perfumes and reflects their 3000-year history.

The pride of the museum are the greenhouse, where visitors can enjoy the scents of fresh flowers. In this region gets and is fighting for a place under the sun, many perfume houses, including Molinari and Galimar. They are open to visitors all year round. Visitors offer free guided tours that allow to see the process of production and purchase a finished product perfumers. It is an elegant glass bottle, in who ever entered into a flower.

In addition to the production of perfume, Grasse at many other attractions. Among them the Museum of Fine Arts of Provence. It is located in an old house Marques de Klapiera-Kabrisa. In addition worth mentioning Le Petit Trianon – a mansion 18., it gathered a decent collection of paintings, ceramics, archaeological and ethnological values of Provence. In Grasse, lived and worked for Ivan Bunin. Another museum – the Museum de la Marina also located in the building 18 in – Hotel Ponteves-Morel, exposition devoted to career Admiral Grasse, who participated in the American War of Independence and was a prominent figure in the Battle of York.