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Rome City

Rome was once the caput mundi or world city and now does honor to its name with an architecture and a few incredible tourist attractions. Monuments and ancient buildings which are scattered throughout the city at all times remember the magnitude of what was the Roman Empire ever. Italy is famous for culinary variety and Rome is certainly a demonstration of the good table, in Rome there are excellent restaurants to choose the Italian traditional food. A travel guide is the best ally to organize his agenda during the stay in Rome, among the places you can not miss is the famous Colosseum, the forums, the bathrooms, they last ended in the third century and came to meet up to 1,600 bathers at the same time. To travel to Rome willingness is required to see the monuments and places that marked the history of the Western world, the Museum of Palazzo Venezia, for example, offers paintings and tapestries of the treasures of the past Cesar. During holidays or special occasions are made Special exhibitions, with parts of other famous museums in the world. Rome is also famous for its plazas and outdoor parks, Parco Appio Claudio is a beautiful place in the city to relax after a busy day of sightseeing or shopping in the city centre. Most likely, find street performances, providing a spectacle for visitors.