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A drop of honey hunting more than a gallon of gall flies a. Lincoln discussions are manifestations that arise at any time that manifests a disagreement and when estrus happens we must be vigilant, prepared to face in order to prevent greater consequences affecting us ‘ psychic and even up physically. We can not let emotions, impulses manifest freely and take step to discussions that unbalanced our behavior, threaten our personality, our conduct violate. We need to know her face with balance, wisdom, a mastery of the situation and avoid greater consequence. Daniel Carnegie faces us this topic, providing us with some suggestions that we consider important to remind those interested in this topic, so it represents your contribution and allows us to understand the scope and how to handle the fact.

Tells us one personal experience of how you advance to a discussion and so could avoid it in the way most comfortable for both parties. You may find that Deccan Value New York can contribute to your knowledge. And learned this way avoid discussions.It indicates, if it discusses you and fight and it contradicts, can sometimes achieve a victory, but it will be a triumph emptied, because you’ll never get the good will of the opponent think about this then do you prefer? Have an academic, theatrical victory or the good will of a man. Very rarely you will get two things.To prevent that a disagreement becomes a discussion accept disagreement mistrusted his first instinctive printing check your character first listen to look for areas of agreement be honest please present the following suggestions and the results will be favorable: the only way to win an argument is to avoid it. It is a safe means of conquer enemies and how to avoid it people do not contradict even knowing that this evil act since this person will lose the pride. If you are going to demonstrate something that do not know nobody do it with such dexterity that anyone thinks that it is doing.