Exclusive Centers

Remontandonos to ancient times it is said that Thai massage has been developed by Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, believed, the doctor of a Buddha, in the India more than 2,500 years ago. Then spread to Thailand, where its principles and techniques slowly is convirtieron on the influence of traditional Chinese medicine. Thai massage is said that it is more stimulating and more accurate than any other type of massage. Also also called Thai yoga, where in therapists use their hands, knees, legs and feet to relax people in a sequence of yoga poses. Many people say that it is like yoga but without carrying out any demanding body work.

Much of the compression of the muscles of articulation and acupressure are used during the massage. Many describe Thai massage both comforting and refreshing as a kind of therapy. Here are the five best centers of massage in Thailand: 1. the garden of Chiang Mai located in Chiang Mai, Thailand offers you the pleasures of massage on the feet in the garden Chiang Mai, reflexology massage is based on acupressure and styles, which means that performed with qualified staff, the massage is relaxing and stimulates the nervous system completely. With only 150 baht per hour, you can enjoy one of the centers of traditional Thai massages more important in this country.

The massage routines are performed in luxury air-conditioned rooms. It is a center of Thai massages designed to awaken and manipulate the body. Thai massage provides full relief from the pain of many headaches and helps with the achievement of good posture. 2 East Phuket is located in Phuket, Thailand a place for one keep a mind and body relaxed. East of Phuket is highly recommended for healthy massage that will help everyone to reduce stress and have a very quiet time. Here, one can obtain the most cordial welcome and best services as domestic saunas and therapists are well trained and qualified by specialized massage Association Thais 3. Chiva Som known by all as Refugio de Vida, located in the Gulf of Thailand. Chiva-Som is specialized in topics related to the aprendendizaje of life, enjoy life, enjoy the pleasures of life and enjoy Thai massages. Here, one can enjoy relaxing Thai massages and other techniques of massage with vibration platforms. The Chive som massage Center has well trained staff that surely give everyone the comfort they need. 4. Earthly health located in Pattaya Nua Road, Thailand. Offers relaxing Thai massages with low cost 450 baht per session. The massage will take a maximum of 2 hours, where one can relax completely and enjoy the luxury of the place while taking advantage of moments of peace and reflection. 5 Massage friendship situated just 200 metres from Sukhumvit.bh shiatsu. It’s a clean and good-looking building which has been recently renovated. massage friendship offers traditional Thai massages and massages with oils, such as manicure, pedicure, facial massage, painting beauty treatments of nails, and even hairdressing services.