The Orchids – Queens Of Houseplants

Overview of characteristics and origin of the world’s most beautiful houseplant. The orchids are the most beautiful and most privileged house plants today. Why is this so? What makes the Orchid so special? Therefore, a brief overview of the origin and characteristics of the Orchid and what makes them so special. Orchids characteristics and structure the imaginary roots of orchids are the Scion. With these roots, the plant absorbs not only water and nutrients, but it serves as a holding institution.

Orchids are usually traubenformige inflorescences in a variety of shapes and colors. There are usually two mirror-like flower halves. You have a single flower organ. The pollen grains are concentrated together to pollinia. Pollinium is a sticky Pollenmasse that a glue allows the pollen package at the bee, which carries it further, remain. Orchids can grow on other plants, on the Earth, rocks and stones. About half of the tropical grow types on trees without harming them. Due to their be able to handle physiological characteristics also drought and nutrient deficiency.

Origin and species of orchids can be found in virtually all climatic zones of the Earth. Extreme dry region or Antarctic Island, the plants are superbly adapted to their habitat. The small orchid is common in southern Germany. The perennial, herbaceous plant belongs to the family of orchids. The most beautiful representatives of orchids can be found in the tropics. Most of them are so-called “on seat plants” (epiphytes). To get enough light in the rain forest, they grow on trees. Epiphytes are not parasites. With their roots, they get the food out of the water and the air. The popular House plant the exotic flower shape and numerous color variations make the Orchid one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. The most popular are the orchids from the rain forest. You are usually not care more intense than other houseplants. Since the mass breeding distribution of the plant steadily in Asia and the Netherlands, and the prices are affordable. Pour the orchids with rainwater in the temperature of the respective location. The East and West side of window works well, because the plant is there not the midday sun. Once developed a new blade or drive, the time to fertilize is reached. Repot the plant in the spring or early autumn. Advisor Please consult more information about orchids, visit the orchid. There you will find further information and guidelines how to care of orchids, buying advice, as well as explanations of typical diseases and their treatment. Welcome to the world of orchids.