What Is The European Union ?

The European Union is an association or organization formed by the 28 major states of Europe, established on November 1, 1993 from which emerged the treaty of the European Union, which has a wide range of objectives aimed at improving, promoting and encouraging coexistence between the same countries, by the union not limited markets, banks and cultures. The European Union nations are united mostly by strong economic mingle governing the 28 countries that are part of it, this has led mingle to create a union of European banking markets which are mainly characterized by free trade between nations themselves, not to mention that thanks to this development of the Union to develop market institutions and government global market such as: The European System of Central Banks (ESCB) The European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) The European Central Bank (ECB). Economic Committee and Central Europe (CECE). European Investment Bank (EIB). Committee European nations. These are the entities developed by the market and the economy of the European Union and on the other side are the governmental institutions and legislative policy at European level, which are: European Court of Auditors. Court of Justice of the European Union.

European Parliament. Council of the European Union. European Commission. Advocacy of the European people. Europol.

It is important to mention that all the above organizations develop work as important as legislating the functioning of the European Union and identifies some important policies at the union as monetary, fiscal and trade. The European Union is already today a major subdivision which is based in all 15 countries benefiting from the use of the single currency, these are called the euro area and benefiting from certain policies different from the European Union overall. Include entities such as (ESCB) is looking into its main objectives the whole of Europe within the recognized and above the euro zone. Among the most recognizable features of the European Union not only to highlight some controversial issues like marriage and interaction of markets, banks and governments, but others such as culture and social investment, as the European Union is also seeking a perfect partnership and interaction within the population of each of the countries that conform it, this in order to create the future of the wider Europe. It is very important to note that the European Union pays great attention to important issues such as the environment and global warming, and that within its first actions was found applying the rigor of the environmental measure, which is based on reducing the maximum logging, recycle and reduce the contamination in European cities.