Ycua Bolanos Supermarket

Ycua Bolanos supermarket fire The Ycua Bolanos supermarket fire is the largest civilian tragedy that occurred in Paraguay, which occurred on Sunday August 1, 2004 in the capital city Asuncion. On Sunday, August 1, 2004, at approximately 11:25 (local time) there were two big explosions inside the shopping precinct which housed, among many things, a supermarket, a parking space, commercial offices and a restaurant. In the kitchens of the latter place there was an explosion that caused a huge fire. According to police reports at the time of the accident, security guards closed the doors of the enclosure to prevent people, who filled the mall, escaping with goods that had not paid.As a result 396 people died (half of them children) and leaving more than 500 injuries of varying degrees, including 56 people with third degree burns. The proceeding against the chain owner Juan Pio Paiva, his son Victor Daniel Paiva and guard Daniel Areco, which lasted more than four months, culminating in the first instance on Tuesday, December 5, 2006, when the court, with the votes of two of its three judges, condemned as responsible for ” manslaughter “with a penalty of five years in prison, rather than the 25 years sought by the complainant and the prosecution for the crime of” aggravated homicide. ” This decision led to serious incidents in the capital of Paraguay, to be considered that the penalties were too low. While the ultimate judge read the grounds for its decision, the victims jumped from their seats and threw chairs against judges, finding himself interrupted the sentencing.This has been argued by several courts and prosecutors to argue that in this trial there was no sentence, since they are not fully read the decision of the judges and the process was interrupted before its completion. For even more opinions, read materials from best bars in New York.