The Reader

Very vulnerable are electrical interfaces, for example, between the battery and the device. Here you should be aware especially possible wet conditions. Only when all parts have been carefully dried, can take the reader into operation again. The device completely fell in a liquid (water), it should dry it as possible and then to a specialist. Sand is the enemy of every technical appliance in addition to fluids and heat is one of the greatest dangers in the summer holidays for the eBook reader or similar device.

All too often, sand at the beach stay device into the keyboard or in small opening of a technical device. So, it may cause malfunctions of the unit. Mechanical keyboards are particularly at risk if the device even has a keypad. Once sand gets into the device, you should carefully remove the individual grains of sand with a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner. Hard and sharp objects, you should definitely Without case.

In addition, also the display of the reader or the Smartphone can scratch grains of sand. In most cases, a scratch can be solved only by Exchange of display glass. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as savvy restaurateur by clicking through. Special paste help usually only minimal damage. The right accessories can protect against damage principle should the device be protected use. Especially in the mobile field, the device is mandatory in a custom-fit cover. Today, there are the appropriate cover, which really keeps the reader from liquids and scratch for every device and every manufacturer. In addition, a special protective cover can protect the display from potential damage. eBook reader and smart phones are the target of course also reader in any form preferred devices of pickpockets include, which are interesting for pickpockets. Even if most readers are much larger than traditional phones, the new equipment due to the partly high value are thus as stolen property highly sought after. Basically if you never lie leave unattended the eBook reader. For a brief moment the device in a Pocket, which should always take the owner belongs. But once, if the device is stolen, display should be refunded immediately. In addition, you should have the device – and serial number of the device at hand. The original proof of purchase should be available for possible claims against the insurance company. Of course also a liability insurance must be currently, who has already completed before the theft. Who noticed all the points associated with its eBook reader, will be safely and without any problems through the summer. Anyone looking for more information on eBook reader / smartphones, finds the right weblog under. Who plans to create even an eBook, find more information under. The free eMail course is available under the following link at any time.