Real Angels On The ESO D AIX

Only in times of crisis, people think of angels. But they are always there! If you think it no longer goes, comes from somewhere a light therefore “, so Martina Hautau, and engaged as a helpful Angel for the Aachen esoteric fair.” The project of the wellness oasis on the ESO d AIX with the motto ‘You let go well and others do better’ planned the organizers team as much thought about which was the best charitable project, told Gudrun Anders by an incident in her life. In recent months, dayton kingery has been very successful. Arrears, which had to get by a sick tenant, were once paid by an organization. These are living Angels”was her dictum, because she urgently needed the money to finance the apartment. And she was right there were the Aachen angels. Conventional medicine offers ways, our State offers support, but there are also alternatives in many areas. Here, the Eso d’ Aix and the Aachen Angels agree. The Aachen angels are an ALTERNATIVE support in times of distress by cancer patients and shows the Eso d’ Aix ALTERNATIVE paths through the work of the exhibitors on! You agree however, that this is a wonderful reason why organiser Gudrun Anders and the responsible for choosing the Eso d’ Aix for the wellness oasis, Martina Hautau, the Aachener Angel e.V..

Visitors can indulge in energy in different ways. You can make invisible visible aura portraits by Annegret Reichmann ( “You can learn an energy treatment or rely on a power chair” to refuel. “You can read learn more about themselves through teen” the Dutchwoman Jacqueline Thelen or with the laughing woman “true named Angelika white Angel just want to laugh. You can enjoy or indulge in relaxation and well-being. At a raffle, which evolved from the Exhibitor portfolio, they can do even more for yourself and others! The proceeds of the goods provided by exhibitors such as books and precious stones flows completely the Aachen Angels”to. So everyone in different ways can way improve his well-being mentally and own and make and at the same time other help for himself at the moment and for others in the long run. As a guest, Martin Lucker, who helped with his club the Aachen Angel has a large number of Aachen fates since 2005, will be to meet also in the wellness oasis to the notion of team work. “We would be pleased if they feel great pleasure to follow the motto: you well let it go and others are doing better”. If every man for himself is good, the world looked much friedvoller and friendly. Start AIX ahead of the approaching Christmas season with an angelic life on this year’s ESO d! Martina Hautau information to the Aachen esoteric fair: website of the Aachen Angels: