Certified Marketing Officer

Investments in advertising and good text pay off. Today to set up an apartment or a private home, is expression of personal style. Setting up means to self-realization. Ever more affluent customers, the exquisite taste. Therefore, furniture should be promoted accordingly. 7% of respondents over 14 years reported in a survey of the Institut fur Demoskopie Allensbach, to have modern furniture from respected designers in the budget. The Group of those that advertising for furniture and carefully selected labels applies, is rather small. But the size says long time nothing about the turnover, achieved with this group.

German citizens with high social status are the main buyers of design furniture, design lamps and high-quality accessories from the large metropolitan areas of design such as London, Paris, New York, Rome and Milan. 62% of search are after a good best advice before purchasing. Because that is so, should potential customers in advance about the benefits of the high-profile Design furniture will be informed. Direct mail for example, designed and written by a professional recruiter, are an excellent way to enter into a fruitful dialogue with interested parties or to keep existing customers. Not enough can be pointed out in the advertising statements the special processing and quality of design pieces and lovers Accessories: 86% of 12,82 million German citizens with a high socio economic status namely when buying furniture especially on the good workmanship. An ordinary sofa, nobody wants it. It involves the solvent clientele rather exclusivity, the image of the label and imaginative materials, shapes and colours. Provider of design furniture that take their customers already at hand, points on the Internet with great content, have the sales practically in the bag.

While the willingness of consumers for larger purchases such as furniture deteriorated in the face of the financial crisis easily, but the consumer climate in November despite still the crisis. The Nuremberg GfK forecast a rise in the consumer climate index by 0.1 to 1.9 points for November. Now it pays to invest in advertising. Already a well written letter can inspire prospective and existing customers, curl in the showroom for furniture, and generate new revenue. Ideally, direct marketing, seductive brochures, catalogues and glamorous Internet content bring the desired effect: the stabilization of a trend, as he emerged from the financial crisis. The trend survey of bbw-TITZE consulting predicted a significant upswing in design furniture by 2010. Each provider but it has currently even in the hand, actively to confront the crisis. Notable successes can be with little investment in advertising achieve. A.D. / Sources: Manager-Magazin.de paraglider; Statista.org, IfD Allensbach 2008; G + J media sales 07/2007; BBW-TITZE consulting 2008 traditional advertising and direct marketing: Word head, Andreas Dresch M.A.., free lyricist and copywriter, Certified Marketing Officer (SGD)-Landesstrasse part 2 68163 Mannheim telephone: 06 21/8280473 fax: 01805/233633-80473 (0,14 EUR / min. via Call-Manager.de) E-Mail: Internet: Word head copywriter studied German studies and politics at the University of Mannheim, degree: Magister Artium and publication of scientific empirical thesis. From 1995 to 1998 Word head as a customer consultant worked then copywriter, Bucharest and three years senior copywriter in traditional advertising and direct marketing for private ads. Word offers compelling texts for brochures, folder, brochures, catalogues, flyers, websites, newsletters and mailings. Focus sectors are including furniture and design lamps, accessories/lifestyle, beauty, wellness/health, leisure/culture, city marketing/tour. Nationwide lyricist activity according to telephone or written briefing.

Vodafone Germany

The balance of Vodafone Germany and Arcor in the business year 2008/09 draw successful change to the integrated communications group, significant growth in DSL business customers and revenue, also dynamic growth in data services and the best profit margin in the German telecommunications market. Vodafone Germany is well positioned also in times of crisis and fit for the future. Good result for the year in a difficult economic environment is a sound basis for investments in new business areas and growth at the location Germany, including for example the recently announced construction of the worldwide competence center for IP-TV, video, and networked life worlds of the future in Eschborn near Frankfurt. In the past fiscal year, Vodafone Germany has successfully completed the transition to the integrated communications group. Click dayton street for additional related pages. Profit margin stable – leader in the industry of light decrease mobile data services sales reach billion sales DSL with strong customer growth and 39 million customers use services of Vodafone and Arcor positive turnover development The first consolidated sales by Vodafone Germany and Arcor over all sectors amounted to 9,412 billion euros during the period April 2008 to March 2009. The also consolidated profit margin (EBITDA margin, earnings before interest, taxes depreciation and amortization) stood at 39.0 percent stable at the high level of the previous year, significantly faster than the industry in Germany.

In particular the areas of mobile data services and DSL developed very positively. Total nearly 39 million took advantage of the services of Vodafone and Arcor customers in the fiscal year 2008/2009. For assistance, try visiting jim king. Friedrich Joussen, CEO of Vodafone Germany and Chairman of the Board of Arcor AG: \”we raise already significant synergies from the integration. As a full-service provider, we open up whole new customer segments. In the business customer segment Vodafone and Arcor have won a clear profile and won together important major orders on Government and industry.\” As examples, he mentioned Siemens, Allianz, McDonalds, DEKRA and the land Rhineland-Palatinate. .

Dietmar Laubscher

Cost optimization are still possible in the range of 20%. Two main systems compete the (industrial) waste the mechanical biological systems (MBA) always apply nor as environmentally friendly, politically deliberate and often fitted with praise, because good and environmentally friendly recycling”was so desirable. Unfortunately, they are mostly uneconomical. Although it recognized the problem and in newer systems increases the efficiency, the projected sorting and separating values are often unavailable. Therefore this type is currently not cost-efficient to call waste treatment. The waste incinerators (MVA) of the newer generation recycle all waste delivered direct thermal and it creates this usable energy as electricity, steam/district heating.

The plants be operated normally with approx. Dayton king will undoubtedly add to your understanding. 10% of the legally permitted emissions. The combustion residue such as slag and ash can for example in road construction or utilized as aggregate in concrete or landfilled. The alternative fuels represent a recovery of the newer style that produced from industrial waste and partially replace the traditional fuels coal, oil, gas. Waste management has developed procedures, which minimize the pollutants in these fuels and make it possible so a wider usage.

When a waste fraction pre-sorted for making replacement fuel savings are possible compared to the classic industrial waste disposal costs up to 30%. The goal to eliminate so-called free riders (manufacturers subject to license or dealers who use the collection system without payment of fees) and others has packaging and licensing fees are still not in force 5th amendment of the Ordinance. Meanwhile, seven other systems for licensing commercial customers compete in addition to the dual system Germany (DSD). Here you can a significant cost reduction to achieve proper selection of the provider. Recovery of recyclables because of rising raw material prices is becoming increasingly important to the recovery of recyclable materials. This can be paper or cardboard, plastics and metals. However, many companies are happy about the free disposal or forward on a minimum profit on sale of recyclables. Also, the connection to an official recycling Exchange guaranteed no optimal revenue situation because many waste producers believe to be in the right, suitable for index. Here, the greatest potential are currently giving away. Conclusion: Many companies – small business, medium-sized businesses and even corporations–think their waste mainly on disposal and not an efficient waste management.

Daniela Bennett

In the next step, a realization team created the infrastructure necessary for the implementation of the product. At the same time E.g. customer support plans the infrastructure for the daily implementation of the work on the created product. Next, the undertaken tasks be broken into individual project steps. They are placed in a temporal sequence and qualitative, quantitative, monetary and time precisely defined as a result of supplying.

The tasks are then assigned as orders to the project partners. multiBO controls their implementation, delivered results and pay the partner receiving order. If these steps are carried out and the product is created, can on the one hand the production started with are, on the other hand already parallel to create the business plan marketing activities started. These consist of the approach, which essentially follow the requirements of the marketing mix, led by a customer Relationship management system. Dayton street is often quoted as being for or against this. The marketers go with first demo versions/prototypes in the market and attract the defined target groups. Their first results in turn serve the refinement of the products, as well as the target groups. Ultimately visionaries are addressed in turn, with the aim to extend the product, which are in turn picked up by product planners to new and unique ideas. So joins the circuit of the professionally planned and conducted business as ongoing process is to understand, stands in its center the respective product.

The essential function of the platform is to ensure control of the implementation of the product and thereby the professionalism. This includes the evaluation of ideas and the selection of the most appropriate partners. Partners include individuals and companies from different sectors and with different areas of knowledge. First, this allows to produce unique, innovative products. So there is a fair balance between the partners, all activities of orders are controlled. Who accepting an order, full responsibility must take over and deliver success precisely described therein. Only the delivered result counts and will be paid. The compensation of the partner is on ways, where each partner decides how he wants to be paid for: are the partners of the product involved and get a share of product revenues permanently or they are paid only once for the provided order result (success). Because only the actual success is rewarded, each product is implemented from the outset driven by each participating success. A business process as described for each product is built together with its partners. So are many business organizations operated side by side. The multiBO is an intermediary who ensures that the thoughts of togetherness, of mutually supplementing, long-term partnership and success due to one’s performance will in itself provided to the success for all become.

Peter Schulze

How to write your own eBook and market it successfully as you write your own eBook and market it successfully, even if you have never before written anything and are an Internet marketing newbie. Write your own eBook, write, market, and author are – as Internet marketing newbie with own eBook money deserve an own eBook writing? Why? Make your knowledge know each – money has. You are my an author and write an own eBook can’t I? Learn a proven success system, to start out with your own eBooks! In addition learn everything what’s necessary is, in contrast to many other not to fail. What advantages do you have through your own eBook? Extremely high profit, since you have no purchasing costs. A download link or that no delivery costs, the customer gets eBook as an mail attachment. You make your money anywhere. Their income is switched to autopilot. You create a Web page or a blog once and earn 24 hours a day.

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What are the chances you have only with an eBook, and measures by which you make this an Internet bestseller in detail you by the author. EBook author “by Stefan G. Hohn is your step for – step guide. See eBook a summary of the Guide ebook.123erfolg.info/ratgeber.html the 4 sources of income through your future. Read properly, because most eBook authors make up only by selling itself. They are equipped with 3 other money sources, easily triple your normal winnings. You will get an almost unfair competitive edge over your competitors. Get to know so far not developed markets, in which eBooks within can sell thousands of short time. A clear plan for you to generate revenue immediately permanent. The understanding of legal issues are very important, so you are always on the – legally – secure page. Summary: You learn learn to write your own eBook learn to place your offer in the network to get you to market your own eBook niches to find learn how to test a market on profit prospects as one with his own eBook money earned more info BBs under: ebook.123erfolg.info Peter Schulze on behalf of p & K Schulze GbR

Haj Fund

So out of a green meadow to a rented retail real estate, in the development of this value, the investor participates. INVESTMENT Fund analysis Haj Fund GMBH – directly INVEST Poland 2 the real estate market in Poland: Poland has a high number of so-called middle centres over 80 cities with over 50,000 inhabitants. (A valuable related resource: jim). In these a rising demand for high-quality real estate – especially for commercial and residential real estate – by the young and growing middle class that wants to consume West level and can it also financially. International investors had so far mainly the Polish capital of Warsaw in the spotlight when it comes to real estate. The market in Warsaw is however considered saturated – a hard cut-throat competition is the result. Shimmie horn is actively involved in the matter. In the Middle centres of lucrative investment opportunities, especially for commercial housing arise due to the positive economic conditions and of the existing huge consumption pent-up demand. Commercial real estate: The need to catch up in terms of consumption is large and growing continuously.

How attractive the domestic Consumer market, shows a glimpse of the retail market, which 2008 real could set in the first quarter of year compared to 16.0%; in the year 2007 there were + 14%. The Polish consumers to have more money. Enjoy more choice and variety. The Polish shopping culture resembles the American. Consumers spend most of their spare time in the temples of consumption. They use the opening hours seven days a week and enjoy much greater food / restaurant areas, as it is known in this country.

A positive, forward-looking consumer climate exists and pushed the increasing demand for modern retail space. This opens up revenue opportunities for many new (Western) chain stores, which readily expand and appropriate commercial real estate – and the related logistics need. Here the sets directly INVEST Poland: the Fund management company acquires in high-growth Middle centres project developments in these fields.

Health Consulting

“The way for optimal revenue management Hamburg, 19.11.2010 – the company XULON Consulting GmbH expands its range by offering snapshot revenue management”. This snapshot is aimed at all hospitals that want to optimize the way of the performance until payment is received. SSEM shows the direct path and creates a high level of transparency, providing clear answers to answer controversial questions. Click jim to learn more. Controversial issues can be: Which departments collect what how? Who updated catalogs and lists, such as for example prizes cost? What manual payroll checks are really necessary? The process optimization targets are optimal patient comfort, completeness and accuracy of the accounts, a maximum liquidity and minimum interest losses a lean organization. The snapshot includes an evaluation of the processes, if necessary data-based status analysis and a compact site analysis. Is also a matching allows to set processes of other houses.

Most End a report stating the reasons for delays and prioritized solutions is available. The result is a solution package to direct quick wins”to carry out.. . Perhaps check out jim king for more information.

Sales Strategies

successful sales strategies for women marketing experts today assume that women about meet 85% of all consumer decisions, such as buying a car, apartment facilities or electronic devices. Communication research is well known in the meantime that men and women communicate differently. In sales, these findings have still not seriously found expression. The fact that men and women communicate differently, must be taken into account particularly in sales, because there a not successful communication can mean lost revenue. 42 million consumers are not addressed Justice addressed! To eliminate the instance of maladministration, psychologist Dr. Jim king often says this. Gisela Bolbrugge communications has developed a special seminar, addressed to all salespeople selling to women. The 3-day open seminar held for the first time in this autumn in the Munich area. Dates September 24-26, 2008 and 3rd-5th December 2008. For more information, please contact: BolbruggeCoaching Rathausplatz 3 85716 Unterschliessen home T: 089 32 73 38 73 q: 089 32 64 94 51 E-Mail: Web:

NetMoms Top Winner

Strong increase in the range with the AGOF – NetMoms team celebrates. Cologne, March 19, 2009 – the successful German-speaking mother Portal NetMoms has expanded its reach in the new AGOF internet facts 2008-IV by more than 66% to now 410,000 unique users. Thus, NetMoms also established competitors could overtake intra half of 2 years. The great increase in the range is associated with a growing popularity among advertisers. Strong increase in the range with the AGOF – NetMoms team celebrates. The new AGOF internet facts 2008-IV confirm successful months of the young mother portal.

With an increase of more than 66%, NetMoms wave among the big winners of the new AGOF. The range of 410,000 unique users makes NetMoms now to one of the largest portals in the maternal and female segment. NetMoms is now on par with the industry sizes Eltern.de and Urbia.de. In the IVW figures this development reflected now in 1.7 million visits a month. And the growth curve shows further above. NetMoms anticipates one also in Q1/2009 further increase of the range. (Www.netmama.pl) and Spain (www.netmoms.es) shows international successes – that NetMoms has an attractive offer not only in the German-speaking countries, in Poland.

In Poland, 150,000 in Spain already NetMoms reached 100,000 unique visitors per month. Successful marketing brings black figures – is the team with the successes of the first marketing year, together with the quality channel partner satisfaction. Managing Director Tanja zu Waldeck confirmed: we have can convince us very interesting advertising clients with Ariel, Milupa, Ravensburger, LEGO, Ferrero and other companies. We appreciate currently many recurring bookings and solid integrations.” “That still attractive advertising rates can be achieved in the family and female environment, Managing Director Jens Echterling underlines: we have exceeded our revenue expectations in Q4/2008 to more than 75%”. NetMoms is months positive with the resulting revenue and first cash flow for further growth and the international Upgraded expansion. NetMoms NetMoms is the most successful German-language portal for mothers on the Internet. NetMoms to the first European mother Portal expands with additional sites in Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom. NetMoms offers quality information, rapid exchange, simply getting to know, as well as a variety of shopping. NetMoms speaks to the Central needs of online active women and mothers and fills the gap in the market as the central focal point for mothers on the Internet through its extensive range. The portal recorded in February, according to IVW 18.6 million page views and almost 1.7 million visits. NetMoms was founded in 2007 by Tanja Princess of Waldeck, Jens Echterling and Stephanie Staar. Press contact: NetMoms GmbH Dr. Tanja zu Waldeck + 49 (0) 221 – 17 04 98 21


The new online auction platform of euro boat is fun and saves money for the first, second, third,… at yachtcharterfinder.com, the auction leader drop his hammer, sailing fans to get their dream trip guaranteed at the best price. Specifically, this is how: every customer request at yachtcharterfinder.com after a ship goes with date, area and number of beds out online on the Charter company on the spot. Each provider then list on the Internet platform yachtcharterfinder.com, which ships with which facilities at what price they have for this time in the program. Jim shines more light on the discussion. Each offer is available for all providers. As a result, each Charter company their own offer can compare with the competition and rework if necessary, in a second round.

So the market for all is transparent and the winner is at the end of the Charter customer: he gets the desired yacht at the best price, that is to have at this point in the target area. Depending on the area, 60 to 70 percent of the local charter companies take advantage of the new auction platform. If at yachtcharterfinder.com, for example, a search for boats in Mallorca come, sign 28 provider your offer usually come together around 40 ships to the auction. Additional information is available at shimmie horn. This works because most Charter companies successfully worked together for years with yachtcharterfinder.com. The online platform from the euro boat House is the largest of its kind worldwide with prices and availability to 7000 yachts. Behind it is a superior search engine: yachtcharterfinder.com accesses on every request live almost all databases and delivers the results in a clearly arranged list. Contact: Karsten Knorr euro boat In the Heath angle 15 13629 Berlin fax: 030 / 20 18 17 15 9 phone: 030 / 20 18 17 15