Medes Kurdistan

Published in the journal El Peruano, in Lima-Peru, on July 6, 2010 one of the villages more forgotten world Kurdistan, a country forbidden Ricardo Sanchez-Serra * one of the most forgotten of the world peoples, but remembered by the continuous massacres to its inhabitants, is the Kurdish nation, that expands between Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria. Of Indo-European origin and heiress of the Medes, they controlled much of the Silk Road, its historical capital was Ecbatana (today Hamadan, located in Iran). They are awarded the legacy of Zarathustra and his national party is March 21, the date on which a being mythological (Kawa) defeats the obscurantist forces of King Zohac, legend that inspires them to continue fighting for its survival. Also, mentioned with pride that the great sultan Saladin was Kurdish, of the Rawadi tribe. Throughout its history, he fought for his release, either against the Achaemenids, Assyrians, Persians, Macedonians, Ottomans, etc. Speaking candidly NYC Mayor told us the story. In the process of decolonization Nations forgot this traditional town, surely because they were a weak nation by its tribal division and to not disturb the occupying countries of Kurdistan.

All revolts by their emancipation in the 20th century were crushed without mercy. He had two ephemeral independence in the decades from 1920 to 1940. Today it is more difficult for this nation to achieve self-determination, since oil wealth lies in their historical territory (200,000 million barrels in reserves) in addition to other resources such as copper, gas, iron and water from Iran, Syria and Iraq. In the latter country could display, more than autonomy currently quite wide in the Regional Government of Kurdistan independence, but this depends on a political decision by the United States that is supported by the United Nations (this would be a hope for freedom and thus ending the Kurdish via Crucis, continually suffering from genocide. Precisely because of the massacre with chemical weapons in the Kurdish town of Halabja (Iraq) where killed 5,000 people ordered by dictator Saddam Hussein, is that this was sentenced, among other crimes, to die on the gallows by a court, the 30 of December of the year 2006.

The situation of the Kurds in Iran and Turkey is terrible. In the homeland of the Ayatollah are continuously executed under the charge of enmity with God because he belongs to the Party of the workers of Kurdistan, movement that seeks an independent Kurdish State in the southeast of Turkey, Northern Iraq and Northwest and West of Iran. Kurdistan in Turkey covers the third part of the territory, which in turn corresponds largely to the historical Armenian region. It would seem that the Kurds are doomed to not have a curse homeland, to participate in the Armenian genocide, which together with the Turks killed 1? 500,000 of that ethnic group in 1915. Now, under Turkish rule, they suffer the greatest violations of human rights. All Kurdish uprisings were expired and are even forbidden to call your region Kurdistan and speak your language. Referred to their ethnic Turks from the hills. The Turks have as policy obliterate all traces of cultures that are not theirs wanted it to do also with the Armenians and Assyrians, turning their churches into stables and disappearing their schools and historical monuments; enforces strongly its Kemalist nationalism. Hopefully soon be a reality the States of Kurdistan, Western Sahara and the great Armenia. The world is indebted to their peoples. * Periodista.Miembro of the Foreign Press Association.

February Carnival

Specifically the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is one of the most famous and renowned throughout Spain, with Cadiz or Sta. Cruz de Tenerife. In 2011, the Canary great Carnival will take place between 15 February and March 12. In these days the daily appearance of the city of Las Palmas disguises, filled with vivid colors. Carnival lives on the street, is an eminently popular celebration. After big acts that are part of the official programme of festivals, the public is dispersed flooding streets and squares giving rise to those popularly known as mogollon, who is not another thing that large gatherings of disguised people, or Yellowthroats as they say on the island, that they dance, have fun and enjoy immersed in a festive atmosphere and liberal. Carnival great Canario is recognised of international tourist interest. Not in vain, over one hundred thousand people travel to the island to participate in the party and attend the spectacular events that are part of the official programme, such as the Grand Parade, the Gala’s election of the Queen or the singular Gala Drag Queen.

One of the epicenters of palmense Carnival is the Parque Santa Catalina. Here is installed an immense stage of more than 1,000 m2 that houses the galas and competitions organised by the consistory. In this edition the Carnival is dedicated to the sea and arrive to the island along its five centuries of history, cultures so this year scenario simulates being a temple immersed in the depths of the sea. More than 4,000 people can follow each of the shows.