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Search Engine Optimization – Where to Get It links a priority of having a website is to make money, if you earn money with your website on a daily basis and this is sufficient to consider an additional input of money at home You could say you have a successful website. But not all webmasters enjoy this success and that is because they have a very limited flow of visitors, the shortage of visitors must turn to the bad position that takes place in the SE. But then comes the question of $ 65.000, as I do to improve the position in the SE on my website and in turn improve the visits and the money I generate the site. Let's put it simply, are two things that are taken into account to give a priority in the search site and these are … CONTENT AND LINKS! CONTENT: Yes, content, but not just any kind of content, I mean that is new, fresh, updated, unique content that only exists in your website and nowhere else. The more often you update your website content quality and unique, but often you will appear at the top search and will therefore more visitors. LINKS: If links, but not just any links, and is that not all links are constructed just not worth the same to the SE, not just leave links on any site you find, you need to make sure it will be a link quality and will not lose their value over time. .