Palmer Puppies

Beginners often make the mistake of thinking that buying a dog with a pedigree, they acquire a future 'star' exhibitions. Their understands frustration, they are outraged to the depths, when the ring turns out that their dog does not meet exhibition standards of the breed. But this does not mean that the breeder has deceived them. The fact that they sold a full, healthy dog, designed just for the home, rather than breeding stock of high class, with this and the price of them took a more moderate. Joan Palmer Puppies for exhibitions are carefully selected. Under most conditions NY Museums would agree.

Keep in mind that New York as an exhibitor – is different from a puppy for the house, firstly, the larger size. With equal constitute the criteria of victory in the exhibition, such as the right bite and body, beautiful head, the quality and structure of wool, such a dog looks more advantageous in the ring than competitors with less weight. In this regard, the puppy to show a better buy at the age of 6-7 months, after the change of teeth. If at 3 months of age, there is a greater or lesser exhibition run, then at 6 months, the puppy show career already sufficiently defined anatomical and external features. Secondly, this exhibition features a puppy temperament and long-term training.

Before taking part in the exhibition, you have to teach your puppy the right way themselves, to stand in a rack, move gracefully around the ring (as a rule, stand in the puppy start to work from 2 months) and this is only part of preparation for a future exhibition. And finally, thirdly, the price of a dog, usually higher than a dog for the house. Just go to an exhibition or a win – this is a big difference. Good genetics – that's fine, but not enough to win. The victory in the exhibition, it forces spent on training and multiplied by time. This is a huge, without literally work like a dog and its owner. This is a special makeup, combing, curl-papers and ribbons (top notes) and much more! In conclusion, I can only add that the puppy, who was lucky to find this owner, who loves him, cares for them and take care of his health, perhaps even happier than the winner of the most prestigious exhibitions! Weighing all, think, because the puppy home, you many things: to run on the grass without fear of lose precious wool, and he does not have long to stand and wait until the owner turns the curl-papers, and at any time to chew your favorite bone, not caring that can ruin a mustache. In any case, the choice is always for you. When you copy paper rights reserved.

Russian Black Terrier

Prince-Elisha – a Black Russian Terrier who weighs 70 kg., And, standing on its hind legs, can look at his boss down. He lives in Dobrich, and we can say is our full-fledged member of: his, dear readers, you seen at the celebration of Valentine's Day, this is it – a permanent person for all events and promotions organized by our company. There are two versions of the origin of breed Russian Black Terrier. On one of them – The breed has been bred in military kennel "Red Star" in the mid 40's for the protection of prisons and camps. And, indeed, the Black Terrier – an excellent keeper. It is perfectly dresiruetsya has a quiet steady temperament. The only problem is the same: black terrier – a dog of one owner.

And this master he chooses for himself. Prince is no exception. Despite the fact that Tatiana (a specialist in advertising and public relations our company) feeds it heals cuts and washes, its owner said Kniazha wife Tatiana – Gregory, who obeys without question and very bored if "dad" for a long time no home. Prince was not only a party to various festivals and events, but the cause of many curious things. From Moscow to Sofia Kniazha his master rode on the train. The road was long, and at stations Gregory deduced your pet on the street (according to different canine cases). In Bucharest, the train was supposed to stand for forty minutes, and our heroes calmly went for a walk.