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It is also often used to find rows in the database. Another field – greeting. It stores the greeting, which will return our request. Texts of our queries will be stored in a file install.sql Creating a uninstall.sql While we hope that people will never remove our component, but still if they do, we should not leave anything behind. Joomla controls Remove all generated files and folders, but we have to manually turn on the queries that will remove, we have created a database table. At this point we have created only one table.

And we only need one query: drop table if exists # __hello; Update installation file We need to make some changes to the setup file. First, we must add two new files to the list. File install.sql must navigate to admin. Secondly, we must point the installer to perform queries in our files during the installation and uninstallation. The updated code looks like this: version = '1 .0 'encoding =' utf-8 '?> Type =' component 'version = '1 .5.0'> Hello 2007-02-22 John Doe john.doe @ Copyright Info License Info 3.01 Description of the component folder = 'site'> controller.php hello.php index.html models / hello.php models / index.html views / index.html views / hello / index.html views / hello / view.html.php views / hello / tmpl / default.php views / hello / tmpl / index.html charset = 'utf8' driver = 'mysql'> install.sql -> drop table if exists # __hello; create table # __hello (id int (11) not null auto_increment, greeting varchar (25) not null, primary key (id)) engine = MyISAM AUTO_INCREMENT = 0; insert into # __hello (greeting) values ('Hello, World!'), ('Bonjour, Monde!'), (' Ciao, Mondo! '); charset =' utf8 'driver =' mysql '> uninstall.sql -> drop table if exists # __hello; Hello World! folder = 'admin'> hello.php index.html install.sql uninstall.sql As you can see, the tag, which is located in the sections has two attributes: charset and driver. Charset encoding of this file.

Typically used utf-8. But if you want create installation files in a different encoding (eg for older versions MySQl) you should omit this attribute. Attribute specifies the driver for a database written requests. Currently, as the database can be only use MySql, but the future is supposed to create drivers for other databases. Conclusion Now that our component can work not only with classes mvc framework, but also with classes JDatabase. Now you can create components that interact with the database and can use the Joomla installer to create and populate database tables.

Affiliation Program

This technique allows to take advantage of the traffic each one of the readers of that blog, without having to initiate your own blog and thus you can gain commissions generated by the traffic of that blog. The basic requirement to attract a the buyers, as far as possible, are to write an article of good quality, not too commercial and that illustrates how the Internet can improve its life by means of the purchase of the product or service that it promotes. In addition, if you have your own blog you can put in practice some strategies to increase the opportunities of sales. Blog can contain product revisions and compare the characteristics, advantages and benefits of these products, this form can be convinced the reader to make the decision to acquire some of its recommendations. This way, one is abriendo communication channels where you can know thousands potential clients. The combination of these resources with the social average marketing conseguira more traffic to its site, and the increase of the sales. If you use these resources seras able to generate important income with the marketing of affiliates.

Nevertheless, we do not have to forget that the products and services that we are promoting must be of best quality and high demand in the cyberspace. In the Internet there is a called program of formation Affiliates Elite. In this program you will learn step by step how you must begin a business in line and of letting it grow in the time. I recommend to him that it visits the following article for more details of this powerful program. It visits Marketing of Affiliation, the Best Option For Your Business In Internet


Web-studio "Svarga" – professionalism, responsibility and success. You need to create a stylish, comfortable and easy to manage the site? Requires a ready resource to promote in search engines? Would you like to see advertising on your site authoritative thematic areas? Web-studio "Svarga" take care of all your problems. A team of young and energetic professionals make a reality of even the most fantastic ideas. Priority tasks Web Studio are: The manufacturing sites of any complexity, including the design, layout, installation on the CMS, the preparation of software testing; Created online resources; website promotion to leading positions in search engines; holding companies of advertising sites; Development of corporate identity design, manufacture logos. Web-studio "Svarga 'unites young, creative, motivated professionals. We are confident in our abilities, and love the unconventional approach to solving the original problems. We are always aware of innovative processes in the field of Internet technology, basic trends in the industry, shows attention to pressing security issues today. Work of all our projects is accompanied by simple and effective system DeotixCMS, also developed and tested specialist web-studio "Svarga." DeotixCMS to make the process comfortable and content management as easy as possible for even an untrained person.

Web-studio "Svarga '- it's compliance with international standards of quality and high level of customer trust. We love our job and responsibility, to the best of attitude towards their work. Making websites by us at a level that more than half the customers come to us repeatedly. We value each customer and value in return from them. For us, no less important reputation and good name of the web studio. Therefore, we do not deal with orders for manufacturing sites, the concept of which is associated with pornography, advertising alcohol and tobacco products, as well as gambling. In addition to quality work, web studio Kazan offers customers an adequate price for all types of services, including manufacturing sites. These positions, we consider not only the key indicators of a professional approach to business, but also a guarantee of its success.

Manufacturing sites in our web-studio – it's easy to manage development resources. Our credo: Just = n-GROWTH-on hard-to = FALSE. We believe the site should be as simple and convenient to the owners of the resource is not required to work with the study of literature. Effective site to optimize existing problems, rather than multiply them. Creative, enthusiastic and passionate in the process of the business people together in a team web studio. Kazan, where the "Svarga," only a small portion of the vast space, where they live and successfully employed our customers. This is Beijing and Moscow, St Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. Web-studio (Kazan) has customers far beyond their hometown. U.S., Australia, Cyprus and Israel – is not a complete list of countries where we have created resources are widely used as a tool for efficient business. The fact the vast geography of our virtual products, we have repeatedly proven success of the Web-studio in a remote location. All customers who order the production site in web-studio 'Svarga', we provide a warranty for one year. Errors and disadvantages found in the 12 months, removed and modified for free. Wherever there was our potential customer, for it is not difficult to contact us by clicking on the contact page and filling out a simple questionnaire will allow us to better understand each other.

Customer Site

Today the site on the Internet is the vast majority of commercial organizations and owners of every company sooner or later come to the conclusion that their firm must have its own website. At the same time they often do not even realize specifically why they needed a site and how it will help your business. Often, all decisions on the specifics of a site shall not customers, and developers of this site, you end up with no website required a firm and website, which is most convenient to create a web-studio. To avoid falling into such a situation, you should prepare for pre-order the new site. First of all, it should be clearly understood that when a site will have a lot of customers work if they want to get a quality site that meets their requirements. To, first, to formulate these requirements will require considerable effort. Of course, you can order a complete solution that includes conducting market research, identification of business development strategies, development of promotional materials and, finally, the creation of the site.

However, the cost of such work would be prohibitively high, and the result is not always satisfy the customer. If you just want to order a site, it should be clear about which markets and consumers focused on what your business, know their characteristics and be able to present themselves favorably against the competitors. In fact, you have to prepare promotional materials describing your company and features of products and services offered by it. Web-studio in which you request a site based on these materials can develop a strategy to promote your site on the Internet, create a website and carry it further support. If you just say that your company offers some services, like thousands of other similar firms, and the site will unremarkable, hardly able to attract additional customers. The better you represent features of their business and know how to describe its benefits to customers, the better technical requirements for site development you can develop, which means that the more high-quality site will get a result. While you should describe in detail the features of most of its business and its benefits to customers, as provide this information to the Internet, prompt you to professionals.

There are features of the Internet, you may not know, so do not move to the site all the techniques used in your conventional advertising of your company. If you order a web-studio complex works to create and promote the site, they are based on materials received from you, offer the most successful versions of a site. If you want to make sure your company has been the site supporting the core business, work on the description of this business, formulate goals and tasks of the site, determine the site earmarked for development funds. Only then can order the creation of the site. If you order a web site straight off its features, you'll not only spend more money at his establishment, but also as a result do not get what you need.

Before Booking Site

What you should know before you order a website? Today, every company in the Internet tend to occupy a leading position in the ranking of sites. But few managers know that the online campaign plan would need to start ordering Site developers. Before you order a website, say to yourself the following questions: Why do you need a website? If you need it, "in other words, it would be necessary and I" or "because the site does not now" – or forget it and go on their business outside the network, or specify why you site. The site – it's not just a pretty picture. It is a tool for management and business development. Website – it reflected the status of the company on the Internet. This is an interactive, efficient resource to achieve various objectives. They need to be able to lead, it should develop.

Then and only then he will bring the desired result. What is the purpose of this website? Often websites are ordered lightly. A qualitative approach to development of the site makes highlight the goals and objectives, such as the sale of goods and services (creating an online store), advertising of new cars, personal website, booking services, etc. The main purpose of the site as a tool business management – to bring profit to the owner. A way to achieve this goal, each individually choose. Determine the target audience. Certain groups of goods and services bought different categories users of targeting depends on design, ease of operation, the textual content of the site. For example, for older people is to develop a site with the integrated text, contrasting colors, no dark background.

And for Youth can add bright animations and sounds. What will polzovatelna your site? An interesting product or information much more effective than striking visual effects or just a nice menu. A visitor comes to life in First of all, learn something, and if the content informative and helpful to him – the site will certainly be favored.

Preciados Street

Shopping is fun and the favorite pastime of many, it is something that not only women already enjoy. When you think of buying, certain places like London or New York come to mind, but if he decides to travel to Madrid on vacation, is that the city has it all. After a trip it is logical to take souvenirs or small gifts to acquaintances and Madrid won’t have any problem in finding something for everyone at any of the stores or shops of Madrid. Each has their own ideas of what you are looking for and in Madrid are sites for all tastes, whether it’s small antiques shops, there are gift shops that specialize in genres or simple flea markets that can be found everywhere. Gran Via for example, is the most exclusive shopping street of Madrid, it is worth a walk by there.

Holidays are for relaxing, Madrid offers shops that work until late at night, therefore, there is no need to hurry in the morning to avoid the closure of shops. Plaza Major has many jobs, and there you can buy products using the technique of barter, if on the contrary they call you attention flea markets, you don’t want to lose the trail, which is one of the big markets Madrid outdoor. To enjoy other aspects of Madrid ideally consult a travel guide which surely will have tips of lodging, transportation and attractions to enjoy the city to the full. While shopping you can visit the statue of Eloy Gonzalo, which is located in the center of the Plaza de Cascorro, this statue will indicate that it has reached the La Latina metro stop, be sure to bring your camera. If you want to buy luxury and designer clothes, calle Serrano is the place to be. Men love shopping in calle Princesa.

Both parties it can be reached by the metro. Don’t forget to visit the San Miguel market, which offers many small shops of fresh fruits, vegetables and many more items. Finally from a stroll through the Preciados Street, a commercial area that is only for pedestrians.

Fast Site Promotion – Fact Or Fiction ?

The rapid advancement of a site possibly due to the constant analysis of the algorithms of search engines, frequency of updates and the effective work of SEO-SEO. At low competition inquiries, website promotion in the top 10 and even in the top-1 perhaps just one update. In this case, the site should be fully prepared for the rapid advance, namely, to promote the site domain name must be very young, as new sites are moving slower staryh.Na site must be unique content (a unique text content to the extent necessary) Pages site should be optimized for search zaprosyDlya rapid progress, the site must have the correct internal strukturu.Sayt should be indexed by search engines. Quality website promotion or website promotion also depends on the budget for promotion. The higher the budget of promotion, the more Web-studio promotion Sites can spend on the expenditure side, which with proper promotion and quality is at least 60% of the total budget for the promotion of a site can cost klienta.Skolko service to promote your site? The average budget for quality and fast search engine optimization site lies within the 15,000 – 25,000 rubles, and depends on many factors: Frequency of search zaprosovKonkurentsii in this segment rynkKachestva promoted saytPlatformy which made saytTehnology used in the manufacture of saytRegiona promotion (for search engine Yandex) In this case, the regional promotion of the site (indicating the city) is probably cost several times cheaper than the federal (in the region Russia) promotion, which is primarily due to significantly less competitive regional needs.

The cost of regional search progress in our Web Studio is typically less than 4,000 rubles per month and includes the promotion (promotion) of the site for 5 – 10 low-frequency queries. At the same time, not immediately dispel the myth that high demands are more effective in promoting what LF – far from it. Quality promotion site constitutes primarily an analysis of the situation and the best choice – an effective way to attract customers on site customer service to promote your site. And this can be achieved cost-effectively just using the bass, but for a much more targeted queries.