The Paradox Of Job Coaching

Today is May and festive 1U: we celebrate Labor Day. Normally the festivities on the calendar come to a santificara (religious or secular) to individuals, institutions or events of great relevance and significance for the whole community, keeping them annually in their historical memory. No doubt the job is. But ypor trachea ?. Yes, And why?. yes The desired a good work? or yse is more of a necessity imposed?.

In my view, if the job required was a good one to play the lottery. We would all like to live without the requirement of having to work for a living so we can devote our time to what we liked, including the Work, if we really liked. That is, the job has always exercised partede as a condition of that man’s freedom with regard to use and enjoy your time, that only can be achieved by buying it with money and to get it to work on. And hence no salimas The Work, such as we now understand, is not inherent or intrinsic to human beings. Work rather, is a cyclical event in the young history of humanity and the consequence of the current state of the gradual process of development of man on earth: so now we need to live we have to produce and until we get (we’ll get but do not know when) to a level of development that allows the machines do almost everything, we we follow the block. yAlguien imagine our society in the year 3000 where people pick oranges, fix cars or do we fill in the income statement?.

AMay painful expectation of development!. Idiosyncratic culture that in every era, has described the people is so powerful that you change to the minds of its members, less possibility of analysis and reflection. Admitting that the Work is a right is to turn to a reality rather positions it as a duty. The rights to exercise them or not will, but on the Duties we have no capacity choice. We want something (work) that, when we have it, we hate it and when we lose, I yearn for. year there are more Paradox!. Friends, we must work, it is true, then we have no other remedy, which does not mean that the job (well managed rationally and emotionally in our lives) can be a source of satisfaction and personal enrichment (and not just material), as I convincingly argued elsewhere in this blog.