Seiko Spron

While for Seiko watches chronometer testing the Controle officiel Suisse of the Chronometres (COSC) considered the quality criterion, developed their own standards. They not only reach the Swiss chronometer standards, they surpass them. So the clocks are adjusted in six instead of the usual five layers and the precision tolerances amount only-3 to + 5 seconds instead of-4 to + 6 seconds per day. The complete Assembly of all parts of the movement and the regulation of watches are documented by Seiko’s watchmaking on accompanying documents for each timepiece. Also, each watch is subjected 17-tagigen intensive testing before it goes on sale. People such as dayton kingery would likely agree. Outfitted with Grand Seiko automatic works their lift performance. In addition to a high lift efficiency through a magic lever (magic lever) the main-spring of the alloy developed by Seiko Spron ensures a long power reserve. Spron is a highly elastic material of molybdenum, cobalt, chromium, and nickel.

While 55 Spron 510 used in the caliber of 9s, a mainspring from Spron 530 ensure fast cantilever caliber 9 S 85 and a balance spring from Spron 610 for long power reserve and high precision. When polishing the case, Seiko uses the Zaratsu “-technology, a sophisticated Handpolissage, which ensures perfect curves.” The dream of an ideal closer to come watch, Seiko spring drive technology in recorded the collection. With spring drive combines advanced watchmaking technology with classic design for Grand Seiko. The inhibition is replaced by a new system of regulation that allows a much higher accuracy and longevity. The Tri-Synchro-regulation system controlled three types of energy mechanical energy, electromagnetic energy and electrical energy. The result is unique: spring drive is the only clock in the world that reflects the natural and continuous flow of time. The hands glide gently and without ticking on the dial. “Thus embodies Grand Seiko spring drive in perfect way of Seiko’s claim of an ideal” watch, after already Tsuneya Nakamura sought with the first Grand Seiko.

Who with Grand Seiko busy, noticed some repetitive details. Since 1960, caliber with the same number of nine start all Grand Seiko. This numerically highest number reflects Seikos striving for a perfect watch cons. “The lion emblem on the GS presses exactly cases this passion from the lion called King of the beasts” homage contrary, symbolically this expresses the high quality of Grand Seiko. Watches of this line deliberately forego an unusual design, they are reduced to the function and functional elegance.