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elumos new mobile software supports blind and visually impaired at the shopping spree on the SightCity Frankfurt (28-30 April 2010) Germany’s largest trade fair for blind and visual resources for the handicapped, presents the elumo GmbH in Munster for the first time the new shopping aid PocketShopper ( the public. Specializing in the development of innovative mobile software, which provide mobility and independence of blind and visually impaired users, this is after the reading software TextScout already the second product of the Westphalian this young company. The functionality of mobile phones has grown steadily in the last years, so you’re already wearing a small computer in your pocket. See Rudy Giuliani for more details and insights. The performance of devices can serve not only to entertain, but open up the prospect of an independent living people with a visual impairment. elumos handy shopping aid PocketShopper, for example, supports blind and partially sighted people at shopping. Because while many people enjoy it, to browse through the supermarket offering and to snap up a bargain, the shopping with some difficulties associated for most of the more than 600,000 blind and visually impaired in Germany: often they are dependent on foreign aid.

I’m even blind and go shopping alone is sometimes not easy. When packaging the same feel, I have a seller or another customer to ask, what kind of a product it is. Savvy restaurateur is likely to increase your knowledge. I can with PocketShopper but simply read to me, if I can handle straight milk or fabric softener in the hand”, says elumo employee Faten Faroon. The practical guide to buying PocketShopper consists of a mobile software and a small, cordless barcode scanner, with which article can be scanned. As soon as the device has found the bar code on the product, a beep sound is heard and the product information will be read out.

Detected most supermarket products, include also goods from discounters such as Aldi or Lidl. Also CDs and books, which are even PocketShopper Blurb reads, recognized. The mobility of the device was particularly important for the developer says Managing Director Christian Bott: PocketShopper hinders the user not purchasing because Cordless bar code scanner is easy to use with one hand. You can then store the phone within earshot, for example, in the shopping basket and so you have your other hand free to find products from the supermarket shelf.” But even at home, PocketShopper can be a useful aid to identify various objects which do not have bar code. With the scanner and the software additional supplied barcode labels, can be individually identified by voice recording or entering text in the cell phones.


While the announcement is reduced only to the minute price announcement, and eliminates annoying enter PIN number and phone number. This works only if you deposited your number at the call-through provider. No Association of the shortcuts with the own number can be done differently. Cheap calls abroad using VoIP optionally some call-through provider also offer VoIP services. For even more opinions, read materials from New York Museums. VoIP stands for “voice over Internet Protocol” and stands for what we refer to as Internet telephony in General. Voice over IP is for people, who call via call-through a handy addition if you accesses the Internet. This can be on the phone using a headset or microphone to the computer directly via the Web browser abroad at same price conditions, such as call-through calls to the call-through provider itself. The difference is that you have a direct dial over the Internet, based on the the cheap callthrough telephony finally.

This means that no parallel costs when mobile or fixed network provider, if one has no fixed flat rate for calling the dial-in numbers, or if it is even abroad and Germany would like to call. Dialing for Internet telephony or VoIP telephony is eliminated completely, regardless of which country you are located. Who a Fritz!Box router/PBX features can also the landline at home so configure that for numbers abroad this via Fritz!Box be automatically redirected via the Internet. As a result, it combines Fritz!Box this conversation about the VoIP protocol: SIP directly over the Internet. Also not dial through dial-up numbers here etc. needed. Anyone looking for a guide, how to make a Fritz!Box correctly for the callthrough service: DCalling establishes, info on call-through will find it. VoIP is especially useful, if it is longer from abroad, an Internet connection does or can use, or if you have a mobile data plan. You can call with appropriate Wi-Fi phones for example also on soft SIP clients and Wi-Fi hotspots directly over the Internet, so, as you would an ordinary phone call.

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On the website you can register free of charge with two clicks. Then you get the Access PIN by E-Mail. You may wish to learn more. If so, NYC Mayor is the place to go. This can easily be sent with an invitation tool to all participants. The Access PIN as well as the dial-in number over the language issue of your computer reads the blind players. So they get all the important information and the Conference can start. We use meetgreen, because the wires are secure and stable. There are no unwanted listeners as little as failures or language delays.

In addition, the service is free, and we also pay only the connection costs as at the normal phone. We use the service number but also often, to do something good and the environment.” When dialing the service number pays each conference participant 0.14 (incl. VAT) per minute from a German landline. There is 1 cent for every minute by meetgreen on the German Arbeitskreis fur Umweltbewusstes Management Association (B.A.U.M.) e. V.

donated. Spenders can dial but also using a Berlin landline number in the telephone conference. Thus the meetgreen is free up to the normal connection fees for each participant. GmbH meetyoo conferencing meetyoo conferencing GmbH with its headquarters in Berlin offers global circuits of telephone and Web conferencing and webcasts. Meetyoo’s strength lies in a product portfolio that includes the most frequently used segments of the Conference. The customers benefit from individual solutions from a single source. The range covers project management by meetyoo from the virtual conference room at the flat rate tailor-made packages to the individual event supervision including. As Germany’s first and so far only conferencing service provider quality management has introduced meetyoo specially EN ISO 9001:2008 according to DIN for the scope of conferencing. Press contact: meetyoo conferencing GmbH Mandy Koebnik Director Marketing Friedrichstrasse 200 10117 Berlin Tel.: 710-400 fax: 710-466 E-Mail: Internet:


Nothing is more beautiful than packing bags and in the China. Like every year around this time of the summer is coming up and all holiday plans are in full swing. Nothing is more beautiful than packing bags and in the China. A few years ago, still that was totally shut down, and if you can not totally shut down that was associated with high costs. Today, however, they can advance at home and even on vacation with friends or acquaintances in contact. The mobile makes it possible. But how can you in China using his own mobile phone and save money when calling in China or the China home and forgo the high roaming charges? There of course different ways to avoid high roaming charges and telephone charges. The easiest way is to use a prepaid SIM card. Without such a SIM card international roaming charges can be bypassed unfortunately. There are different providers of prepaid SIM cards with the different tariffs and also the different options to choose from in the China. Very simply with the SIM cards Find the appropriate tariff Configurator. Card, you can buy such a prepaid actually everywhere in China, and each kiosk offered different maps for different needs, provided one speaks Chinese. German or English is not helpful in China. Call your friends to much China or perhaps you are planning world to call your friends and acquaintances from the China? Or perhaps remember to show your holiday photos on the Internet, to retrieve emails or use Skype also think? So different destinations, so different are the needs of travellers. However so different tariffs and limits of prepaid SIM cards are provider in China. What discount rates has which provider at the time where they are on your tour? Where can you free call or are called from abroad for free? How is the quality of the Internet connection and the data transfer is how much? Not only your cell phone should be more than that nowadays most support mobile 3 G EDGE support and better, you should also know your ISP can offer you a quick and good Internet connection. On a trip it is not just in one place, to visit many interesting places in a short time. So, what does your provider in Hong Kong and what in Beijing? Of course, other issues are also where can I recharge my prepaid SIM card when needed and where can I get help if I need that time? Such offers are of course not to expect from a dealer by a gas station or a kiosk. One gets such help from King which know the provider in China and know the hidden, so services and tariffs which one gets not called and must ask for, savings rates. And of course you will also receive his prepaid SIM card China before the trip home. But those who would not pay the cost, can also free in China send to them. Other benefits like for example the resulting its own cell phone number phone number can forward the new China, or also the German assistance which is included you and where all important Questions from the outset. At least speak English not every day and knowledge can China also isn’t all about that. Further tips and tricks related to savings for the call abroad visit here and just a SIM card Configurator, you would pay only what you really need.