To recognize the feeling of hatred towards the fact or the person that did damage to you is the first step to leave to hatred and the resentment back. It remembers that feeling belongs to you and nobody to the other person is more causing no type to him of damage. 2. To undergo the pardon goes to you to only benefit, because when pardons to the other person means that you, you are surpassing this negative feeling and you are occurring permission to be better you deserve because it. Susie Dent is often quoted as being for or against this. 3. The empty, passive life and monotonous, attracts hatred to people. She looks for something that motivates to you that it gets passionate to you to do, so that you occupy your mind and you feel far better. I recommend to you that you practice some type of sport to loosen energies and can llenarte of vitality.

4. To write your feelings can little by little release of that feeling of hatred and resentment to you. I propose that lame a sheet of paper and writes a letter to the person who did damage to you, only uses a face, escrbele retail everything what it made you feel, does not matter if you use bad words, loose everything what you have inside, all that contained fury. When you finish, dblala 4 in parts, and one of the sides that are in target writes: I pardon and I am forgiven same, it acceptance, feel frees. After to have put the phrase burning fires the letter and you undo of ashes, you can throw it to the sweepings, wter or in a site far. You do not know the lightening internal that you are going to feel and that will be growing with the passage of the days because you have unloaded your wrath and hurling ashes he is as if there were remainder of that, hazlo with all conviction, remembers that benefit will be solely for you.

Each event that you can pardon is as if you will clear a great stone of the knapsack that you take in your back, goes to be except your load and you are going away to feel far better. The things are going to begin to change in all the aspects, you do not lose anything with trying. Thus it takes action from now on, because as ” said to the Mother Teresa de Calcutta; The pardon is a decision, a feeling, because when we pardoned we did not feel plus the offense, we did not feel more resentment. It pardons, that pardoning you will have peace in your soul and ofendi” will have the one you;. Saludo de xito Valeria Saavedra original Author and source of the article.