The Reformation Intima

They are: the pride, the egoism, the fear, the anger and the sadness, only citing the negatives. depending on the behavior or feeling that we adopt during the life, this determines the psicopatologia that we present and the cure alone comes, when changes this ‘ ‘ our skill of ser’ ‘ , improving our character, we make ours ‘ ‘ The Reformation Intima’ ‘. We will speak of the main moral vices, therefore most difficult to be fought they are the egoism and the pride, but also we will speak in this chapter of the fear, of the anger and sadness. Egoism the egoism is the root of all males moral that they exist in the man, source of all its shunting lines and vices of behavior and root cause of its negative trends of all order. Glaser alleges that to be egoistic it is to scrumble itself in the individual, to think emsi more than what it thinks about the others, is these, of that relationships will be. The simplicity of definition of the egoism is so singela how much to the difficulty that intelligences human beings have to understand it. It is enough to look at exactly for itself in first place, to act above all in proper benefit, to come back the interests toward the epicenter of its ‘ ‘ eu’ ‘ everything will be guiding around egosmo.12 12 Glaser, pg 19, 1999 the egoism is the base of all the imperfections of the human being. It represents the elementary principle of all sentimental, emotional and psychological illness.

It is source of males that they hug the humanity. Of it drift all badly. Kardec, in question 917 of the Book of the Espritos inquires to the espritos: ‘ ‘ Which the way to come to ruin the egoism? ‘ ‘ – being answered that ‘ ‘ Of all the imperfections human beings, the egoism is most difficult of desenraizar itself because drift of the influence of the substance, influence of that the man, still very next to its origin, could not free – and for whose entertainment everything concurs: its laws, its social organization, its education.

Kekule Dream

This birth – the creative action, that's why dream interpretation – the art, should be and is required creative effort. See, no wonder the famous chemist Kekule, after much agonizing thought was the formula of benzene in a dream. And the best Tartini sonata was played to him in these things the Devil. Every person is able to interpret dreams, because all cue man is capable of creativity. All people – the creators, since we created in the image and likeness of God, about whom we know from the Scriptures the only one that he was the Creator. Another thing that we must try to get used to thinking on dreams and develop their intuition in terms of selection of dreams and the main features in the dream.

A short practice will allow it to do. And in that day, when suddenly born the first interpretation selected sleep – you lot will be opened. Because the very least, not to mention the big, creative words can not describe creativity can only get to know personally, it is revealed to man. When you become a major recall their dreams, and ponder over them, by the above rules, you will easily associate your faithful interpretation of the second later in life. On the example of these past dreams is easier to start and give birth to the first interpretation. After this it will go smoothly. Try it! It is pertinent here to repeat once again that those who sees dreams rarely or never, as some argue, in fact they simply do not remember.

Dreams are dreams to all and every night. When you will interpret dreams, your dreams will begin to dream more often. Just as different people, their characters, lives and dreams at everyone. Render, if you take and take in a book all dreams of one person and another, then these books will be different dreams. Starting interpret dreams, you'll soon notice that you develop your own values in the dream book, and some values in the Dream vary. Say, the stones – this place, difficulties, obstacles (see this dream interpretation), but for one man rocks were – sudbinskimi, heavy, difficult to achieve, the tests. Because the dream of the man who defined much of his future reap included a scene in which he raised the stones (the hardships, the difficulties of life), and, raising a hands, then putting in the right arm, pushing the stone, as if competing with the kernel. Then the stone, which pushed my right hand (hands – the fate of the right hand – practical fate), the difficulty and oppression into a result, accomplishment. Not because we say about a time to gather stones and a time to scatter stones by the prophet Ekleziasta. After a while your dream book will become a well-tuned instrument – your personal, designed to interpret just your regular bedtime. As soon as you interpret dreams (their own and others), the number will again increase, and their contents vary. I think it is necessary to give her short farewell speech, how to behave in dreams it is important for many reasons. One of these reasons due to the fact that getting something in a dream, I repeat, we are always enriched by waking up in unexpected ways.