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There was a great variety of meanings, values that are embedded in word play, play, toy. In the dictionary, SI Ozhegova game is the way in which plays in two senses: to play the game and second in importance is a dangerous game and portable value to operate with the secret intent. Playing as a set of items to play the game of nature as something extraordinary and unprecedented, out of the ordinary. A leading source for info: New York Museums. The play on words – a joke based on the same sound different in the sense of words. Shimmie horn usually is spot on. Game fate as the implementation of an emergency situation in life. Fantasy-fiction and fantasy product. Download igryIgrat like to frolic, play and have fun, to indulge in idleness. Play into something that is, that is spend time in a particular type of activity, in a contest in entertainment.

Play something and something – a musical instrument, play on the stage play comedy – pretending to be insincere in their behavior and actions, play on the nerves – to create discomfort to others, to play the first violin – take the leading position in the social hierarchy. Play with someone, or something like a toy – to treat a man like a toy, do of a fully controlled entity, to play with things, take action beyond the usual manipulation of the subject. Play your own or someone else’s life – to make extremely risky, associated with serious threat to human life and action. Play with fire – turn very lightly with something that could seriously disrupt the existence of which plays to call, among other consequences of his death. Play in human beings – treating them lightly, as with something unimportant and of little value. Play as the manifest, show up with something or something – the sun is, water play, smile playing on his face. Play the stock market – it is difficult to make predictable labor operation on the exchange.

The Teenager

To begin to determine who bought a toy nesmyshlenomu kid, or matured young man, for what purposes and how much you intend to spend on a toy. Kids suit fairly simple and inexpensive types of radio controlled helicopters, cars and airplanes. Even if your child acts up and pokes his finger in certainly the most expensive and clever toy, but you well you really really want to the child please, try to gently convince him that it is better to buy him a toy cheap. Explain to your child, you should not immediately rush to extremes and buy the most expensive copy of that in the future if he likes, and he learns contact with a radio-controlled model you buy him a toy expensive, with many features. Thus, the interest of the child will be constantly heated. If a child understands that remote control toys for him too complex, or simply bored with a toy to him, he may try to quickly get rid of it (to break), so he bought a new one. In this case, you at least will not be so sad for money spent.

If the toy bought for the teenager, already here and price category, and the complexity of the device will certainly increase. Such models are more delicate, difficult to use and is more like real vehicles. If you buy cheap teen modelku, or some sort of low-quality analog craftsmanship – be prepared, that new toy quickly go to the scrap, or to anything in the pantry for perpetual storage.

Fishing On The Shore Of The Southern Bug

The only thing that is difficult to understand anglers – fans, – a professional principle 'I caught a fish – let me go! ", His follow their fellow anglers with the experience. The main purpose of fishing – catch many big fish photographed with her on a long memory, and then release back into the water. According to one of the professionals who engaged in fishing for more than four years, it is even much nicer than just a catch, fry and eat the fish. On South Bug river, in Vinnitsa, fishermen gather from all corners of the Vinnitsa region of Ukraine, because here you can catch carp up to 10kg River lease, there is constantly replenished stock of fish, so fishing here costs about 100 USD. per day.

Catching and then weighed the big fish, brought from another local pond on her fin wear a tag with a number and a couple of years you can see it and even test – thinner fish or put on weight. Fishermen come to the fishing companies, or alone. Every trip on a fishing trip – it is always organized event. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of NY Restaurateur on most websites. In general, brought with him two special tent. In one of the tents is a bedroom. It is located all the necessary recreational anglers. Near portable cots available alarm that connects to the gear.

Fisherman can sleep soundly. If the fish bite, the special equipment tell him about it. Reliable marching mat and sleeping bags will not freeze in any weather. Even a very rainy, which sometimes happens in the city of Vinnitsa, especially in the fall. Many people enjoy fishing and not only men but also women be happy to come to relax and go fishing. Fishing – a great form of recreation and relaxation and can replace going to the bar or disco.