Valencian Community

Valencia. Spanish students who come to the city of Valencia not only want to learn the language but also our customs, holidays, ways of life, etc. That is why when a days have already passed in the city of Valencia and begins to hear talk of the festivals of peoples will not stop wonder that events will be held so that all people do not want to miss them. During the months of July and August, Spanish students have made amount of extracurricular excursions to villages of the Valencian Community to learn about life in the village, the festivities in the village and what more has struck them: els Bous Carrer or bulls down the street. All Spanish students knew about the bullfighting tradition there is in Spain, but none of them knew as traditional holidays which are repeated every year and make that the peoples of the community overflow of visitors. September was not going to be less and many Spanish students were to parties of Alaquas, a village located 7 kilometres of Valencia.

The motivations of students who come to study Spanish differ from each other, why the Spanish schools offer various courses to a more specific area or more specific. For this reason, it is not surprising that two students from Costa de Valencia, Spanish School, betrothed to go to this festival with other students of Spanish. One of them has done a literature course and the other is fond of Spanish gastronomy, what all have in common? Well, the student of the course of literature became interested in the costumbrista literature of Spain and focused on the culinary customs, while the other student, a great chef in your floor, wanted to know how to cook a real paella valenciana. Willing both to do this, they pointed to a trip that opened them the vision of the traditional Valencian cuisine. When Spanish students arrived at Alaquas everything was fun, the spectacle of the bulls, the crowd that had been on the street, music could be heard everywhere but the best moment came with the contest of paellas, two students mentioned above with other Spanish students were arranged to make a Valencian paella, when ended it, had passed the maximum realization time and why they could not enter in competition, but all are confident that if they had been entered in the competition, had won it because two hours didn’t have any grain of rice. Although the contest ended, the feast in Alaquas had not finished, then to the paella contest, Spanish students enjoyed a refreshing swim in the public pool in the village and continued celebrating in this typical Festival of the peoples of the region of Valencia.