Thomas Keller

It is not the gift itself in the foreground, but the simple interaction between the customer and the company. Also the high response rates, which amount to 80% depending on the usage of the solution show that the customers have a need to communicate and to interact with the company. The combination, entgegenzubringen customer appreciation, with the possibility of direct interaction with the customers has convinced the Kuoni Reisen AG. The solution is used nowadays mainly in the customer service and complaint management. With respond to customer complaints or concerns depending on the case, the customer receives a unique gift code and a gift link, which he himself as little an excuse or as a Dankeschon can choose a gift (gift). After he selected the gift and enter the delivery address and delivery date, he can zuruckschreiBen back just a message or a comment by a feedback box at Kuoni in simple manner.

Customer relation team know immediately, MNAC requests the customer otherwise still has and whether it with the services provided by Kuoni Travel and is satisfied with the complaint handling or not. The implemented iframe solution which is easy to install on the Internet platform of the respective company can be, gives the customer the feeling to be on the corporate website and not on the Novadoo gift and communication platform! With the interactive communication solution from Novadoo we were able to increase our feedback rate on our complaint handling to over 60%. This contributes significantly to the customer services and quality improvement. Markus Kuttel, head of customer relation, Kuoni Reisen AG even Thomas Keller and Ralph Barber,. Executive Board of the Abbot Automotive Group, have decided to employ the communication solution from Novadoo.

The high quality and the way this customer communications are fully in line with the high-quality Fahrzeugen of BMW and Morgan, so Thomas Keller. When the Abbot, automotive group the solution is mainly used as a thank you nice when concluding contracts for new car orders and for maintaining communication with good customers. Thomas Keller: “the Exchange with new and existing customers has automobiles for Abt a centrality and contributes much more customer-oriented to make the services and the service. In addition to the simple handling and that we have always the right thank you for the customers, especially the customer feedback regarding our sales are very important. (Source: NY Museums ). The most important advantages at a glance: Your communication with your customers interactively is feedback and response rates of customer 60% exceed the individual approach Recipient via gift card, gift letter, SMS, including a video message you can follow online, what your customer has chosen, what feedback and what answers he has given and when the gift was delivered to the created added value (customer must choose his gift itself) a sustainable effect full integration in your corporate design and taking into account special wishes throughout the Schenk process cost reduction within relationship management by simple handling cost reduction thanks to flexible budget has huge gift assortment for each customer segment solution is free and will give you the available provided you want interactive, innovative and sustainable customer delight and come surprisingly well “? Novadoo has the solution!