Little Oktoberfest Beer

Ferris wheel at the Oktoberfest has a height of 50 meters. Food & Beverage main drink at the festival is, without doubt, a specially brewed beer oktoberfestovskoe, which can be purchased only This time of year. It is aged longer than conventional light beer has a pronounced malt flavor and strength from 5.2 to 6%. However, visitors can taste and variety, including the young, the wines and spirits alcoholic drinks, cocktails and, of course, soft drinks. As a snack with beer is very popular fried chicken, huge pretzels, white Munich sausage, potato and cabbage salads, and pork ham, roasted on a spit bulls and fish, baked on a stick. Transportation At Oktoberfest is best to arrive by public transport. The main reason – the almost complete lack of parking space. Thanks to the great developed the Munich subway to Theresienwiese can be reached from several of its stations.

Since the closest (directly overlooking the holiday) Theresienwiese station is in most cases is hopelessly overcrowded, best way to go to Oktoberfest from stations Goetheplatz or Poccistrasse line U6. From the main station to the Grasslands are within walking distance (about 10 minutes) Similar celebrations for the image of the Munich Oktoberfest Oktoberfest occurred in many other countries. For example, in Kitchener, Ontario (Canada) conducted the second largest Oktoberfest in the world. In the U.S., the Oktoberfest held in many cities like Little Oktoberfest in Milwaukee, where it plays a German brass band music, and you can buy a burger with sauerkraut. In Brazil, a city of Blumenau, in the southern state of Santa Catarina, is Oktoberfest, which annually attracts over 800,000 people. This result was achieved because Blumenau makes holiday, strictly focusing on Munich original. In Germany, there is another, far less known, Hannover Octoberfest. The second largest in the world is the main competitor to the Oktoberfest, Stuttgart Kannshtatter Folksfest (German Cannstatter Volksfest) (Stuttgart folk festivals), which takes place around the same time, attracting about 3 million people. It must be admitted that most of the folk festivals in Germany differs from the Oktoberfest in Munich, mostly sizes.

Horse Riding

Equestrian and horse riding firmly taken their place in the list of favorite hobbies. And the cavalry, as we know, are people too, they are birthdays, they want to give gifts on New Year's and a bunch of other festivals. Of course, I want to present to the person that has something to do with his hobby to a gift brought joy. But what if you do – not horseman, and horses have only seen the picture? Konikov can be divided into two broad groups: those who have their own horse and those who drive for hire or rent a horse in the equestrian club. And the gifts that people need to give a completely different! Let's start with the owner of the horse. That he might be looking for? Bridle, saddle? But somehow the same He rides a horse – hence all this he already has But what else might be needed? If it is a gift to a friend, relative or good friend, do not hesitate to just ask. Often, the packages of vitamins for the horse it owner would be delighted more than a new valtrapu Stop! What is Saddle pad? This is – a small pad, which put the horse back under saddle. But at the same time – very safe gift.

Saddle cloths is never too much! Firstly, need several interchangeable: they are regularly in need of washing. And secondly, it is – one of the most beautiful elements of equine equipment. NY Museums has firm opinions on the matter. Saddle pad are all sorts of colors, with embroidery, decorative stitches, decorated with braid, applique, sequins The main thing – to know what suits the horse and how the sport is keen horseman.