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The feminists had entered in conflict with Thompson in virtue of the form with that it sees the sales of wives, therefore for such feminists, such sales were really an act of violence against the woman. Thompson not renega suffering eventually suffered by the women in such situations, relates but it to the conditions of that time, marked for the domination of the man on the woman, with the applicability of these proceitos in the laws and the Church. This practical indicates proper ethics on the part of the diligent classroom proto-industrial; it is a culture of independent segment of the norms of the State that starts to reprehend severely these sales of wives 1830 after. The legal divorce was consecrated only to the aristocracy. The women, however, had inside of these practical cultural marked by the machismo an active paper and its situation was if becoming more independent concomitantly the asceno of the industrial society. Finally, in chapter 8, intitled Rough Music, Thompson it locks up this wonderful book. Rough music was one practical cultural one that aimed at the public demoralization of the infractors of the ethical peasant. For in such a way, one used of songs and boasted defamatory verses nominys with great howl for the streets directed to the infractor or infralog of the values peasants, either the man who beat, or apanhava, of the woman or the woman who traa its husband or was fofoqueira.

Such practical is witnessed between centuries XVII and XIX and can have medieval origin; the penalties are applied in virtue of the infraction of the pautados ethical codes in patriarcais and machistas values of the time. Rough music could occur for ethical infractions in the public or private life, having a proximity between the two. The society daily pay-industrial prezava the patriarcais values and on account made proper justice for the maintenance of the order just street. Aventa Thompson to the possibility of a bigger masculine aggression in reason of the increasing mobility of the woman in reason of the changes in the world of the work. However, she is necessary to leave clearly that paternalism aims at the domain of the man on the woman and does not legitimize the beating, for the opposite, the function of paternalism was exactly to protect the woman for the authority of the man. In this process, the women were not so passive, therefore proper actions possuam, what it characterized a paternalism in part. With the advent of the industrialismo, the work force uses forms of rough music for new infractions of internal codes as the pierce-strikes, passive workers to the exploration of the more-value, among others. These movements had evolved for a new form of planning, as the ludismo and had crossed the Atlantic, adaptando themselves it local forms of the United States and Canad.Em its essence, rough music consisted of a form to legislate economically independent of the hegemonic classroom, the fact to take an infractor of moral code of coasts on of a donkey is a form to perceive the legal application of a penalty for the breaking of a custom, as the commotions made in the streets with defamatory songs against a woman adulteress they are equally proposals as loaded of social codes and not as mere practical a behind one of social agents without culture.