Tamara Exhibitions

After the liberation to Copenhagen, and shortly after they traveled to Paris, where are installed and birth of his daughter, Kizette; in this initial period in Paris is when Tamara undertakes a formal education in painting, studying under the guidance of Maurice Denis and Andre Lothe. Despite the vicissitudes of life Tamara maintains an economic status, reinforced by the sale of his first paintings, allows a fairly loose train of life (that would be the sign of his life) and that will allow you to perform numerous trips around Europe in the company of high society in contrast with its intimate bonding with the Paris bohemia, by that time of great characters that would make history in many fields such as Cocteau and Picasso. With its style clearly defined and framed in Art Deco in the 1920s, participates in exhibitions that open the doors of the world, so to speak, attaining spaces of dissemination for if same and his work in magazines as Harper completo Bazaar. In this decade large events occur in his life: he moved one season to Italy where in addition to presenting his works in exhibitions maintains relations with the playwright Gabrielle D’ announcement that although hard just three short years will leave deep emotional brands; also in these years you will achieve an important recognition by winning notable awards and recognitions in Bordeaux and in Poznan in addition to concretize his divorce from Tadeus in 1928. In the following years consolidates its position as an artist producing their most notable paintings, among them self-portrait at the wheel of a green Bugatti which will provide you with recognition, (in addition to numerous commissions), as a portraitist. In 1933 he married the Baron Raoul Kuffner, who is also his greatest collector and art dealer. Avizorando hard times that predicted the nazi threat moved to United States in 1939 where addition of mingle with the more select society and great artists film at his residence in Beverly Hills, made successful exhibitions in New York and San Francisco, his daughter, Kizette meets with them at this time and shortly later she marries an American geologist.