Vootar And Rusha Two String Instruments In Excellent Quality

F. M. Preuss in conversation with Stuart M. Bilcock Cassandra Elk Design Stuart M. Bilcock is musician, artist and designer and builds and invents stringed instruments, also for the professional needs for over ten years. Including prominent musicians such as the Beatles partner Klaus Voormann belong to its customers and fans, Pete Haycock (ex-climax blues band, ELO) or Glen Turner (Beatles revival band, ex – Joe Cocker Band). With Klaus Voormann, he developed an achtsaitige guitar called Vootar, which combines guitar and bass (report in the journal of guitar & bass in the February Edition 2009) – as well as an acoustic guitar called Rusha, for example, two extraordinary instruments. (Magazine guitar & bass in the March 2009 issue) \”Stuart, how, which designed several instruments Klaus Voormann with friends, even though he doesn’t normally occur?\” – jump to the design was not ready for Klaus, since he is not only musicians, but also an excellent graphic designer and Illustrator.

Just remember that over the years many covers, for many musicians have originated, such as the Beatles revolver\”album. \”And guitar Klaus played already, my sweet Lord\” by George Harrison, for example, everyone knows. I have asked me about one other thing at Klaus and he asked if I wanted to implement the Vootar. Then, we have gradually developed two prototypes of the Vootar and the Rusha. \”What inspired you to work with Klaus together, what role he plays in your life?\” – I have greatly appreciated him always as a musician, although he is rather known in Germany at insiders, this does not apply however for example Beatles, Carly Simon, Manfred Mann fans and the rest of the world. Klaus campaigned strongly for social projects, that distinguishes it also strongly influenced by many other, more superficial celebrities.\” \”There are other people with whom or for which you’ve developed instruments\”? -Ideas and suggestions came from many pages, since I could mention some musicians, I would like to highlight the guitar architect Karl-Heinz Neudel and Gunter Eyb – but with her long They have brought up important impulses of experience.