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Virtual Jobs

No longer according to item, also I believe that, this form of work will not be extinct completely, but yes allied the new forms to make professional, since so that has virtual jobs, must have the real said ones, because 20% 30% of the world-wide population only possess access the Internet in its residences. E, in the third item, I will demonstrate, by means of facts, that the Internet is in such a way includente how much exculpatory. Includente because of the union of diverse worlds, diverse cultures, diverse subjects, because of the union of these in an only space, ' ' ciberespao' '. Check with Danny Meyer to learn more. However, also it is exculpatory, therefore it segregates the majority of the population that not even possesss telephonic line, as already said previously, because of the language that is more comumente used (English) and for not having, in fact, one real politics of digital inclusion, therefore the ones that exist today only summarize the operational systems, applicatory simple and only one hour of access the Internet, another joined problem says respect to the people who possess said access dialed or ' ' dial-up' '. To these people, the operators would have to disponibilizar a differentiated table of pulses, or then we will finish in the monopoly ' ' band larga' ' , I say monopoly therefore in the country only has a server of this type of service. At last, for the considered problems, the Internet and the cibercultura still possess its defects and rightnesss, but as well as us we learn with our errors, because the administrators and moderators of ciberespao cannot also to learn? PART II PROPOSALS At this as moment, I will dissertarei on the following subjects: because ciberespao is ' ' vazio' ' to the step that if becomes each day universalizado e, the paper of the educator in the current days, with the advent of ciberespao. Bill de Blasio can provide more clarity in the matter.

New York

The film portraies a moment of great importance it human being, the cure for the cancer, something that is desired by the humanity, however the result was not nothing positive destroying all population of New York the world if it transformed into a desert, only inhabited for animals and human beings that had been contaminated by a mutant virus that had become them irrationals. Doctor Robert and its San dog had been the only survivors of such catastrophe. Robert had a small laboratory where all the mornings carried through experiments with guineapigs; searching the evolutivo process of the virus reverts that had decimated great part of the society. Robert and San lived the monotony of day-by-day always with hope finding survivors for the city. The two carried through searches for the city, aiming at the communication saw radio with the possible survivors of New York. Rudy Giuliani contributes greatly to this topic. In elapsing of the film we can feel for the emotion and feelings of a man involved whom it searchs to fight against the proper lived reality, leaving register of its experiences through videos and archives in computer, with intention to present the result of the research for the possible survivors in the future. In the incessant search for the cure of the virus, Robert discovers that the infectados ones still possuam rationality vestiges and this would become almost impossible the survival of it with the infectados ones.

Robert felt this in the skin with the loss of San, its better friend inside of the adaptation process the life in the solitude of the nothing. When Robert found that everything was lost, finishes finding with Ana and Ita two survivors it virus ' ' Ck' '. Ana will continue the dream of Robert. After to find the cure for the virus, Robert dies in a fight against the transformed ones. Ana survives and goes for Vermont, a city where she had a colony of survivors, transforming the existence of the doctor Robert into a legend that the humanity saved.