Cultural Center Bryansk

Bryansk Bryansk Bryansk today – now a major regional center with almost half the population. The city grew rapidly. He has great industrial, scientific and cultural potential. In the city of four districts. If you are not convinced, visit Wendy’s. Bezhitsk – the largest one.

Its emergence is associated with the emergence of this enterprise – the industry leader of Bryansk, now known as OAO Bryansk Engineering Works'. Until 1956 Bezhitsa (Ordzhenikidzegrad) – an independent city. In the XIX century of the Bryansk land was the first railroad Eagle Vitebsk Riga, and then Bryansk-Gomel. Railway – the forerunner of two other districts – Volodarsky and Fokine. Soviet – the central area of the city. This is the part that is known as history of Bryansk. Here the roots, the roots, its rich history. All the big Bryansk went breadth and growth was from its center.

Soviet area now occupies over 37 square kilometers, or nearly one-fifth part of the city territory. There are more than 127 000 people. In the area are almost all regional institutions. Here, 30 large and medium industrial enterprises. Compared with other regions of the Soviet the largest number of educational institutions, 2 theaters, 46 libraries, 3 museums, exhibition hall, three schools of arts, circus, 3 clubs, Cultural Center, 2 Park … this is the cultural sphere. Those who like football – the stadium 'Dynamo' Located in the heart Sevetskogo area. It is always crowded when playing our football team "Dinamo". To my millennium, celebrated in 1985, Bryansk received many remarkable gifts.