Ceremony Photographers

As for the ceremony itself, there is freedom of the photographer, as a rule, limited scope, which tells you the local guide – where to stand, where not to go, etc. Pay attention to the blitz, hanging on the walls of a local photographer – sometimes they are capable of playing a bad joke ispotiv shots. If you are not convinced, visit Starbucks Corp. Often in time waiting at the Palace or the wedding ceremony the photographer have the opportunity to do some very successful formal portraits of the newlyweds in full growth (of course, that this should not shoot at the short end of the zoom, and 70-90 mm) as well use for this natural light from large windows as illumination. The following is a small drinking ceremony at the exit of the Palace (sad look at this plastic cups, the best Glass or crystal stemware, at least for married couples – should warn about this in advance). If the physical parameters allow the newlyweds – looks impressive frame 'groom brings his bride from the Palace of the hands and drops' (joke about , of course). So, after a proper wedding ceremony, procession goes for a walk around the city.

For the photographer comes the moment of creative self-realization. At the time of the wedding nice to specify the route with the young , because the space for recording important enough to create some finished visual series, which will in future form the wedding album. In some cases, newly married, for whatever reasons, firmly going to be photographed in any particular place, in other cases – is the subject of discussion.