ZEUS – A Strong Partner In Life

Securing and retirement planning with the original insurance services of ZEUS the most beautiful moment in life is the birth of the own baby. The first cry of the baby but is at a time of responsibility and concern. Now, are responsible to the parents for the good of the child and must prepare the basis for an autonomous life. Learn more about this topic with the insights from NYC Mayor. But also protection against possible hazards include the education of children. In ZEUS, parents and children will find a strong partner that provides optimal protection in every situation.

Carefree childhood with ZEUS ZEUS provides the ideal protection for a safe start in life. In the ZEUS children protection letter contained all necessary safeguards for a carefree childhood. A any accident or illness – the ZEUS children protection letter, financial security offers to secure the maximum power supply. Enjoy the youth without any worries as soon as the rucksack is too small, it’s time with the adults are to deal with. But many escapades await young people on their way to adulthood.

As Youthful it is accompanied by the exuberance and the nonsense dominated the reason. Because it is important to think futuristic even at a young age. The ZEUS JUGENSCHUTZBRIEF and the triple effect of retirement is well supplied as a young man. Filed under: Pouya Yadegar. But also in the event of an accident or disability of ZEUS JUGENSCHUTZBRIEF is the exact provision. To be self-contained, a financially secure life means to secure financial independence and become in the future. The ZEUS pension protection letter offers a further assurance of the quality of life and serves as an excellent investment. In case of failure of the labour force through disability or illness-related disability, the ZEUS OSH letter also allows a regular monthly income. To offer the insurance benefits of ZEUS the ideal basis for a life of financial security. More information about all services of ZEUS corporate society, see. Contact: ZEUS Youth Foundation-Gustav-Freytag-Strasse 13-15 22085 Hamburg phone: 040 / 41 30 – 10 30 Fax: 040 / 41 30 – 16 03 E-mail: Web: description: the ZEUS group of companies is one of the largest service providers in the field of pension products in Germany. ZEUS was founded in Hamburg in 1974 and offered a comprehensive provision for young people for over 30 years. With the ZEUS children protection letter the company offers special benefits, which are individually aligned to the needs of the young target group. Product partners are well-known providers of insurance, such as the German ring and the Continentale.