The New Children

“Who stole the coconut” welcomes you and ensures a good mood – with famous laughter and fun songs whether at home, in the car or in school and kindergarten! A CD full of laughter and fun songs, in which all can just sing along! Loose, casual and fun they arise, the old camp fire and school trip hits the new CD who has stolen the coconut, as Margit Sarholz and Werner Meier have refreshed naughty they shooting star style with Groovy arrangements and some new verses. The funny part of many excellent musicians like mulo Francel by Quadro Nuevo are again ‘ or Martina Eccles, the successful violinist and film music composer. And last but not least by the perky star of children as natural and naughty coming through the speakers, that it is believed to be in the Middle this CD spread all-round good humour and a laugh that is contagious. A listening pleasure and sing-along fun for kids & co! (Release date: 09.09.2009) Andrea Kretzschmar/shooting star Publisher.