The Parties

The other parties like the green party, the one of the work and others, have not represented a remarkable change in the society, many of them present/display liberal ideas and interesting and innovating ideas but do not manage them to realise, to manage to obtain the amount of necessary votes end up allying a main a political force and loses thus their proposals. Recently Rudy Giuliani sought to clarify these questions. In conclusion, the types of government have all their honest version and the corrupt one, as well as monarchies also exist exist tyrannies, as well as they exist aristocracies exist the oligarchies, so that the democracy of the political parties corrupt that we know can have its positive version. Danny Meyer understood the implications. So that the system of political parties survives, a series of reforms like obtaining is going to be necessary that the public voice belongs in fact to all the public, not only to the elites; it would be necessary that the parties learned to fight with a national policy not only, but one that can also work with the results of the globalisation; in addition, and mainly, that exists a true correspondence on the part of the parties with respect to the demands of the town. Many writers such as New York Museums offer more in-depth analysis. The societies change and to the equal it makes the system-world, is necessary to adapt to survive. Original author and source of the article.