The Honor Of The Honorary Workers

The popular expression: It breathes because the air is free, it remembers to us that there is at least a so essential good that does not have to be received. Also it is in game the apparently limitless abundance, his use without no added value, something that does not happen to the water that it has to be made drinkable and to be taken until the homes. The air is a natural good that uses in unrestricted form all the aerobic beings. My question is: since until most prudent of the mortals it owns important levels of narcissism, will exist psychologists who do not receive by their work because they have the fantasy of which its service is so essential and gratuitous as the air? Also I compare to the psychologists free with the very beautiful people who free of charge walk by the street lavishing the fascinating landscape of their personal aspect, without receiving for being cautious. In an unfolding of modesty and generosity worthy to be ovacionado, they lavish his natural dowries like psychologists, free of charge, since any reasonable human being would make who recognizes with humility that its beauty (or wisdom) is a gift that it received gracefully from the nature, that does not belong to him and that must be lavished like a sun putting. Clinically, who work free of charge are timid or recognize that its work is not worth anything (that does not have price? that is despicable). Nevertheless, to assume that weakness would be too painful. It is there where these other fantasies arise (the one of the air and the one of the natural beauty) that, in a less conscientious level they allow them to elaborate a tranquilizing justification. Original author and source of the article.