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Corner Traction Control

From its original introduction at the beginning of the decade that the Volvo S60 has managed to conquer the heart of certain part of the American consumer. Now everything indicates that the Swedish mark, which soon will be under the control of automotive the Chinese Geely, would again manage to captivate with new and attractive S60 2011, one of the safest cars of the market, in spite of it you will have to contract a good one of automobile surely. The familiar version of the S60 with that shares platform and outer aspect emphasizes by its back inner door of 1,1 meters in width. The advantages of this rural relative are inside the same since it counts on back seats 40/20/40 and the one of the companion does in flat form. The new Volvo S60 is a classic saloon car of four doors whose design has been inspired by coups, with shorter projections and smaller fall of the ceiling to give more importance to the space in the cockpit.

Probably what it draws attention more is frontal sharpened his flanked by extended lights and defenses of very sport design. The level of equipment located in the central console counts on system of entertainment with screen of 7, equipment of audio Premium of 5130W. In the matter of security it tells on active systems of protection against pedestrians and shocks low speed, system Pedestrian Detection that is in charge to emit an alert in display of the windshield when a pedestrian in the way detects. This system activates when Km/h is circulated below the 35 and stops to the car in case the conductor does not do it in time. In the case that the speed is superior to the mentioned one the vehicle will not pause in complete form but its speed will fall. Another one of the security systems that incorporate the Volvo V60 is City Safety, it is an assistant of pre-collision against another car that works until the 30 Km/h and tries to stop the car if the conductor does not do it in time. The system Corner Traction Control acts in the curves restraining the bogie and deriving more force to the opposite wheel.

CB will arrive at the market with a rank from motors between the 163 from D3 2,0 Diesel engine until the 304 CB from new T6 3,0 and from 6 cylinders in line. Throughout its first year of commercialization range will complete with motors of entrance like the 1,6 D diesel DRIVe of 115 CB and the 1,6 of gasoline with 150 CB. The prestacional motor of all, T6 3,0 will offer an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.5 a second and 250 terminal velocity of km/h (autolimitados). Whereas most saving, the 1,6 D DRIVe will emphasize by its austerity in the consumptions, with a cost of 4,3 litros/100 km and 115 CO2 emissions of g/km. All the motors are available with change automatic manual or of six speeds, except the 1,6 D DRIVe that will solely offer with change manual. The D5 of 204 CB also could be equipped with traction to the four wheels, whereas it includes it to the T6 of series. It is clear that Volvo is working to give to its catalogue of models a modern and youthful image. In any case the Scandinavian mark continues centering its efforts in offering security levels superiors to the present average.

Soccer Training

A allied evil is the ego in these cases so that it frightens the idea to us that they say of which is failing and that shame can with us so that it only brings about anguish to us to think that one is not going to be around the circumstances and this in the sport land occurs continuously. If we took like reference to the soccer players exists certain thoughts that we would call irrationals that accompany to them before a party and that they would have to replace by others more positives to avoid that sensation of failure. Before the party: Example To : a soccer player wants to realise a great party so that the trainer is satisfied with his yield, otherwise thinks that if its game has not been sufficiently good, it is not going to return to play of titling the next party. Thought +: the soccer player thinks about playing the party as well as possible and if they leave the things badly to him always will return to have another opportunity to return to play of titling and certainly the things will leave better to him. After the party: Example B .

the soccer player thinks that it must of have trained better before playing the party, thinks that it has made the ridiculous situation, is lamented of to have made an effort little in the training and culprit of the defeat of his equipment feels. Thought +: Voy to work more and better in the training to be to top in the next party, that it I can make far better and as much the victories as the defeats are a work of all the equipment. It stops to finish, I would like to say that it is very important when bad results take place or are committed errors that always judge the facts with coldness and that they are tried to eliminate absolutist terms and drastic that usually occur in the sport as expressions of this are a party to life or death or never we will return to have another opportunity, that only serves to add to a dose of extra pressure that does not benefit in anything.