Product Data Management

These reports provide companies with a new perspective and its use in the product development process ensures the success of the collections to benefit from a better understanding of consumer buying behavior. Communication between business, creative and suppliers is perfect and therefore the objectives of the various parties are aligned to achieve the same goal of business thanks to the PLM process guided by a business perspective. All this translates into the ability to bring to market the right products in shorter times, impacting directly on the “Frequency shopper” (the client back to the dealer always sure to find new products), with increased sales and margins (+15% -20% according to AMR) and benefits throughout the supply chain. “This solution represents a crucial step to TXT” said Ricardo Proni director of R & D TXT, “our investment to achieve this result has been substantial and their achievement has been made possible not only our efforts but mainly to work with our clients to understand their needs while considering your suggestions. We have also achieved significant reductions in terms of time and costs implementation through native integration with modules from the suite TXTPERFORM2008. The flexibility achieved through the integration of Microsoft technology also allows customers to tailor the solution, if necessary, which is highly scalable and can be extended to a large community of users, a basic requirement for them, “says Proni. “TXT is undoubtedly a world leader in providing software solutions for the fashion industry, not only for its unparalleled number of customers but also because of the deep understanding of their needs.

One of the most important goals of our company, and generally a great challenge for the major players, is to provide and deliver a solution capable of covering all business processes without compromising the depth and richness of functionality and are ratios of is a major challenge for large suppliers.