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Precision Without Position Sensor

Piezokristalliner phase slider with Picoactuator technology in the laser measurement technology used for adjusting optical path lengths phase shifter. This move optics in terms of wavelength, so in a range below one micrometer. Essential is that the adjustment will be fast and stable. For the new phase shifter S-303.BL replaced physics instruments (PI) classic Piezoelectric ceramic PZT actuators (of lead titanate lead zirconate) by Picoactuatoren of a crystalline, lead-free material. This Picoactuatoren is characterized by a particularly high linearity, so that the precision positioning in the unregulated operation is possible. With a travel of 0.3 micrometers, they reach an accuracy of 6 nanometers, which corresponds to a linearity 2%. Compared to classic Piezoceramics, Picoactuatoren but have a lower displacement.

Ideal applications are therefore, where it is highly dynamic, small travel and high precision requirements are required. The unregulated operation omitted in favor of system bandwidth and costs on the use of a position sensor. This will simplify the mechanical construction and electronic control, time does not apply. This is the S-303.BL a precise and yet dynamic drive for optics in terms of the wavelength of light. Physics instruments (PI) is known for the high quality of its products and occupies a leading position on the world market for precise positioning technique for many years. For even more analysis, hear from hicham aboutaam. For 40 years, develops and manufactures PI standard and OEM products with piezo – or motor drives. In addition to three German plants, PI is represented worldwide with eight branches and a total of over 500 employees.

Egocentric Spinner Or Historical Visionary?

spectacular conference series in February with Dr. Sam Osmanagich Zug, Switzerland, January 2011 is occasion for the Conference series which has itself vigorously cheered ruling controversy between unconventional pyramid research and standard science, the Dr. Osmanagich with his revolutionary theses to an early historical culture in Bosnia for years. Referred to as unscrupulous grave robber or money-grabbing spinner”, shows the researchers quite great understanding for his critics, he now wants to convince with its impressive visuals. Flank protection receives Dr. Osmanagich by Dr. Davidovits, Ph.d. chemist and expert on ancient building materials, which helped the world champion driver Michael Schumacher with restored antique building materials in the car.

Chris Dunn, engineer and decades of expert on Egyptian pyramids representing the thesis that the pyramids in the Valley of the Kings originally as metaphysical power plant were built and were led to their intended as tombs of the Kings until much later. Most prominent in this historical revolutionary ranks is the international best-selling author Graham Hancock, which ensures with his theses to a prehistoric culture in present-day Antarctica and its millionfold sold publications for years equally big splash as Dr. Osmanagich itself. Never encountered four so scintillating personalities who differ but seriously, but nevertheless have in common their life’s work in breaking up encrusted structures of thought, a 4000-Member strong audience. For the first time succeeded in four ways of philosophy of fiction, pyramid research, to present science chemistry, archaeology and anthropology on a stage in a series of lectures.

The science is sitting in the audience, we have a high goal ahead of us. Those who want to join us, are welcome. Attempts to label us and attacking us don’t worry. That is our language of scientific reasoning “, so Dr. Osmanagich. Many renowned experts keep the pyramid-like Construction of the hills in the Visoko Valley simply for a freak of nature and accuse Dr.