True Christianity Becomes Strong And Falls Church Religion

Today I read in a national newspaper an interesting article titled: “Atheists are strong.” And I felt sad to think of the millions of people worldwide have been disenchanted with the church and with his God and ended up becoming atheists, agnostics or persons simply disenchanted. How guilty is the church of the remoteness of the men of God! Although all seed is collected sooner or later. It is quite common to relate almost inextricably apostasy atheism, when in fact you can be apostate and unbeliever. It seems a contradiction, but is only part of the mark to fire the church has left us, the ex-Catholics. I am also convinced Christian apostate. Some years ago I discovered that what he has done the church with the teachings of Jesus is a real mockery and ridicule, this does not mean that the simple teachings of the greatest pacifist, are ridiculous, quite the opposite in their teaching may be the key to live free, happy and full. I speak the Sermon on the Mount of Jesus of Nazareth, the same as the church has often described as utopian, it is not, because now more people are directed to a life according to the Sermon on the Mount, they like others at different times, are Christians originating.

Yes Original Christian is back on Earth. Yet they, the rich and powerful full bellies are not willing to sacrifice anything for the sake of equality or fraternity. For it is better to say that the Sermon on the Mount is impossible to meet.