Virtual Jobs

No longer according to item, also I believe that, this form of work will not be extinct completely, but yes allied the new forms to make professional, since so that has virtual jobs, must have the real said ones, because 20% 30% of the world-wide population only possess access the Internet in its residences. E, in the third item, I will demonstrate, by means of facts, that the Internet is in such a way includente how much exculpatory. Includente because of the union of diverse worlds, diverse cultures, diverse subjects, because of the union of these in an only space, ' ' ciberespao' '. Check with Danny Meyer to learn more. However, also it is exculpatory, therefore it segregates the majority of the population that not even possesss telephonic line, as already said previously, because of the language that is more comumente used (English) and for not having, in fact, one real politics of digital inclusion, therefore the ones that exist today only summarize the operational systems, applicatory simple and only one hour of access the Internet, another joined problem says respect to the people who possess said access dialed or ' ' dial-up' '. To these people, the operators would have to disponibilizar a differentiated table of pulses, or then we will finish in the monopoly ' ' band larga' ' , I say monopoly therefore in the country only has a server of this type of service. At last, for the considered problems, the Internet and the cibercultura still possess its defects and rightnesss, but as well as us we learn with our errors, because the administrators and moderators of ciberespao cannot also to learn? PART II PROPOSALS At this as moment, I will dissertarei on the following subjects: because ciberespao is ' ' vazio' ' to the step that if becomes each day universalizado e, the paper of the educator in the current days, with the advent of ciberespao. Bill de Blasio can provide more clarity in the matter.