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Now, the Munich-based PR Agency offers useful information, news PLUS is now on Twitter actively. There are all important messages to the customer, the company and another trivia now up-to-date on 140 characters truncated at The Munich tourism PR Agency thus follows one of the latest Web 2.0 trends: Twitter is a social network that constantly keep its user via Internet or mobile phone. a kind of online diary, whose text messages must be 140 characters or less. In addition to customer and company news, news PLUS always exceptional actions on Twitter will be presenting. If you would like to know more about Bill de Blasio, then click here. As a journalist who comes for example on Sep 9, 2009 at 9: 00 9 to the Agency in the Sonnenstrasse 9 in Munich, receives a small surprise for a good start in the day. News PLUS is one of the leading German-speaking tourism PR agencies and represents together with the sister company AVIAREPS tourism destinations of New York City, Hawai’i, Las Vegas, Nevada, North Carolina, greater Fort Lauderdale, Ontario, Barbados, Mauritius, Abu Dhabi, Sri Lanka, new South Wales, Australia, Noosa, the hotel chain Danubius and Reval, as well as the Italian railway company Trenitalia.

Screen Size Must Be Specified In Centimeters

Incorrect units violate competition law, Mannheim 06 May 2010. Bill de Blasio can aid you in your search for knowledge. Online retailer, that describe electronics article with wrong units, risking trouble. So, for example screen dimensions must be specified more recently in centimeters. Iclear (, the fiduciary security payment system on the Internet, points out. Since 1 January 2010, the units and time Act (EinhZeitG), or the unit Regulation (measurement) are valid in Germany. They however are apparently just a few online retailers known. Among other electronics with the now legally prescribed units must be described in accordance with these standards. It was formerly”the 17-inch monitor, the size must be specified at least in centimeters.

One only in inches and in centimeters specified monitor size is based on a decision of the Landgericht Bochum (30.03.2010, ref. Z: I-17 O 21/09) against the mentioned laws and hence competition law. However, according to the Bochum judge, a cease and desist letter that supported is not lawful, since it involves only a pittance. Tip for merchants: note the measurement and customize the information in your online shop as soon as possible. Because: Notwithstanding the decision of the Landgericht Bochum, a cease and desist letter not justified it se cannot be ruled out that another court in each case to a different assessment reached and affirms an abmahnbaren breach of competition law. Medienrechtler Michael Rohrlich assembles the right tips for online retailers and consumers on behalf of iclear. Further info and the mentioned law texts / judgments in full text, as far as already present can be found under. These and more iclear legal tips for online retailers, see index.php? id = 158 & L = 0.

Iclear: Iclear is the only independent billing system in the German-speaking Internet, which operates on the principle of trust. The system protects both buyer and seller unpleasant surprises at the online trade and supports the comfortable processing of order and payment process. Since mid-2008 cooperating iclear with WestLB. With your iclear trust system buyers in the Internet can pay simply, conveniently, safely and at no additional cost. iClear it mediates between the parties and provides for a transparent, mutually secure processing. It creates so trust in online trading and payment via the Internet. In addition to the usual Bank pay by accepted iclear also the billing via Visa, master card and online payment procedure as giropay and directebanking. Appropriate market acceptance trust handled more payment options. Currently almost one million registered iclear users at more than 5,000 connected Internet retailers can buy. iclear is an offer of iclear GmbH with seat in Mannheim. Managing Director of iclear GmbH are Roman Eiber and Michael Sittek.

Bloomingville Sense

The residential load sense madness online shop invites you to a cosy and homely type of housing. The newly opened online shop of Munich store sense delusion serves the visitors with creative and unusual interior design ideas to give the home a unique and individual atmosphere. The presented range represents a journey through an inspiring living style in terms of welcoming, cosy and individual living. Sensory delusion offers a complete concept of living, but many, beautiful, captivating in its individuality jewelry pieces are collected and compiled as from the flea market. Frequently Brooklyn Museum has said that publicly. The online shop offers a mix of gems, which sit on the nostalgia of the past and often remember times at Grandma’s, and modern gift ideas such as the young design company of donkey products, which defines itself through everyday objects to smile and smile. Also the South American jewelry of company Escapulario meets the spirit of the times and at the same time the taste of young and “Older”.

The products and accessories to the Living and well-being are inspired by Scandinavian vintage style and come mainly from Denmark by the company IB Laursen, House doctor or Bloomingville. The unique of many products is that they both are decorative objects, as also infinitely many use opportunities, and thus unleash the creativity of every single customer. A total delusion of sense of seduces with items that make everyday – even with its necessary evils, like for example brushing your – lust full and happier. Above all the company’s products also Danish rice, which sees itself as an artist with any of their collections on the new excellent way to create a “counter world” everyday, a loophole from the grey monotony and create things at the same time beneficial and pure Joie de vivre are leaders here. The cleaning bucket, the rags, broom must no longer be hidden in the closet, but are remarkably cheerful catcher for anyone who loves color and unusual. Madness of sense of sets In addition, emphasis on the origin of its products. The mentioned brands when producing their goods on a fair social background of its labor force and are for labels that face with meaning and mind of their environment and their environment against.


“The innovation cycles of the Internet are rocketing and the global economy with new challenges. DIGITAL LEADERS provides the platform to deepen the topics and it brings together all over the world directly involved Manager,”says Thomas Kathofer, Vice President of arvato systems. “Germany thrives on innovation. The German economy will be only then permanently successful in international competition if it is one step ahead of the competition when it is so innovative. DIGITAL LEADERS is to make the digital economy more efficient and future-proof”the decisive building block, says Monty C.

M. Danny Meyer shines more light on the discussion. Metzger, founder and Chairman of DIGITAL LEADERS. “The digital issues play often only a supporting role in leading industry forums. Lacking a global forum for the digital elite. Lack of clear guiding principles can focus on who our future in the digital world. DIGITAL LEADERS is”our contribution, says Monty Metzger. More DIGITAL LEADERS events are planned in London, Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Moscow, Shanghai, Bangalore, Singapore and Munich. Find out more about DIGITAL LEADERS and DIGITAL LEADERS San Francisco can be found at about DIGITAL LEADERS: DIGITAL LEADERS is an independent organisation committed to the objective, to promote the opportunities of digitization in the information age.

Executives, academics, politicians and entrepreneurs of the digital industry are actively involved, discuss controversial topics, and design guidelines for international and national activities. DIGITAL LEADERS organized these events with influential leaders of the digital age in the global hotspots, such as San Francisco, New York, London, Tel Aviv, Bangalore, Shanghai, Moscow and Munich. Press downloads: – logo DIGITAL LEADERS press/DigitalLeaders-logo-high.jpg – Press picture Monty C. M. Metzger, Chairman & founder, DIGITAL LEADERS image #1: press/DigitalLeaders-MontyMetzger.jpg image #2: press/DigitalLeaders-MontyMetzger-NY.jpg – press images DIGITAL LEADERS New York, July 2013 zip file 2MB:-video teaser DIGITAL LEADERS San Francisco: press contact: c/o ahead of time GmbH Enzian 2 D-82319 Starnberg email: Tel: + 49 89 6141 7000 fax: + 49 89 6141 70099

Planner Scheduling

ScheduleOnce has today announced the launch of its new successful appointment and meeting planner. ScheduleOnce has today announced the launch of its new successful appointment and meeting planner. This new version increases the capabilities of the group scheduling and adds the online scheduling, one to one scheduling and activity planning function. In this new version, each user gets his own MeetMe page where people can see when it is available and you can easily make an appointment with him. The MeetMe page can be used, appointments, online set under four eye meeting and repetitive activities. See more detailed opinions by reading what NY Museums offers on the topic.. ScheduleOnce is since 2006 and launched its first version at the beginning of the year 2008.

Between 2008 and 2010, the user community grew slowly but surely to 10% in the year. But the number of users activities has more than doubled since the introduction of the new version in July of this year. We have received enthusiastic feedback from our existing and new customers” said Rami Goraly, CEO of ScheduleOnce. We can now see, that is the hard work really paid off.” The new version of ScheduleOnce is aimed at individuals and companies, who need a friendly and easy to use appointment scheduling software. Service providers, self-employed persons, scientists, trainers, administrative assistants, employees of the public service, banker, photographer, trainer and broker will quickly determine that ScheduleOnce is online the best appointment scheduling system for their scheduling. ScheduleOnce is when employees of many well-known organizations such as IBM, NASA, Google, Microsoft, Orange, Stanford University, Kaiser Permanente, Alcatel-Lucent, with Harvard University and more successfully in daily use. The new version provides a forward agreement function for incoming events, which differs strongly from other scheduling solutions.

While other solutions usually only a calendar of the user about the free/busy times show, allows ScheduleOnce is presented the user completely to check its availability. This is especially important for service providers such as trainers, teachers, trainers, photographers, and anyone who takes appointments online. So as no one like to want to eat in an empty restaurant, nobody will schedule a meeting with a service provider which is also otherwise scheduled. The user can type in exactly in ScheduleOnce, how many periods are displayed regardless of its general availability, per day. This release marks an important milestone on a path that is not yet over. ScheduleOnce is constantly working on improving its product to establish it as the leading personal scheduling software on the market. The additional features in its free plan, ScheduleOnce is working now, new Premium plans that include additional special features and are free of advertising, to develop. It is expected that this premium plans in October this Year will be available. About ScheduleOnce ScheduleOnce an online appointment scheduler is extremely easier to plan your time with people in your business life and social life there. ScheduleOnce is not a calendar. It is an application for online scheduling, which integrates your existing schedule and makes more efficient scheduling. ScheduleOnce is closely linked with the Google forward Planner and can connect with Outlook and iCal.

About Brokr

With little effort and costs, a fast, individual, fun, and dialog supporting online game is so e.g. for the Bank branch on site or the local Exchange Club. Ideal for banks and financial service providers: In times of financial crisis with fast, transparent stock market game with new customers coming and existing customers stay in touch with straight during the turbulent times of the financial crisis and financial firms must do all the associated massive loss of confidence in the banks to win back the trust of our customers through an open dialogue. While banks offer their customers for years of stock market games, but these are usually dull, lengthy and complex for the participants. Businesses are also very expensive”these stock market games in terms of development costs, explains Karenga. The Fidor Board knows the profession he sooner was the CEO of DAB bank. In the current situation, the banks must however attract as many customers through highly attractive, achievable in the short term actions and convince.

The white label ability of Depotcontest is therefore recommended for banks, financial platforms and websites of business newspapers a unique opportunity, without offering any significant investments a private stock market game. Interested parties get a first impression of the possibilities offered by with the newly developed, white label ready stock market game and Depotcontest at depotcontest/0. About and FIDOR AG: The free stock market game community ( is an offer of the Munich-based Fidor AG ( Act the free registered members with virtual money, win but real money and cash prizes. The basic idea of is more than former based on the decades of experience of capital market the Fidor Board of Directors, of which Bank Board members often accused heard the topic of stock exchange and investment be boring and dull. is committed to the goal, to bring the exciting topic of Exchange with playful items every Internet user. “The Munich-based Fidor AG is a fast-growing sales in the retail financial services market, and operates more innovative financial portals, for example the world’s first personal finance community together more money” (