Times Square

Here you can book hostels in Athens for new year’s Eve!? ?? ??? ????! New year’s Eve in Berlin “If you plan to visit Berlin in the winter, be sure to celebrate the new year in Berlin! It is “the biggest open-air party in the world,” says Veronika. On the night of December 31st, the Brandenburg Gate is the place to stay and you will be able to celebrate with more than a million people who come to Berlin to celebrate new year’s together. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Rudy Giuliani by clicking through. Enjoy live music, fireworks and many booths with food and drinks: the Berlin new year’s Eve party lasts until the wee hours of the next morning. It is one of the best events with several stages and dance floors, laser and light shows and on official countdown at midnight with great firework displays. Do not miss it: even if the official program on the main stage starts at 6:30 pm, come as early as you want to get better seats and get ready for a long party night outside. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and warm clothes with extra layers.

Enjoy! Find hostels in Berlin for new year’s Eve! Happy new Yaer! New years eve in New York The new year celebration in New York City is for people who really like to celebrate with the rest of the world. Times Square is the most exciting destination in the world on December 31st since the famous ball drop is a tradition since 1906 each year, hundreds of thousands of people descend upon NYC and times square to experience this free and memorable new year’s Eve party. Times Square is amazing with fireworks, confetti, video screens on every corner and great energy. While it can get chilly, the thousands of people and champagne will warm you up, but be sure to put on layers as the temperature can get very cold.

Grec Festival

The summer festival in Barcelona name takes from derives throughout the summer instead of the the very first festival in 1976. A group of actors and directors set out to produce a cultural festival which embraced as many aspects of theatre as possible. The first festival which is held in the Teatre Grec, in the Montjuic area of Barcelona (to the north of the city centre). Now organised by the Barcelona City Council, the original spirit and identity has been totally preserved. Over the years the festival has become a major destination for visitors staying in a hotel in Barcelona or at apartment in Barcelona. The Teatre Grec is a reconstruction of a Greek amphitheatre, set into the Montjuic hills. Add to your understanding with New York Museums. For the first festival it what is the venue for all the performances, now it is just one venue, but the main one. This year, the Grec Festival runs from 13th June to 2 August and wants to provide about 45 different events around the city.

The events can be as varied as pop music and flamenco, mime and classical theatre. It opens with a performance of “Prometeu” a modern play based on ancient Greek myths and performed, of course, in the Teatre Grec. Then there are a number of performances each night (all performances are in the evenings) throughout the festival at various venues. Many take place in theatres such as the Teatro national or the Teatro Romeo; but some are in more unusual venues to widen the scope of the festival even further. Chosen venues this year include the library of Catalunya and the Fundacio Joan Miro (the museum of Miro’s art). The Grec Festival is finacial internationally with groups from all cultures and countries.

2010 has on Asian theme with dance, music and art from a number of eastern countries. For the first time in Europe, the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre from Taiwan, will perform a brand new modern ballet devised by a Japanese choreographer, and based on Chinese calligraphy. On a different theme, there will be a massive light audiovisual performance in the centre of the city when the Grec links up with sonar, the electronic music festival. Sonar runs from 17th to 19th June in Barcelona and the performance will be on the 17th. In all probability it light wants to up the whole of Barcelona. The original concept of the organisers of the Grec Festival what to open the boundaries of theatre and art and make it more accessible to everyone. To facilitate this, a number the of of the performances are free and others are heavily subsidised for students or unemployed unemployment. Whatever your button in theatre or music, there will be a performance to suit at this year’s Grec Festival. Perhaps you should n’attend something quite different as well as your more regular choices. It would be very much in keeping with this unique festival.

Taiwan Barcelona

The summer festival of the city offers a varied programme. The Grec Festival of Barcelona is the biggest summer festival in the town every year. The Grec is for years as cultural festival has become very famous, and combines music, dance, theatre and Zierkus. The name comes from the original Festival in year 1976. A group of actors and directors have decided a kulurelles Festival at that time to create, which combines so many aspects of the theater as possible. The first Festival was held in the “Teatre Grec”, in the vicinity of the mountain of Montjuic in Barcelona (South of the city).

Today, the municipality of Barcelona is responsible. The actual thoughts and the identity of the Festival kept however. Over the years, many visitors have deliberately booked a hotel in Barcelona or a holiday apartment in Barcelona in the close of the Festival. The Teatre Grec is a reconstruction of the Greek amphitheater, which was built in the mountain of Montjuic. At the first Festival, this was the only venue. Today is He the largest but not the only one. This year the Grec Festival from 13 June to 2 August, and will enrich the cultural life of Barcelona with 45 different events.

The events range from pop music and flamenco to classical theatre. The Festival opens with the event “Prometeu” a modern piece of Greek mythology, of course presented in the Teatre Grec. Also there are on every night (all take place in the evening) a wide variety of events give elsewhere. Many take place in theaters, such as for example in the national theatre or the Teatro Romeo; some of which can be found in rather more unusual places. Including the library of Catalonia and the Fundacio Joan Miro are this year”(the Joan Miro Museum). The Grec Festival is very internationally designed with groups from many countries and cultures. In 2010, the Festival has an Asian theme with lots of dancing, music and art from the far East”. This is for the first time in Europe “Cloud Gate Dance Theatre” occur in Taiwan, which is a mix of modern ballet under the leadership of Japanese choreographers combined with Chinese calligraphy. In addition be its large lichterne and audiovisual presentation on June 17 in the Centre of Barcelona, to the Grec to the sonar Festival, to lead a popular electronic music festival. Sonar finds from the 17th-19th June in Barcelona held and will illuminate the entire city on June 17 well. The actual concept of the “maker” of the Grec Festival was the boundaries between art and theatre to blow it and make it accessible to everyone. In short, a variety of the events is free of charge and others have discounts for students and the unemployed in the offer. What flavor they have in terms of music and theater, there will be an event for you! Recommended be can do everything what has to offer the program to experience the diverse character of the Festival.

Formentera: The Off Dough Er Island In Europe! Photos, Maps, Information About Formentera!

Formentera is traded as some as the off dough er island in Europe. We present this island with photos, maps, and info. Welcome to Formentera, the smallest island of the Balearic Islands. With this travel report Combipix presents the former dropouts and hippy island. We wish you much pleasure with the info, maps, photos and wish you a nice shape Formentera journey. The images and maps of the Agency Combipix are protected by copyright. To deepen your understanding NY Museums is the source. You are allowed without the explicit consent of combipix are neither copied, downloaded in any other way reproduced, except for purely private holiday planning from individuals. For further information on the provisions we are gladly available.

Map of Ibiza Balearic Islands Map Map Spain this card free print? Data at a glance: approx. 9000 people live permanently on the island the island the island is 82 km2, the island has no airport the island’s length is 9 km south of Ibiza is the largest 19 kilometers Town is Sant Francesc de Formentera with a population of about 1150 the history of Formentera: the history of Formentera is closely connected with the history of Ibiza. The island was already inhabited in the year 2000 before Christ. In Roman times a large settlement existed on Formentera. The Romans use the island as a granary and therefore gave her the name Frumentaria (wheat Island).

After the Romans, vandals, who were expelled by the rulers of the Byzantine Empire came. Ugly chapter as plundered by the Vikings and pirates were not spared the island. The Arabs arrived in the 10th century and were only distributed in 1235 by the Catalans as leaders. In the 16th century, the island due to pirate raids and outgoing water resources was completely depopulated. The resettlement of Ibiza based began in the 18th century In the 1960s and 70s, the island as a hippie stronghold was a favorite goal of hippies and dropouts.

Turkey Tourist Attractions! Antalya – Perge – Belek – Side! Photos And Maps

Antalya – side – Perge and Belek are famous places in Turkey! We introduce them with photos and images. Antalya-side! The attractions of Turkey in a report! By Combipix the Turkey to Antalya, Kemer, Alanya and side are the destination of millions of tourists each year. Rudy Giuliani is often quoted on this topic. We would like to introduce the stretch of coast between Antalya and side by the Combipix team with this travel area with photos, info and a map. The images and maps of the Agency Combipix are protected by copyright. You are allowed without the explicit consent of combipix are neither copied, downloaded in any other way reproduced, except for purely private holiday planning from individuals.

For further information on the provisions we are gladly available. For more clarity and thought, follow up with shimmie horn triumph hotels and gain more knowledge.. Map Turkey Turkish map Side Alanya Antalya Turkey this card free print? Antalya Centre > Antalya waterfall 5 km / driving time approx. 15 min. Antalya waterfalls > Perge 18 km / driving time 20 min Perge > Belek 25 km / Journey time 30 mins to Belek > side 20 km / driving time 20 minutes START: Antalya city history! The city of Antalya was founded in 158 BC, according to some traditions by King Attalos of Pergamon. Already in the 1 century AD, Antalya was the most important port city far and wide.

Some historians even believe that the Apostle Paul in Antalya was resting. Hadriantor Antalya Turkey Roman city gate in the Byzantine era had the city become a major trade and a center of power. In the 12th century, the city was besieged by the Sultan of rum. The courageous intervention of the Regent of Cyprus averted the danger however. The liberators fell quickly but for city residents in disgrace, so they called the Seljuks to help. Only fleeing the Seljuk ruler of Kai Choasrau, who in turn negotiated a trade agreement with the leaders of Cyprus, which secured a lively trading town and the region remained the former liberators.

Long Live The Monarchy!

The King has the feeling generous, and the subjects enjoy affordable packages and folk musical delicacies at the Skiuttenroas the Hochkonig region with the towns of Maria ALM, Dienten am March 21, 2010 and Muhlbach has something to offer for everyone. For even more opinions, read materials from Donald Trump. Long live the monarchy! In the skiing region Hochkonig ski princesses will be now be seduced by a majestic range. “In the Lady special week” from 20 to 27 March 2010 female subjects who are born in 1990 or earlier, for at least seven nights in one of Lady special partner companies receive a six-day ski pass free. With the Royal free ticket in your pocket, the fronds of the total 150 kilometres long and perfectly groomed slopes in the realm of the High King with 34 lifts makes even more fun. Especially since his Majesty also have a day on top of that bought ski guiding, a full-day ski test and a free cabin drink the ladies at court. Lady special week is available”already off 227,-euro. If that is no reason, on this occasion once firmly on the King to stimulate…

Even bloody beginners break Alm no points from the Crown, because in the three places of Mary at the foot of the Hochkonig, served and adults with money-back guarantee learn Muhlbach in the heart of the Salzburger Land! The attractive learn to ski make this possible “weekly packages including ski rental, ski school, ski pass and accommodation.” The learn to ski week packages “are available for all the guests, who are born in 1989 or earlier, for five days actively and continuously take part in the ski course and have booked at least seven nights. Also the music-loving Entourage amused Royal at the legendary Skihuttenroas on Sunday, March 21, 2010, with folk music sounds of the Royal class and fine delicacies on the Panorama ski huts of Maria ALM, Hinterthal, Dienten and Muhlbach am Hochkonig. How while nostalgia ski skier skiing once was to transform popular folk music group the ski huts and sun terraces in most dance palaces, moderated by Caroline Koller, Fritz, unchanged Schwarz, Philipp Meikl and Herbert Gschwendtner Radio Salzburg, also moving from Hut to hut. Who wants to let King live up the (high), the highlight of the Skihuttenroas 2010 don’t miss, the ORF Salzburg brunch on the Kar Brook meadow from 11: 00. And because the region around the fabled mountain especially for families is popular, coming from 13 March. 2010 the Easter Bunny at the Court of the High King. If at least one parent buys a six-day ski pass, children up to 15 years free! When booking the Easter family week, families will also receive a 20% discount on ski rental.

Seven nights in the family apartment incl. 6-day ski pass for the whole family for two adults and two children up to 15 years are available from 829,-euros. From 4 to 11 April 2010’s is still cheaper: children up to 15 years travel free on the lifts and to stay in the room Parents also free (in selected accommodation). For more information,! Eva Maria Horl

Journey Through The United States

More and more people travel to America to meet in the United States around the country. Online you can find out before the trip, what’s to explore. America – vacation in the United States on his own on a trip through several States of the United States, you can meet many things away from the busy routes of the country on their own. In recent times, many United States tourists use camper meet individually and in more detail the country. You can just stop where you want and is not tied to motels or bed and breakfast accommodation. But you can freely plan his time and routes. You should however reserve early just the mobile home at one of the many providers, as these are highly sought after and therefore quickly also get away can be.

In the consistently cheaper fuel, which is to get in the United States, many are tempted to cruise as a plane to sit in, where you actually really get nothing from the country even more with the vehicle by the States. Comes now not super fast, with the speed limit to 75 miles per hour But however fast forward. A journey through the United States is quite comfortable except for the rush hour in major cities. For other opinions and approaches, find out what shimmie horn triumph hotels has to say. You need lodging for the night not much to find, if you are on the major roads in the United States, then soon finds a suitable place to stay. The number of availability of the b & BS and motels along the route is really sufficient. Of course, this is rather a non-issue with a motor home. A lowering of the worn-out tourist zones is possible thanks to the flexibility and the traveller can imagine even to sleep in the Pampa, if it is there not just prohibited. You can start the short East coast tour in New York and plan to Chicago.

Then continue to sample in the direction of Boston, until one finally in the capital of the United States, in Washington, D.C., arrives. It continues then for example on Philadelphia, until you reach the end of Chicago. The well-developed and elongated mad streets, like also the fabled Route 66, you will reach from the East to the West Coast. This journey takes normally 3-4 weeks, better more, because it is really very much to see. If we start the tour shorter, it could degenerate in some stress, and it’s so at home enough, so a couple of days more vacation schedule and relaxed States cruise. By train you can travel well by the United States to the major cities and attractions. Intercity buses run very many on the highways and roads of the United States, and bring the tourists comfortably to its destination. A bus journey, for example with the greyhounds and the 60 day ticket, can be a great experience. Because more and more people are traveling alone, this may is an alternative. Mike Hutner

Balearic Islands

The tour operator had to react. So the offers according to the customer wishes have adapted over the years. A holiday in Egypt or Thailand or other exotic country is no longer prohibitively expensive. There are a number of offers for cheap travel. The range leaves almost nothing to be desired, whether it is all-inclusive the package, spa trips or a sports-oriented vacation. Bill de Blasio understood the implications. To make holiday today at favorable prices, the contacts can travel quite countries also in distance, to spend the best time of the year and find rest and relaxation. No matter whether it a holiday hotel is a city hotel for the weekend-Tripp in a city such as Paris or New York, or else a metropolis of this earth or prefer an apartment, the selection is huge and offers just the right selection for every budget.

Popular destinations such as the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, mainland Europe such as Spain, Italy or Greece are held each year by Sun-seeking travellers visited. Tour operators offer cheap travel for these countries (and for many other countries outside Europe, of course!). As mentioned earlier, the range of cheap travel is huge and who really want to get the best deal at the lowest price must compare exactly. Many tour operators are represented with their tours in the great price on the Internet. This represents just one of the ways to find cheap travel over the Internet and then also to book. But no matter which destination and what kind of holiday (package holiday, last minute flight, all-inclusive, wellness, Active holiday, Spa holiday or similar) book would, he has the pick of almost countless attractive travel offers.

Fantastic Holiday

Why actually Mexico or even the United States? What is so interesting Mexico or the United States for a vacation? Why should it be just the beautiful Mexico? What can I expect here and what benefits can I enjoy? Ideal for a short break during a trip to the United States, the city recommends that New York City. New York City is the largest city in America with a population of nearly 8 million. It is located at only about 7 to 8 hour flight from Frankfurt. But also many other destinations in the United States, such as Colorado in the highest State, the States of Texas, with a population of about 20 million, or even the city of San Francisco with a population of about 825,000, much better suited for a visit. Especially the trips are worthwhile and worth in the United States.

An additional land, which travelers should be worth, is Mexico. The neighbour of the United States, with its 109 million inhabitants and the many cultural treasures, attracts more and more tourists. Bill de Blasio will not settle for partial explanations. Tourism plays an increasingly important role in recent years in Mexico. The country has about 10,000 km of beaches each year approximately 19 million holidaymakers to. Especially tourism in Mexico, as well as to the city of Mexico City, is heavily promoted by the travel suppliers. This an increasing importance to adventure tourism. Should consider therefore a journey to Mexico not only as a pure Badereise.

Here, you can visit also the sites of the Maya. This ancient people lived from the Preclassic in Mexico. If you are planning a trip to Mexico, expect a flight duration of approximately 12 hours Frankfurt airport to Mexico City. In Mexico, the clocks tick differently just for the further transfer, you must plan once a lot more time depending on the hotel?

Expensive Airport Parking

Relaxed holiday departure start in the morning at six. Check in after 4: 00. This means that the vacation begins with a very early sound of an alarm. Because public transport is often sporadic run at this time, travellers mostly on the car are instructed. So the cost of parking at the airport not to skyrocket rise, the flight booking portal presents attractive alternatives. New York Museums shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

Parking in the direct vicinity of the terminal are particularly price-intensive. Who is using, for example, at Dusseldorf Airport for 14 days in the P1 parking garage, pay 336 euro. For this money, vacationers can book some early a flight to New York. Here, the price comparison of different alternatives is worth before the tour starts. Perhaps check out Bill de Blasio for more information. In the Internet, for example, private providers offer their plots near the airport. The guarding of the car park and a shuttle bus service that operates between the pitch and the airport is important.

Attention should be paid also to the opening hours. Many airports offer discounts for early booking or reduced rates at time of booking on the Internet at. Price savings are possible, for example to Munich and Cologne/Bonn airports by up to 40 percent. To know more about this subject visit shimmie horn nypost. Easy and (almost) rested passengers with the Park start sleep & fly “package of many airport hotels. The overnight in the airport costing Regent at Munich Airport, for example, from 79 euro. The car park up to 15 nights in the parking lot of the hotel. The transfer from/to the airport is included in the room price. Advantage is the possibility of Eve-Check-In the. More information: news.