Your adventurous spirit may be asking you to visit New York, arrive with luggage and start to walk the city in search of a place to stay, a place that you catch. But the situation is not as positive as you can imagine. New York has more than 70,000 enough hotel rooms to accommodate an entire city, and every day is growing even more. Common and normal days, hotel occupancy level is 90%, at peak times (like the spring, Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays), that level is probably of 105%. So unless you want to take the work stay in New Jersey (cheaper, but farther away) in some motel, the best is do homework and thoroughly investigate where going to stop when you get to NYC: before the trip. Source: Danny Meyer.

First than anything, choose a neighborhood that is appropriate for the intentions of your trip (vacation, shopping, business, art) and then find lodgings in that area in particular within your budget, if possible. Find cheap hotels in New York is not so impossible as they imagine sometimes. Usually just places around more expensive, are the so-called hotels boutique, where you will be much closer of the street life of New York, and where you will receive very good service with a pleasant climate. If this does not convince you, always remain as an option the hostels and bed and breakfasts. There you will find from rooms small motel until departments of an environment that are placed to your needs some even (as its name suggests) offer breakfast, and even lunch included. For those who have no problems in spending much money in hotels, it is good to keep in mind that opting for a good hotel with a good janitor, is like having a very good friend in the city: janitors know everything, and can help you to move in the city, giving you valuable information and making you gain time.

From plays recommended to restaurants where to go with your girlfriend. Remember: before leaving on trip to New York, ten already decided where to stay. It is nothing advisable to wander through the city with your luggage, looking for where stay. not only because it is not healthy for you, but you’ll be so overwhelmed by the number of options, which is very likely to end up staying in the worst possible place. By: Mia New York guide Killa.