United States Department

Because this minority rebel and rich is also racist, as it can be deduced from as that news media related publishing without blushing. As wrote the Professor of the Autonomous University of Mexico, Guillermo Almeyra, it is clear that behind the economic power of the separatists of the provinces of the Crescent is also of Washington, the landowners and cultivators of soybean Argentines and Brazilians and the businesses oil foreign who prefer to negotiate the price of oil and gas with their allies of the rich minority. Suspicions that the long hand of the United States Department of State were behind the revolt were made by President Morales to expel the Ambassador of that country, Philip Goldberg, who say goodbye to seemed to threaten to tell Morales to make a serious mistake to expel him, because that decision could have serious effects in many forms. Anti-American paranoia? No, but we can not remember very documented cases of the Chile of Allende, Joao Goulart of Brazil, and recently Venezuela and its failed coup against President Chavez, between others. Conflicts in which smelled the stench of some intelligence agency preceding local sables noise. But this time intervened Unasur (Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela), which has not tolerated the breakdown of democracy in Bolivia and nothing to compromise its territorial integrity.

Unasur has supported seamless Evo Morales and, for the first time in Latin American history, provided a way out without the intervention of United States. If the Bolivians do not achieve a fair value for their country’s natural wealth, their prospects are bleak. The world should celebrate that Bolivia has a democratically elected ruler who tries to represent the interests of the poor in their homeland. It’s a historic moment. Words of the Nobel economics prize American Joseph Stiglitz, that we cannot but share. Xavier Cano Tamayo journalist and writer original author and source of the article..