Tony Buzan

Images are known to quickly connect with other like-minded, so part of the power of the mind map is its ability to generate visual connections and retain new ideas with the visual hemisphere of the brain. We can also add in a few words, a mind map is a way to balance the ideas with pictures, numbers, … and many other things. It should be borne in mind also that the mind mapping or mind map is a strategy developed by psychologist Tony Buzan in the early 70s. This technique allows us to enter the realms of our mind in a more creative, their effect is immediate: it helps organize projects in a few minutes, stimulates creativity, overcomes the obstacles of writing and offers an effective method for the production and exchange of ideas. In the course of time, education has found viable alternatives based on the student construction of knowledge, ie already seen the process that generates a single mental structures that stimulus-response. Take into account that the mental maps stimulate expression in all its facets, stir the imagination, develop the capacity for synthesis and analysis and contribute even better time management.

Mind maps are a method to capture on paper the natural process of thought. The drafting of these are used both brain hemispheres, the left hemisphere is used for logical thinking and find information material and the right hemisphere is used for the pictorial representation of mental maps. With the passage of time, the demands of modern life (dynamic, competitive and full of information), have led to society seek new models, techniques and systems to acquire knowledge in an effective and efficient.