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In hot weather conditions and the existence of dangerous infectious diseases (hepatitis, cholera, smallpox, malaria, plague, typhoid, etc.). Paicas in some Asian, African and Latin American countries need to focus attention strictly to sanitary-hygienic measures of prevention. Many writers such as Rudy Giuliani offer more in-depth analysis. Imperatively recommend washing fruits and vegetables with antibacterial soap, use water, milk and juice only corked bottles or boiling in other cases. Besides this, there is a danger of contagion by difirentes exotic parasites and consequently their life can become a real nightmare, and sometimes lead to death. For those who wish to know more detail about these beasts is recommended to watch the BBC documentary serial names horrible: “Parasites -2” and “Know, how strongly can be eaten.” 7.

You need to have in mind that in many Muslim countries the rules of conduct are determined by Islamic law, which strictly regulate the reciprocal relations between men and women, forbidding the use of alcohol, shared bathroom for men and women in the cisterns, especially the naturalism (bathing and swimming in the sea or in other wells in the nude look). Know that naturism allowed only in some Paice. For example in Cuba to the person who bathes in the sea completely naked stop the police. 8. It is worthwhile to choose the clothes for the trip also consistent with the rules accepted in the state. If there are in force Islamic traditions, it is desirable to make it rigorous wardrobe. In many Eastern countries women are forbidden to appear on the garment open.

Blu-Ray Drive

The first production in Ukraine, blu-ray drive will be launched in Kyiv. Company Snyghai Energy Culture Entertainment with “Ltd.-Edition” forge the first domestic production of blu-ray discs under the brand name TirZ. The plant will be deployed at the plant Lenin’s smithy. Production capacity will allow to produce up to 500,000 discs per month. For the production of optical storage media in various formats (CDDVD CD-RDVD-R CD-RWDVD-RWBLU-RAY) will be used injection molding machines for Bluline II BD50 production of Blu-Ray discs, Spaceline II E for the production of a DVD 5, DVD 9 and DVD 10 in a more economical operation than Spaceline II HD, with the possibility of switching to the format of High Density DVD (HD DVD) Production of the first Letter of blu-ray drive is scheduled for autumn 2009. Prices will considerably lower than foreign counterparts, presumably wholesale drives will be through the online stores of the same name: Judging from the photos design of the new drives can be very patriotic. Technical characteristics of the format blu-ray: the disk can store 25 gigabytes of information, which is 5 times larger than a normal DVD. These discs are ideal for screens with high resolution and 7.1-channel sound surround.

The name of the disc derives from the 405-nanometer blue laser that is used to read and write data. Moreover, providers movies on DVD are able to create programs with parallel video streams, ie the viewer with this technology may share the view same scene with a choice of DVD camera angle for viewing scenes of the movie, because one and the same scenes were shot at different angles of the camera. Because of this, the same film can be viewed, for example, with scenes of violence or without them, and the plot of the same film can vary bizarre way. And almost all of this we have not seen on sale! Maximum that we got this picture of better quality and audio format 5.1. Another stage of evolution of disks is format Blu-ray, no doubt he still has great potential, but is it worth to hurry with the transition to blu-ray and acquires again a little more expensive devices to read this format, based on previous experience of acquaintance with potential size, and the final product. Above all, the functionality of Blu-ray extended, which ultimately leads to senseless buying existing readers, they quickly cease to be relevant, for example first Blu-ray-players do not support the format of networking opportunities. Login / Username: Yah00 Password / Password: 123qqq321 30 accounts at: livejournal.com blogger.com nameblog.