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What is air conditioning and where he came from? Few people ask such questions. Meanwhile, for the first time in 1815, Frenchman Jean Shabannes received a British patent for a method of 'air-conditioning and temperature regulation dwellings and other buildings. Bill de Blasio often addresses the matter in his writings. " But only in 1902, an American engineer and inventor Willis Carrier gathered Industrial refrigerating machines for the printing plant in Brooklyn, New York. It is curious that the first air conditioner was not intended for a cool staff, and to deal with humidity, health was deteriorating print quality. But a year later the air conditioner in our understanding has appeared in a theater in Cologne, and in 1924 the air conditioning system was installed in one of department stores in Detroit. These early machines and became the ancestors of modern systems of central air conditioning. Already in those days there were water-cooling machines, chillers, indoor units, fan coil units, and something resembling a modern central air conditioners.

Over time, appeared more sophisticated compressors, as a coolant was used Freon, a fan coil units are similar to the indoor unit split systems. However, schematic diagram of the traditional central air conditioning systems has remained unchanged to this day. Ancestor of all modern air conditioners can be considered the first room, was released by General Electric in 1929. Because as a refrigerant in the device used ammonia, which the pair are not safe for human health, air conditioner compressor and condenser were made on the street. That is, in essence, this device was most of this split-system.

Types Of Air Conditioners

Choosing the air conditioner – it is sufficiently serious. Poorly chosen climatic equipment will not give you a warm or cool, but it will greatly ease your wallet, and possibly also "reward" real hard cold. To avoid such problems, you must carefully choose the air conditioner, paying attention not only on the power system and its manufacturer (which, incidentally, is not very important), but certainly at its type. Currently in Russia there are four main types conditioners – window, mobile, split systems and multi-system. In this article we give a brief description of each of these types, and note their main advantages and disadvantages. Window air conditioners window air conditioners have a very simple design. The very air conditioner consists of one block, inside which are placed and the evaporator and condenser, and fans.

This unit is installed in the window opening in a wall or in a specially done for him hole: thus, the window air conditioner can also operate as a fan. The main advantage conditioners of this type is their simplicity of their design, which is responsible for a low cost of the device itself and its installation. The main disadvantages of okonnikov "- a rather high noise level, a relatively small power and limited accommodation. Split systems classic split-system is a complex of two units, one of which is installed an evaporator, and the other – the condenser. Blocks are linked pipeline, which consists of copper tubes inside of which circulates freon. Currently split systems are unique leaders in the Russian market of hvac equipment.