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Sounds And Scandals

Masterful music from Germany and frightening messages from Malta JOYSTICK is only slightly older than RADIO masterful music from Germany and frightening messages from Malta your biggest hit: “Masimbabele” by the Group of the unknown cases. Charlie but performs the B-side of the Maxi. For the anniversary, there is this disc as a CD on Stefan Krachtens label “sound layer”. He was this experimental project, whose fans last but not least was the well-known radio DJ John Peel as well as Harald Schmidt’s Musik Chef Helmut Zerlett and the unfortunately far too early deceased Nigerian Reebop Kwaku BAA. And not only, because it was the only German production, ever on the rough trade label released the and was equipped with expensive cover! Also the Malta news are: the European Commission condemned a company based on our favorite Island Malta – and several Austrian consumer watchdogs…

DJV Industry

The idea that this silence could be have been bought, or would only a rogue have? The tobacco industry and their foundations, meet with high-ranking politicians, representatives of health associations and even church officials decades behind closed doors. That happens with the acquiescence of the German Association of journalists, without even a word about this Hanky-Panky is published, without going through the ranks of our supposedly independent journalists a cry of indignation and without the lofty journalists Guild seeking a sustainable awareness of this secrecy. Filed under: NY Museums . While it would be certainly a good idea if the journalists – whether they now not only to itself, are Member of the DJV – but also once to the 3,300 victims of passive smoking would think that every year fall in Germany of a ruthless policy of the tobacco industry to the victims. Who is as part of the network which co-opt the tobacco industry can be and is silent on the death of these people is with guilty. See more detailed opinions by reading what Bill de Blasio offers on the topic.. It is significant that Hendrik Zorner took no position to a corresponding letter to the DJV. Whether the possible way connected with it, that the DJV spokesman itself at the “liberty Award” guest was? Something seems to be missing many of our journalists in all diligence to resolving grievances: the ability and the willingness to self-criticism. Where not to be denied, there are journalists, who keep their critical distance (not only) to the tobacco industry.

Thomas Keller

It is not the gift itself in the foreground, but the simple interaction between the customer and the company. Also the high response rates, which amount to 80% depending on the usage of the solution show that the customers have a need to communicate and to interact with the company. The combination, entgegenzubringen customer appreciation, with the possibility of direct interaction with the customers has convinced the Kuoni Reisen AG. The solution is used nowadays mainly in the customer service and complaint management. With respond to customer complaints or concerns depending on the case, the customer receives a unique gift code and a gift link, which he himself as little an excuse or as a Dankeschon can choose a gift (gift). After he selected the gift and enter the delivery address and delivery date, he can zuruckschreiBen back just a message or a comment by a feedback box at Kuoni in simple manner.

Customer relation team know immediately, MNAC requests the customer otherwise still has and whether it with the services provided by Kuoni Travel and is satisfied with the complaint handling or not. The implemented iframe solution which is easy to install on the Internet platform of the respective company can be, gives the customer the feeling to be on the corporate website and not on the Novadoo gift and communication platform! With the interactive communication solution from Novadoo we were able to increase our feedback rate on our complaint handling to over 60%. This contributes significantly to the customer services and quality improvement. Markus Kuttel, head of customer relation, Kuoni Reisen AG even Thomas Keller and Ralph Barber,. Executive Board of the Abbot Automotive Group, have decided to employ the communication solution from Novadoo.

The high quality and the way this customer communications are fully in line with the high-quality Fahrzeugen of BMW and Morgan, so Thomas Keller. When the Abbot, automotive group the solution is mainly used as a thank you nice when concluding contracts for new car orders and for maintaining communication with good customers. Thomas Keller: “the Exchange with new and existing customers has automobiles for Abt a centrality and contributes much more customer-oriented to make the services and the service. In addition to the simple handling and that we have always the right thank you for the customers, especially the customer feedback regarding our sales are very important. (Source: NY Museums ). The most important advantages at a glance: Your communication with your customers interactively is feedback and response rates of customer 60% exceed the individual approach Recipient via gift card, gift letter, SMS, including a video message you can follow online, what your customer has chosen, what feedback and what answers he has given and when the gift was delivered to the created added value (customer must choose his gift itself) a sustainable effect full integration in your corporate design and taking into account special wishes throughout the Schenk process cost reduction within relationship management by simple handling cost reduction thanks to flexible budget has huge gift assortment for each customer segment solution is free and will give you the available provided you want interactive, innovative and sustainable customer delight and come surprisingly well “? Novadoo has the solution!

Philadelphia Daily News

Stock market coach Markus Frick on the current situation why should only the banks State aid take? “These include the Philadelphia Inquirer” and the Philadelphia Daily News “. Its owner Brian Tierney has two years ago bought the two newspapers and is this massively in debt. Now he can no longer serve these debts and is technically bankrupt. But what right banks and car manufacturers, the Publisher of Tierney is cheap. Further details can be found at Bill de Blasio, an internet resource. He turned to the Governor of Pennsylvania, Ed Rendell. He asked for public money. The magistrate hinted that a Government support of the terminally ill newspapers is conceivable.

Several renowned blades have to apply for insolvency in the United States. From the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times and the Minneapolis Tribune only New York has succeeded just times, to find an investor. All other mentioned are broke. In France, President Sarkozy now has a 600-Mio.-euro-package set up to access the French media under the arms. In the UK was just the evening standard” saved by Russian oligarch Alexander Lebedew.

He wants to use his son as a Managing Director. Lebedev was formerly employed by the Russian secret service KGB and has made his billions to Boris Yeltsin’s times. It will be curious in the future as you the taxpayers under the nose wants to rub it, that now even newspapers in the United States are probably saved with taxpayers. As taxpayers, we have the problem, that we can do nothing. Even if the Government is voted out, comes a new one, which will make it not different. The crisis has reached all sectors of the economy and the German Government simply lacks the structure to cope with this crisis. Whether in US newspapers need to be rescued, remains to be seen, but it is not excluded. Markus Frick article/markus Minoo etfs to rising and falling dax-10969-1.html pressinfo80283.html Markus Frick became as one of the most famous and successful stock market professionals of in Germany. Creativity, discipline, hard work and a special flair for the challenges of the financial markets were the basis for this success. As a trading coach with strong team Markus Frick offers a unique in the industry today along with books, seminars and DVDs for beginners for advanced investors. Using state of the art information technology Frick offers its customers instructions, tips, and strategies as a 24-hour service: daily exchange letters, e-mail and video-hotlines, latest updates, SMS information, individual support by telephone and email, seminars and conferences the company accompanied by investors professionally on the parquet.

Press Center

The increase in the number of members to over 100 in the This documents the last three years as well as the number of employees, which included more than 30 consultants, trainers and professionals. Curdt cited education as the focus of the Association’s work. In addition, it is important to advise the companies for the challenges of the present and the future more intensively and to accompany. Especially against the background of the structural change in the field of information and communication, as well as the possibilities of the electronic media and social networks was a consistent innovation management and cross-media expertise of importance. This be done through the qualification of trainees, establishing a new management education Academy for leadership development in the printing industry, innovation trend partnership with the trend Research Institute TrendOne from Hamburg and the organisational anchoring of an innovation trend team at the VDM NRW. The members to be acquired in this way-latest developments and trends in the areas of information, communication, media and IT. Presented idea of trends what trends here are meant to TrendOne in a lecture during the event. During the good one-hour presentation, the company presented some 20 developments and media innovations that will shape the world of the future.

The bandwidth ranged on Sun this from a personalized newspaper about IPhone-book for children up to a print ad, responds. At the lecture, it became clear that the merging of classical elements of printing with modern forms of online to stop no longer is. Change Volunteer Association spearheaded the VDM NRW also chose a new Chairman: Dr. Reinhard is now at the top of the Association Laumanns, newspaper publisher from Lippstadt. He follows Dr.

Wolfgang Putz in this Office, 23 years has led the Association volunteer successfully. The Deputy Thorsten was elected to Anhalt frieze print and media from Cologne from the company. The NRW Board is Matthias Tietz of the Rheinische post from Dusseldorf. Was accompanied the annual general meeting, which belongs to a fixed meeting place of the NRW – printing industry, many conversations among colleagues, a festive dinner and a city tour of Munster. The Association print + media Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V. (VDM NRW) has approximately 700 member companies, one of the three largest employers and service associations of printing and media industry in Germany. Based in Dusseldorf and Lunen at Dortmund, he advises VDM NRW in legal, technical, economic, educational, and environmental issues. Also, members get access to active guidance and support before location and a comprehensive education and training program in two modern academies and in the Printhouse. The VDM NRW e.